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0.0 11100120407053 28.06.2017 Ms RAKMAN INDUSTRIES LIMITED (der jurisdiction of Nagpur court only) WESTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED (A subsidiacy of Coal India Limited & A Government of India Enterprise) CW Na UlorooMe scomtane Office ofthe Geneal ManaganiIND) Ph PBX - O712-2511381 |, Materials Management Departmen. 2511227 ENT saswse2sisise | | Coal Estat, Chi Lines Fax”: o7i2-25in2ga apurss0 00 Website: westersoalgovin Formal Supply Order No:11100120417083, Dud: 28.06.2017 By REGISTERED POST %, MSE ‘Ms RAKMAN INDUSTRIES LIMITED. Vendor Code-128028 PLOT NO.?. BLOCK-E Mobs (+91) 9818223853 SECTOR? . NOIDA. DISTT. GB. NAGAR’ inforakmanin PIN-201301 (UP Dear Sir. Sub Supply of Aluminium Conductors Stel Reinforced (ACSR) Refi. Our estender no. WCL Ing pur-ad-ae-113-2016-17 Tender 3016_WCL_$7087_1) opened on 27.01.2017 fo supply of ACSR condaciors 2, Your offer/Bid Id to, 166762 Did 19.01.2017 & Subsequent clarifications With frees tthe above ne ar pease ple formal oie an you fo sippy of ACSR {Contos sper the saifinon rats, tnd sonlen sealed too Midi aaa Uo sep Ra tea ‘) [eacny | ay t [ACER Condatar tags | Kar [105 3] 3500535 | ODS : ps per IS 398 part (t 1996 FT] 3 RCSR condor eqn sas] Rim | TSO | WaT | TOTS 2 Papers 358 pat I 196 “Toul viendo —GH80IS8 3: mn shall be as per enclose alled Technical’ Specific nexure- A ‘Total Vals (in words) Rupees Eighty thee Lakhs Eighty sc thousand and Three Hundred Fifty Eight and pase thy five Only ‘COMMERCIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: |. Briss : Prices shall be on F.O.R. Destination basis inclusive of Packing & Forward insurance charges However teight charges shall be pid exta @ Rs 950.00" por ea for ACSR conductor 50 Sq mm and @ Rs. 1530.00 pee Km for ACSR condctor 100 ‘am ‘Safe srival of consignment at destination stores shall be your respon. VARIABLE PRICE : The above prices are variable, Variable Prices are based of rw material Price of EC grade indigenous Aluminum Rod & Stel as circuited by CACMAI es under 8) The prices are variable with a ceiling of + 10%. The price variation shouldbe sed on basic Brice of EC grade indigenous Aluminium Rod & Stee as circulsied by CACMAI pevaling oo the fist working day ofthe calender month one month pric to the date of tender Opening hh ee Ve 0 Nn 1100120017053 dd 2808.2017 Ws RAKMAN INDUSTRIES LIFTED (ie Dee-16). For calculation of final price variation on conductor peice the prizes of EC grade indigenous Aluninum Rod & Stel ruling onthe fst working day ofthe ealender month s one ‘month prior to the moath oF inspection call datelspatch dae sshichever i eri, shall be taken into consideration 1b) Formula For Variable Price shall be As Under = For every Rs. 1.00 per Kg. increasedecrease in the basic price of EC gue indigenous Aluminium Rod and Stel the following incre Size of Conducior Aluminium 50 sq, mm 145.00 Per Kin. 00 sq 106 0 per Kr In case of delay ia supply of the conductors beyond the stipulated delivery period. price ‘aration shall be Timited up o the contractual delivery date goly and no veiation shall be ‘admissible beyond the stipulated delivery period. 4 You have to submicthe bil for PVC along wth bill or supply Base price of EC grade indigenous Aluminium Rod & Steel as circulated by CACMAL one 'month prior to tender opening dat ie. on December 2016) 2. Excise Duty : Shall be payable extra as applicable agnnst documentary :vidence ducing contractual delivery period. The present applieable cate of ED is (1250 Ye. CENVAT credit Shall be avaled by WCL. agnnst Cenvatable Invoiee tobe submited by you as pe provisions 43. Sales Tix: Concessional CST shall be payable extra as applicable agaist Form-C. The ‘current ate of CST applicable is @ 2% against-C Form. 44. Payment Terms. (00% Payment shall made within 21 days of receipt and acceptance of tatrials at destination stores o submission of bills whichever later, Deals of Bank account for EFT are asunder as pe confirmation given in your oTer: Bank Detail — [Name fh Buk and Bosh cy ganKPREET VAR, DEL oseetion _ — —_| [Account Number Fox: | Nature of Account ( Cash, Credit .| [ees swiss evnnen | [IFS Code of the Branch 1C1C0000037 | 5, Delivery :-As per the schedule given below = Minimum 50% of ordered quantity of each size shall be supplied within 3 months land balance 50 % quantity ofeach size shall be supplied within 6 months from the date of issue of supply order The delivery sehedule shall be reckoned from 7" day of the order date 6_Consignee:- Depot Ottcer, Central Stores, At Urjagram, P.O. Taal Westem Coslields Limited, Dist. Chandrapur CEC No, » AAACWISTBLEMOBO (ange-V, Division, Commissionarate-Nagpur) e Y S50 No 110012041703 ahd 280962017 M's RAKMAN INDUSTRIES LIMITED 7.Guarantes/Warranty: The materials shall be guaranteed for satisfactory operation and performance for & period of 12 months from the date of use or 18 months fiom dae of eee find acceptance of materials. whichever is eatiet. In the event of any defect in material ‘design workmanship opecation and performance during the aforesaid pied . defective ‘materials shall be replaced with easonable ime. 8, Security Depositi-You wll have to furnish the security’ depose amount inthe Foon of Bank Guarantee of any scheduled / Natinalized bank for 10% (ten persent ) value ofthe awarded contract (landed valve ie. for Rs. 1003.710.00(R-Tea las three thousand and. seven hundred ten ons) sithin 5 days time fom the date of supply ord. In ease yc fil deposit the security mores. the order shall be canceled and the case shall be proesied tO Onder elsewhere and performance a the frm shall be kept code for Fate dealings wth them, Security deposit money wil be refunded tothe firm within 30 day from the dae of satisfactory execution ofthe contract, For unsaistactory performance and/or contractual flue, the secuity money shall be frteited, 9. Inspection 8) Pre- Dispatch Inspection :- The materials shall be inspected by CMPDIL.. Ranchi at ‘manufactures works before dispatch The inspection fee as applicable atthe tine oF inspection CCpresetly Inspection charge is 2 | Y% on FOR Desteaion pice [ baie pice * freight Insurance + P & P races] + applicable service tx 4.5%) sal be inlly pad by you Co the Inspection agency. which shal be subsequently reimbursed by te paying authority to you along ‘with payment egtnst documentary evidene. Minimum 10 days advance notice sal be sven by you to he inspecting ageny to carry out pe dispatch inspection, Necessary toolsand. tackles ee fe carryout pre dispatch inspection shall be provided by sou. n case of any defet in the materi supplied is noice later, pre dispatch inspection shall not entitle you to plead tht inspection has been done by CMPDIL, Ranch! before dispatch and shal not absolve you from the contractual obligation. For the purpose of carrying cut pre-dspach inspection you are advised to. visit ‘CMPDI website fe and make te necessary payment through Sate Bank collect fe-mode only,Ofline payment is not socepaable-E-money receipt generated online by the Site Bank Collect shall be tested ae the oficial money recip issued by CMPDI to the fim for reimbursement purpose. by FINAL INSPECTION: Final Inspection ofthe consignment shall be cared out at the destination sores, hich wl be azanged bythe consignee on eecelp of tres 10, Submission OF Bills: Pre-reeipted and stamped invoice for 100% value of each materials with taxes and dies and other charges shall be submited in “QUADRUPLICATE "to the consignee along with following documents 1 Consignment noteRIVLR in eigial Wareanty Guarantee eects 3. Delivery challan in original AL Buyer's copy & Teansporters copy of invoice in Original signed by authorised signatory 3. Manufacturing cetifiste 6. CMPDI Pre-dispath inspection report 7.Any other documents mentioned elsewere inthis ode. “The consignee shall forward the bills to the paying authority duly accepted alorg with SRV well within tte 9 that payments released within stipulated period of 21 days.