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General Instructions:
1. This test booklet contains 150 test questions. Examinee shall manage to use 3 hours (3:00P.M. -6:00 P.M.)
2. Read INSTRUCTIONS to EXAMINEES printed on your sheet.
3. Shade only the box that corresponds to your answer sheet using your pencil No.2. Two or more boxes shaded
will invalidate your answer. There is only one answer to each question.
4. In case you find no correct answer please shade option “E”

1. It refers to an act of inflicting physical harm upon a woman or her child resulting to the physical,
psychological or emotional distress.
a. Abuse c. Battery
b. Harshness d. Maltreatment
2. What is committed in pursuit of an “ideology” that is considered as a body of ideas, reflecting the said
needs and aspirations of an individual or group, a class or culture?
a. Bombing c. Kidnapping
b. Sabotage d. Terrorism
3. What is an intentional act committed by a person who, knowingly and without lawful justification
follows the woman or her child or places the woman or her child under surveillance directly or indirectly
or a combination hereof?
a. Convoying c. Observing
b. Stalking d. Tailing
4. It is an act to institute policies to eliminate trafficking in persons especially women and children,
establishing the necessary institutional mechanism for the protection and support of trafficked persons,
providing penalties for its violations, and for other purposes.
a. RA 9165 c. RA 9208
b. RA 9262 d. RA 9344
5. As provided in the Revised Penal Code, robbery is divided into two different classifications, one is
robbery by the use of force upon things, and the other classification is:
a. robbery with violence, or intimidation of person
b. taking of personal property belonging to another
c. with intent to gain and to possess the property
d. pre-conceived plans and unexpected opportunity
6. Evidence that can link the perpetrator to the crime scene or victim is of two kinds, the first is evidence
taken deliberately or accidentally from the crime scene, and the second is:
a. tracing evidence that lead to the identity of suspect
b. physical evidence brought to and left at the crime scene
c. circumstantial evidence to prove the commission of the crime
d. associative evidence found at the crime scene
7. It is otherwise known as the “The Anti-Rape Law of 1997.”
a. RA 7659 c. RA 8353
b. RA 9262 d. RA 8294
8. This Act shall be known as the "Revised Fire Code of the Philippines of 2008."
a. R.A. No. 9145 c. R.A. No. 9541
b. R.A. No. 9415 d. R.A. No. 9514
9. Any act that would remove or neutralize a fire hazard.
a. controlling c. abatement
b. fire fighting d. preventing
10. A piece of metal or an electrical conductor used to bypass a safety device in an electrical system.
a. overloading c. octopus connection
b. jumper d. all of these
11. The part of marijuana plant which contain the most concentrated psychoactive material:
a. Flowering tops c. Root part
b. Leaves d. Stem

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12. These drug users tend to believe that the lifestyle of today are either antiquated or wrong, and a new
way of life should be found:
a. Spree Users c. Hippies
b. Situational Users d. Hard Core Addict
13. A procedure that has become fixed through constant repetition:
a. Habituation c. Tolerance
b. Repetition d. All of these
14. It refers to an altered physiological state brought about by one repeated administration of the drug
which necessitates the continued use of the drug to prevent the occurrence of the withdrawal
a. Dependence c. Drug Addict
b. Drug Users d. None of these
15. Agency responsible to prescribe and regulate transport routes, grant, deny and suspend or cancel land
transportation franchises.
16. Regulating the use of sirens, bells, horns, etc unless the vehicle belongs to the AFP, NBI, LTO, PNP,
BJMP, BFP, and Hospitals.
a. P.D. 207 c. P.D. 96
b. P.D. 101 d. P.D. 612
17. It is the crowning jewel of traffic management, an abstract architect of social life, and an unyielding
master of man’s destiny on the roadways.
a. traffic environment c. traffic information
b. traffic economy d. traffic education
19. It is an action taken by the police and other authorized agencies which induce voluntary compliance
and compel adherence to traffic laws and ordinances by regulating the use of movement of motor
vehicles along the highways for the purpose of creating a deterrent to all potential violators.
a. traffic arrest c. traffic apprehension
b. traffic enforcement d. traffic citation

20. It is wholly a traffic law enforcer’s responsibility and entails in looking for the defects in the behavior
of motorist, pedestrians, vehicles, equipment, and roadway condition.
a. detection c. prosecution
b. apprehension d. penalization
21. It refers to the crossing of borders without complying with the necessary requirements for legal ingress
into the receiving state.
a. Illegal Entry c. Smuggling
b. Tax Evasion d. Trafficking
22. What color - coded notice is used to help locate missing persons including children, or to help people
to identify themselves?
a. Black c. Blue
b. Green d. Yellow
23. It refers to any transactions conducted through digital means. It includes business-to-business
transactions and sales of merchandise or information and products to consumers.
a. Cyber Crime c. E – Commerce
b. High Technology Convocation d. Tele Conference
24. What is an investment scheme in which investors are promised abnormally high profits on their
a. Cubic c. Hexagonal
b. Pentagon d. Pyramid
25. In administrative case designations as considerations in case management, it means that all available
leads has been exhausted but the case has not been brought to a conclusion and investigative efforts
may resume.
a. follow-up investigation c. suspended investigation
b. initial investigation d. none of these
26. An “Act Defining and Penalizing the Crime of Plunder.”
a. R.A. No. 7008 c. R.A. No. 8770
b. R.A. No. 7080 d. R.A. No. 7800

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27. This is an “Act Defining the Crime of Money Laundering, Providing Penalties Therefore, and for
Other Purposes.”
a. R.A. No. 9610 c. R.A. No. 9160
b. R.A. No. 9106 d. R.A. No. 9061
28. These are properties for which ownership itself is a crime, e.g., illegal drugs, smuggled goods, and any
other properties subject of the offense.
a. illegal items c. prohibited articles
b. contraband d. assets & net worth
29. The cause of the majority of fire deaths is ________.
a. Infection c. shock
b. burns d. asphyxiation
30. What kind of gas exists solely in the gaseous state under pressure and at normal atmospheric
temperature inside its container?
a. cryogenic gas c. liquefied gas
b. compressed gas d. nuclear gas
31. What moves rapidly by convection and can spread laterally along the ceiling?
a. heat c. smoke
b. fire d. temperature
32. It is the scientific examination of minute details of physical evidence, application of laboratory
equipment and methods of forensic science in the detection of crime.
a. Forensic science c. Criminalistics
b. Instrumentation d. Police science
33. It is the branch of forensic science which concerned with the recording, scientific examination, and
interpretation of the minute details to be found in physical evidence
a. Criminalistics c. Forensic science
b. Instrumentation d. Police science
34. It is a self-incriminatory statement by the subject falling short of an acknowledgement of guilt. It is an
acknowledgment of a fact or circumstance from which guilt may be inferred.
a. Confession c. Acknowledgment
b. Self-incrimination d. Admission
35. It is the taking, with intent to gain, of a motor vehicle belonging to another, without the latter’s
consent, or by means of violence against of intimidation of persons, or by using force upon things.
a. motor vehicle theft c. carnapping
b. joy riding d. all of these
36. It is the taking of personal property belonging to another, and with intent to gain, by means of violence
against, or intimidation of any person, or using force upon things.
a. robbery c. theft
b. brigandage d. hijacking
37. It is a criminal act more particularly described as the unlawful taking and carrying away of a person by
force or fraud and against his or her will for purpose of extorting ransom.
a. abduction c. kidnapping
b. hostage taking d. illegal detention
38. The Golden Triangle is for the Chinese Triad, Columbia and Peru is for:
a. La Cosa Nostra c. Cammora
b. Medellin Cartel d. YAKUZA
39. What country in Asia is responsible in the area of research as part of the Asian anti-narcotic network?
a. Thailand c. Cambodia
b. Taiwan d. Singapore
40. This is the state of well-being that comes few minutes after taking drugs.
a. Rush c. high
b. Euphoria d. none of these
41. A plant that grows in the mountains of South America, Peru and Bolivia, from which cocaine is
a. Methamphetamine hydrochloride c. Papaver somniferum
b. Erhytroxylon Coca d. Cannabis Sativa L.
42. These are markings or gadgets designed to reflect and become luminous when hit by vehicle’s
a. Shining Markings c. Object Markings
b. None of the Above d. Reflectorized Markings

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43. Refer to any device mounted on a portable support whereby a message is conveyed by means of words
or symbols.
a. Traffic Signs c. Pavement marking
b. Traffic light d. Pedestrian Island
44. Who is liable for the overloading of public utility trucks or buses?
a. Operator c. Conductor
b. Driver d. Owner
45. They are considered as “ones of North America’s most violent drug trafficking cartels” because for more
than a decade, these families controlled the movement of cocaine, heroine, marijuana and
methamphetamine across the San Diego.
a. Arellano – Felix c. Black – King
b. Fuentabella – Rolex d. Orajuela – Ochoa
46. It is used to determine the identity of deceased person.
a. Black Notice c. Gray Notice
b. White Notice d. Yellow Notice
47. They are to be distinguished from traditional crimes by reason of their heinousness, their brutality, their
ruthless disregard for the sanctity of human life, and their wanton interference with rights of property
overreacted to reasonably conceived requirements of military necessity.
a. National Crimes c. International Crimes
b. Transnational Crimes d. War Crimes
48. These are international crimes, which are distinguished from a domestic crime on the basis that its
breaches are common to the whole of the international community and as a consequence invokes
international jurisdiction.
a. Crimes against Humanity c. Crimes against National Security
b. Crimes against the Fundamental Laws of the Land d. Crimes against the State
49. In this type of crime scene, one searcher is assigned to each subdivision of a quadrant. Depending on
the size of the area, it is divided into quadrants and then each quadrant is cut into another set of
a. Strip method c. Zone method
b. Spiral method d. Wheel method
50. It is the most universally used and most adaptable method of crime scene recording, and it is applicable
in all types of crimes.
a. Sketching c. Note taking
b. Drawing d. Photography
51. Historically, the use of maps, models and sketches preceded the practice of __________ the crime
scene, and it has become an indispensable tool of the criminal investigator.
a. Note taking c. Sketching
b. Video-recording d. Photographing
52. It is made by the investigator at the crime scene. It needs not to be drawn to scale, but the proportions
should be approximated and the appropriate measurement of dimension shown.
a. Projection sketch c. Final sketch
b. Rough sketch d. All of these
53. It is often used in normal conversation where the subject is encouraged to speak, and once talking, he
or she listens enthusiastically, and stimulating the subject to continue what he or she is saying.
a. elicitation c. deduction
b. compartmentation d. evaluation
54. This is an act or an instance of following up, as to further an end or review new developments of an
investigation earlier conducted, or it is a process of digging up the preliminary earlier conducted.
a. Concluding investigation c. continuing investigation
b. Follow-up investigation d. any of these
55. It is the body of the crime or the existence of a fact that the specific loss or injury was sustained as a
result of the crime.
a. Corpus Delicti c. In Flagrante Delicto
b. Mens Rea d. Rep Ipsa Loquitor
56. It is a form of investigation in which the investigator assumes a different and unofficial identity for the
purpose of obtaining necessary information regarding the identity and location of the subject.
a. Surveillance c. Tactical
b. Roping d. Tailing

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57. It is the statement of facts by the accused in a criminal case which do not directly involved the
acknowledgement of guilt in the commission of crimes for which he is charged.
a. Admission c. Confession
b. Declaration d. Justification
58. He is a person who disguises or observes secretly the persons, places and vehicles with the intention of
gathering information about the identity or activity of the subject.
a. Convoy c. Detective
b. Investigator d. Surveillant
59. It is defined as a surprise invasion of an area or a building.
a. Casing c. Raid
b. Surveillance d. Undercover
60. An integrated network of hydraulically designed piping installed in a building, structure or area with
outlets arranged in a systematic pattern which automatically discharges water when activated by heat
or combustion products from a fire.
a. sprinkler system c. wet pipe system
b. stand pipe system d. dry pipe system
61. A system of vertical pipes in a building to which fire hoses can be attached on each floor, including a
system by which water is made available to the outlets as needed.
a. fire control system c. fire hoses and boxes
b. standpipe system d. fire pipe system
62. A passage hall or antechamber between the outer doors and the interior parts of a house or building.
a. abatement c. shaft
b. jumper d. vestibule
63. The crude concentrated form extracted from hemp which has a euphoric effect on the user 5 to 20
times stronger than the plain marijuana is called:
a. Tetrahydrocannabis c. Tetrahydrocarrabinol
b. Tetrahydrocannabinol d. All of these
64. An overpowering desire or need to continue taking drugs is one characteristic of:
a. Drug Addiction c. Drug User
b. Drug Dependency d. All of these
65. The taking of various drugs in sequence or at the same time is called:
a. Mono drug abuse c. Poly-drug abuse
b. Abusive drug d. All of these
66. The reaction produced by a drug in addition to the desired effects is called:
a. Minimal dose c. Abusive dose
b. Maximal dose d. Overdose
67. The privileges or the immediate use of the roadway in preference to another vehicle or pedestrian
a. Leniency c. Right of way
b. Immunity d. Right hand drive
68. Driving without due regard for the consequences likely to occur, ignoring the rights and safety of
a. Reckless driving c. Hit and Run
b. Over speeding d. Sides weeping
69. When approaching an intersection where flashing yellow is on, you should:
a. Stop and proceed with caution
b. Slow down and proceed with caution
c. Reduce your speed to 5mph and proceed slowly
d. Give way to motor vehicle coming from the opposite direction
70. These crimes are committed involving several states or countries, which exceeds boarders.
a. American Crime c. Foreign Crime
b. National Crime d. Transnational Crime
71. What country is considered the world’s most notorious in terms of sex industry, which is importing at
least one (1) million women from China, Laos and Vietnam?
a. China c. Hong Kong
b. Thailand d. Myanmar
72. It is used to provide warnings and criminal intelligence about persons who have committed criminal
offenses and who are likely to repeat these crimes in other countries.
a. Black Notice c. Green Notice
b. Red Notice d. Yellow Notice

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73. What is the act of conveying or introducing surreptitiously or importing / exporting secretly contrary
to law and especially without paying duties imposed by law?
a. Smuggling c. Illegal Entry
b. Tax Evasion d. Trafficking
74. This kind of evidence links the suspect to the crime scene or the offense, i.e., safe lining found in a
suspect’s shoe or the broken headlight glass found at the scene of hit-and-run.
a. Material evidence c. Circumstantial evidence
b. Direct evidence d. Associative evidence
75. This refers to the number of persons who handle the physical evidence between the time of commission
of the alleged offense and the ultimate disposition of the case should be kept to a minimum.
a. Protecting evidence c. Chain of custody
b. Evidence preservation d. Securing evidence
76. This refers to the offender’s pattern of committing a crime.
a. modus operandi c. motive & intent
b. profiling d. characteristics
77. It is hearsay evidence, and it is also known as an ante-mortem statement.
a. allegations of facts c. hearsay testimony
b. dying declaration d. material evidence
78. It is the unlawful killing of any person.
a. homicide c. murder
b. parricide d. infanticide
79. In bringing rape victim at the hospital, the procedure will accomplish two primary objectives in
treating the victim, one is to treat the victim with physical injury, and the other is:
a. to be immediately interviewed by the investigator
b. to provide emergency medical attention
c. to undergo professional psychological counseling
d. to collect evidence of investigative significance
80. During the conduct of special crime investigation, it becomes a widely used tool in determining the
success of criminal investigation.
a. proximity factors c. probability factors
b. propinquity factors d. solvability factors
81. What is that point or place where two or more, either single or double or multi-lanes certainly meet at
a point?
a. Corner c. Intersection
b. Parallel d. Crossfire
82. What pillar of traffic is responsible for the dissemination of information concerning traffic.
a. Engineering c. Economy
b. Education d. Enforcement
83. It is an accessory that every motor vehicle must equip with a mechanically or electrically operated
device for wiping off raindrops.
a. Windshield wiper c. Muffler
b. Brake d. Headlight
84. Creating of Land Transportation franchising & Regulatory Board (LTFRB)
a. E.O. 125 c. E.O. 248
b. E.O. 266 d. E.O. 202
85. These refers to a large group of drugs which have an ability to sedate or calm without producing sleep:
a. Marijuana c. Shabu
b. Ecstasy d. Tranquilizer
86. This group includes drugs which directly stimulate the central nervous system, producing excitation,
alertness, wakefulness and in some cases a temporary rise in blood pressure and respiration:
a. Stimulant c. Depressant
b. Hallucinogen d. Volatile Substance
87. “Bennies” and “dexies” are for amphetamines; “red devils” and “double trouble are for ___.
a. Demerol c. Sufates
b. Barbiturates d. Deliriants
88. Gasoline, lighter fluid, rugby, ether, turpentine:
a. Uppers c. Downers
b. Psychedelics d. Solvents

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89. Drugs which produce insensibility or stupor due to their depressant effect on the central nervous
a. Stimulant c. Hallucinogens
b. Volatile Substance d. Depressants
90. It is defined as the malicious, willful, intentional and felonious destructions of property by fire, and
this is the study of the causes is the subject of fire investigation.
a. destruction c. arson
b. explosion d. fire
91. What is known as the Fire Code of the Philippines?
a. Presidential Decree No 448 c. Presidential Decree No 1184
b. Presidential decree No 421 d. Presidential Decree No 1185
92. The lowest section of an extension ladder is known as:
a. Heel c. bed ladder
b. Butt d. fly ladder
93. A wall designed to prevent the spread of fire, having a fire resistance rating of not less than four hours
with sufficient structural stability to remain standing even if construction on either side collapses under
fire condition:
a. Firewood c. post wall
b. fire wall d. fire trap
94. It may be defined as an articles and material which are found in connection with an investigation and
which in establishing the identity of perpetrator or the circumstances which the crime was committed,
or assist in the discovery of facts.
a. Physical evidence c. Clue materials
b. Minute objects d. Minute details
95. It is a file of photograph of arrested individuals which usually includes full-face and mug shots along
with detailed physical description of subject persons.
a. roques gallery c. modus-operandi file
b. fingerprint file d. index card file
96. It is entitled as an “Act Defining Certain Rights of a Person Under Custodial Investigation, Prescribing
Penalties for the Violators Thereof, and for Other Purposes.”
a. RA 9262 c. RA 7438
b. RA 7659 d. RA 8553
97. It is money, price, or consideration paid or demanded for redemption of a captured person or persons,
a payment that releases from captivity.
a. financial consideration c. ransom
b. monetary consideration d. none of these
98. A fire hydrant should be carefully opened when in use in order to:
a. reduce the vibration of the hydrant c. to ensure that the drip valve is all the way closed
b. close the coupling d. prevent water hammer
99. In cutting a roof to ventilate, the fire fighter should avoid _______.
a. cutting a very large hole c. cutting several small holes
b. cutting roof boards near the beam d. making openings over the fire
100. When heat is transmitted in circulating medium, the method is called___________.
a. Radiation c. Oxidation
b. Convection d. conduction
101. Which of the following does NOT fall under class A fires?
a. exploding gas depot c. burning nipa hut
b. forest fire d. burning of newspaper and magazines
102. These are otherwise called sedative and/or hypnotics drugs:
a. Stimulant c. Hallucinogen
b. Volatile Substance d. Depressants
103. Which of the following is not true?
a. drug addicts find it difficult to stop using drugs
b. addicts desire to experience more drugs
c. addicts feel compulsive cravings to quit from using drugs
d. drug addicts comfortable in using different drugs
104. In 1875, an English Chemist developed this chemical compound from morphine. This drug is also
known as "diacetylmorphine":
a. Opium c. heroin
b. Narcotic d. codeine
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105. "Somniferum" is a Latin word which means:
a. To discover c. To awaken
b. To dream d. None of the above
106. What is the proof that one is given permission by the LTO to operate a vehicle on public highways?
a. Driver’s ID c. Driver’s license
b. Franchise d. Operator’s license
107. Who among the following is the pioneered of mass production of motor vehicles?
a. John Palmer c. Nicolaus Otto
b. Henry Ford d. John Boyd Dunlop
108. The Act creating Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA)
a. R.A. 6539 c. R.A. 5448
b. R.A. 4136 d. R.A. 7924
109. It refers to very broad spectrum of illegal activities committed, which has a wide negative effect.
Whether committed by public officers or a group that are so organized their existence is very hard to
a.Deception c. Fraud
b. Scam d. Trick
110. What country has the lowest cases of organized activities due to stringent laws and severe penalties
and the government strong will power for the implementation of laws?
a.China c. Russia
b. United States of America d. Singapore
111. What is the most influential organized crime group in Japan?
a.Boryokudan c. 14 K
b. Bamboo Gang d. Cali Cartel
112. It refers to the extraction of work or services from any person by means of enticement, violence,
intimidation or threat, use of force or coercion, including deprivation of freedom, abuse of authority
or moral ascendancy, debt-bondage or deception.
a.Harassment c. Servitude
b. Slavery d. Thrall
113. It is the skillful questioning of persons who are uncooperative in the conduct of investigation or those
who reluctant to divulge information in his possession which are pertinent in the conduct of
a. Questioning c. Interrogation
b. Instigation d. Examination
114. It is the testimony of a witness reduced to writing under oath or affirmation, before a person
empowered to administer oaths, in answer to interrogatories and cross interrogations submitted by the
party desiring the deposition and the opposite party.
a. Testimony c. Deposition
b. Affidavit d. Statement
115. It the place where the essential ingredients of the criminal act took place, and this also includes the
setting of the crime and also the adjoining places of entry and exit of both offender and victim.
a. Place of crime c. Locale of crime
b. Crime scene d. All of these
116. It is otherwise known as the “Anti-Wire Tapping Law.”
a. RA 4200 c. RA 4002
b. RA 2004 d. RA 4020
117. It is defined as the procedure for collecting, recording, organizing and preserving all various
information gathered in an investigation.
a. investigation c. trial preparation
b. case screening d. case management
118. These crimes are often referred to as “__________,” because victims are unlikely to report the crime
to the police or law enforcement agencies, e.g., gambling, prostitution, and dangerous drugs.
a. violation of penal code c. violation of special laws
b. crimes against person d. victimless crimes
119. Descriptive of any materials which by its nature or as a result of its reaction with other elements
produces a rapid drop in temperature of the immediate surroundings.
a. oxidizing material c. curtain board
b. dust d. cryogenic

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120. If a high wind has an extinguishing effect on a fire, the most probable extinguishing method is:
a. Smothering c. fuel removal
b. Cooling d. dilution
121. Which of the following best illustrate arson?
a. simultaneous fire c. faulty electric wiring
b. unexplained explosion d. thick reddish smoke
122. Mechanical device strategically located in an installation or street where fire hose is connected so that
water with pressure will be available to extinguish fire.
a. fire hose box c. fire truck
b. hose reel d. fire hydrant
123. A white odorless crystal or crystalline powder with a bitter numbing taste
a. Shabu c. Marijuana
b. Mescaline d. Codeine
124. A condition wherein the person often fall asleep:
a. Epilepsy c. Kleptomaniac
b. Narcolepsy d. Somnambulism
125. These are opium derivatives, except:
a. Morphine c. heroin
b. Codeine d. cocaine
126. This is otherwise known as “The Land Transportation Code of the Philippines, as Amended”.
a. R.A. No. 4361 c. R.A. No. 4136
b. R.A. No. 4631 d. R.A. No. 4163
127. It is a condition on road networks that occurs as use increases, and is characterized by slower speeds,
longer trip times, and increased vehicular queuing.
a. traffic clogging c. traffic problem
b. traffic accident d. traffic congestion
128. It is that phase which deals with the planning of streets, roads, highways, and the movement of traffic
units thereon in terms of safer, convenient, and economic transportation of persons and goods.
a. traffic supervision c. traffic engineering
b. traffic control d. traffic direction
129. It is every device which is self propelled and every vehicle which is propelled by electric power
obtained from overhead trolley wires, but not operated upon rails.
a. conveyances c. motorcycle
b. motor vehicle d. mobility
130. This refers to any representation, through publication, exhibition, cinematography, indecent shows,
information technology, or by whatever means, of a person engage in real or simulated explicit sexual
activities or any representation of the sexual parts of a person for primary sexual purposes.
a. Bold c. Censored
b. Pornography d. X Rated
131. It refers to the body of actions by local settlers on the control of other foreign nations intruding on
their independence or solemn existence.
a. Anti Alien c. Anti Foreigner
b. Anti Colonialism d. Anti International
132. What is known as the Human Security Act of 2007 that was signed into law by President Gloria
Macapagal Arroyo on March 6, 2007 and was made effective May 15, 2007?
a. RA 9372 c. RA 9165
b. RA 9262 d. RA 9344
133. This occurs when a person uses the Internet to steal someone’s identity and/or impersonate them to
open a new credit card account or conduct some financial transactions.
a. Qualified Robbery c. Swindling
b. Usurpation d. Identity Theft
134. These are information coming from the underworld people such as criminals, prisoners or ex convicts.
a. Classified c. Cultivated
b. Grapevine d. Regular
135. Who was the only Filipino member of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation tasked to
organize a Division of Investigation last 1936?
a. Agustin Patricio c. Epimaco Velasco
b. Raphael Crame d. Flaviano Guerero

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136. It is entitled as an “Act Defining Certain Rights of a Person Under Custodial Investigation, Prescribing
Penalties for the Violators Thereof, and for Other Purposes.”
a. RA 9262 c. RA 7438
b. RA 7659 d. RA 8553
137. It refers to the distinct, odd and unique way of criminal in committing a crime which helps the
investigator in the solution of an offense.
a. Habit of Operation c. Mode of Operation
b. Manner of Operation d. Routine of Operation
138. This can be applied to a very nervous suspect. The investigator will wait for the right timing and
suddenly shout to the suspect. Letting the latter know that he is at the top of his temper and very angry.
The suspect may be unnerved to the extent of making a confession.
a. Exaggerating Fear c. Indifference
b. Jolting d. Shifting the Blame
139. It is a heat and light from rapid combination of oxygen and other materials, or simply means the active
principle of burning characterized by fuel, heat and oxygen.
a. light c. flame
b. smoke d. fire
140. Which of the following is considered as the most effective fixed installation for controlling fire which
will discharge water into incipient fire from heads located near the ceiling?
a. fire hydrant c. standpipe
b. automatic water sprinkler d. fire extinguisher
141. These are fires which are caused by flammable liquids like kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, etc.
a. Class D c. Class A
b. Class C d. Class B
142. The Greek word for poppy:
a. Papaver c. Pappyrus
b. Papampam d. All of these
143. It is asking question to person who is believed to possess knowledge that is of official interest to the
investigator, and who is cooperative in the conduct of investigation.
a. Investigation c. Interview
b. Intelligence d. Information
144. This type of sketch of the crime scene of a room is like drawing of a cardboard box whose edges have
been cut and the sides flattened, and it is also called, exploded sketch.
a. Cross-projection sketch c. Crime scene sketch
b. Draft sketch d. Plain sketch
145. It shall mean any act of canvassing, enlisting, contracting, transporting, procuring workers, and
promising or advertising for employment abroad, whether for profit or not.
a. employment agencies c. illegal agencies
b. illegal recruiters d. illegal recruitment
146. These are marks left on the road by tires that are not free to rotate usually because brakes are applied
strongly enough to lock wheels.
a. wire marks c. skid-marks
b. scuff marks d. yaw marks
147. It is a term commonly applied to any traffic accident in which a driver fails to comply with any of the
laws regarding stopping, giving aid, and revealing his identity after the accident.
a. reconstruction c. traffic investigation
b. hit & run investigation d. on-scene investigation
148. It presupposes an understanding of the motivation behind the behavior of motorist, commuters, and
a. traffic education c. traffic engineering
b. traffic enforcement d. traffic management
149. What is often regarded as the archetype of organized crime and has been the subject of controversy?
a. Cali Cartel c. Medellin Syndicate
b. Sicilian Mafia d. Yakuza
150. The use of one or more electrical appliances or devices which draw or consume electrical current
beyond the designed capacity of the existing electrical system of as structures.
a. electrical failure c. overloading
b. load capacity d. short-circuiting

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