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For my final project I aim to create a professional looking music video to the song ‘where do we go
from here’ by an indie-rock band called Amber Run. I have created a storyline to match the lyrics of
the song and, therefore, the final video will include an argument and resolve between a young
couple. To link to my given theme ‘chance’, I will metaphorically use roads to show all the possible
choices and risks that my main male character could take.

My Aim
For my music video, I aim to connect with the audience through the story. The argument that takes
place will be relatable to many and I hope to convey how by taking a chance everything will be able
to work out. I want to be able to emphasise how many choices you can have when in a situation like
this. As well I want to show how taking a chance can work out in your favour, even if you don’t think
it will before taking it.

The unique storyline and range of camera work I use will hopefully be what makes my music video
stand out above the rest. I plan on not using a tri-pod so that the footage doesn’t look too stable in
such an unstable argument. As well as this, I will use skills I have recently learnt to edit in After
Effects to create a unique editing style.

Target Audience
The music video will be aimed at both men and women around the age of 18/19 that listen to
alternative music which is not that well known. I am aiming it at this particular group of people
because this is mainly Amber Run’s audience. There is not a clear gender that love Amber Run more,
so I aim to make the video appeal to both men and women. To achieve this, I am going to use two
main characters, one male and the other female. As well as using male and female characters, I will
create an online survey and send it out to their fans to understand what elements appeal more to
them. The responses will help me develop my storyline and add or take out certain shots and scenes.

From my research, it is clear that music videos with a storyline are more popular and gain the
attention of the audience easier. For this reason, I have decided to add a story to my music video.

To open the music video, a shot of a couple arguing will set the scene. It will further carry on into
focusing on smashing plates/glasses whilst the small instrumental part of the song leads into the first
verse. When verse 1 begins to be sung, it will cut to the bedroom where the man is singing to his
girlfriend whilst she is packing her bags. After this there will be a moment of doubt with the male
character when the other has walked out of the house before he runs after her and stops her from
leaving. After futile attempts to stop her, the girl leaves and the rest of the music video essentially
follows the man running down roads and alleyways to find her. When the bridge of the songs comes,
the resolve pans out when the girl appears, singing this time instead of the man.

When the music video starts, the characters are in an argument. The argument is never made clear
which makes it more relatable and opens up different ways to interpret the story. However, for
context, it is important to understand that the couple have been dating for a sufficient amount of
time. This is hinted throughout the video as they live in the same house and aren’t afraid to take the
argument too far. It is important to know this because the audience then become aware that it is
probably just another argument and a resolve could be achieved.

I would ideally like both my characters to be young adults, however this may be difficult when it
comes to casting as I don’t know any adult actors. I aim to use young adults because it is the age, I
believe, where it is possible to mess up many times in a relationship but inevitably a resolve will
always be an option. Both characters will be wearing dark clothes to emphasise the angsty mood as
well as help them blend in with the darkness surrounding the whole video as it’s set at night.