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Recurring Dream summary | Magic of words |

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The Recurring Dream is a supernatural story. The main character of story of

Kimberly Clark was a pretty women of 25 years old. Who lived in London,
Despite of having good relationship with others she was unhappy because she
has haunted by same dream every night.

In her dream she used to stand on the road and see a lane with fence and
hedges and in the top of the hill there was a small cottage with green shutters.
She used to go inside the house and when she started to talk with the little old
man with white hair and beard in that house she used to wake up. Every day
kim was bothered by the same Dream and her room mate Janet was also
unhappy with this so, one day they thought of going out to Janets parents
farm so, they started their journey. When the car turned to a Country road
Kim was surprised to see the same place on the same place on the top of the
hill through hedges and fences. There was a board of “FOR SALE” in that
house which was only the difference between her Dream and Reality.

she unlocked the door and the same man opened and immediately closed
when she asked the setting of the village and grandfather like figure in her
dream. If she had not thought about her village and her grandfather she
wouldn’t have seen the dream as such. Kim might have fulfill her desire
through her repeated Dream.

In this way if a person has grave desire to get something which has not been
fulfilled in reality it has been fulfilled through dream. The more we become
imaginative, the more dreams we can see.

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Magic of words unchopping tree

magic of words unchoping a tree

The Essay “Unchopping a tree ” is written by American writer W.S Merwin. He

has written this essay to make us aware that we should save the forest. if we
never repair the tree, which has been chopped down, we shouldn’t cut down
the trees. To share his message , The writer coins the term unchopping. In this
essay the writer gives us some instructions for repairing a tree that has been
chopped down. Both the author and readers knows that this is impossible. The
essay tells us to preserve the environment. All the Directives of Merwin are
Pseudo directives.

To repair a tree, at first , he suggests us to stick the leaves of the trees on their
respective places. To join the leaves, we can use human made glues. Then, we
can places. To join the leaves, we can use human made glues. Then, we put
scaffolding around the broken tree. The writer suggests us to put trunk back in
the previous place. It is a Difficult task because the end of the trunk is
supporters, we can fix the tree. At last, the winter suggests the repaired tree
cannot be as strong as the original tree.

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all the Directives which are shared by the author are false directives, which can
never be translated into practical life, obviously, the winter gets success to
touch the burning issue of 21st century i.e deforestation. Indirectly, the essay
says that we shouldn’t cut down the trees if we never repair them.

Important Question for exams

1. Is unchopping a tree possible ? what does the essay suggest about
conservation ?


2.What is Merwin implying by asking the reader to unchop the trees? Discuss
briefly his plead against deforestation.

ans No unchopping a tree isn’t possible. Though Merwin suggests that it

cannot be unchopped for which he was even given instructions in his essay
“unchopping a tree” sorrows etc. Nobody can count the price of all these
object interms of money. The price of human body is priceless.

speaking of the children , magic of words

speaking of children – magic of words

The writer of this essay is speaking against plural children in family. She
suggests that there should be a single child in a family. When there is only one
child, it is outnumbered by the parents. In other words, the parents control the
child. But if there is more than one child, the children control the parents. It’s
not only that. There are many other advantages of a singular child. The parents
can brainwash a single child. They can teach the child all sorts of good things
including good discipline and good manners. The parents can provide many
things to the child. They can buy all types of things that are required to
develop the creative faculty of their child.

With two or more children, there are always problems. The rooms are always
dirty with their toys thrown all over. It becomes impossible for the parents to
try the telephone or piano. The telephone is always engaged by the children.
The keyboards of the telephone or the piano are always dirty. With one child,
one may very comfortably attain different parties, make holiday programme
and so on. But, with plural children, it is always a counter culture. The most
important point
is that with plural children there remains no privacy between the husband and
wife in the house. They do not have enough time to talk to each other. For
example, when the writer tries to speak to her husband or when she wants to
be alone with him, she can’t do so because they are always interrupted by
their children. So, nowadays they telephone each other from their offices. The
next important point is that in the families where there are plural children, the
guardians almost get no time for the works of their personal development.

So, when we compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of one
child and plural children, certainly there is no doubt that there should be only
one child in a family. In the same way, the writer also advocates for one child
in a family.

Summary The House call | magic

of words| important qyestions
August 22, 2017 by Hemant

| summary of house call | The magic of words


magic of words house call

The story took place on 26th December, 1903 in Berlin. Germany. The famous
German surgeon, Dr. Emil Braun, was sitting alone in the dining room of his
apartment trying to write notes about the surgery while having his dinner.
Soon he dozed off but woke up when he heard the doorbell ring. He heard a
child talking about her sick mother to Mrs. Braun. He went to the door and
saw in the semidarkness a little girl of perhaps six or seven who was wearing a
cotton dress and shabby shoes. Over her head, she had a ragged shawl which
she was holding together at the neck. The doctor felt sympathy for the child
and her sick mother and became ready to go with her. it was raining lightly
outside as the doctor walked down the steps to the street but the girl was
already almost a block up the street, waiting for him. She walked too fast,
however. Stopping only for a moment at each corner to make sure he saw
where she was going. The girl led the doctor through the poorest part of
Berlin, he section of the city around the hospital where Dr. Braun was head
surgeon. Finally they reached an old tenement house where the girl’s mother
was living. The doctor climbed up stairs up to the fifth story. As the doctor
entered the room, he heard the door close softly behind him. The woman was
lying in the bed. The doctor recognized her as a person who at one time
worked as the maintenance staff at the hospital. She was sufferin from
pneumonia. When the doctor talked about the daughter of the woman, Elda
said that her daugl’ S Adelheid, had died of the flu in September just days
after her seventh birthday.

The doctor was surprised. The little girl was not there. Elda told that she had
kept Heide’s shoes and shawl
to remind her of Heide. The doctor got up and looked. He saw the same
ragged shawl on a hook and a pair of shabby shoes on the floor. As he looked
closely he found them wet. Elda said that she had been thinking about him
earlier that night hoping and praying for him. As she was talking she felt
asleep. Then, touching her feverish head once more, he took his black bag,
stepped out into the dark hallway, and closed the door.

Chekhov imply anything about Alyohin’s assumptions that “celebrated” people

lead more fulfilled lives than the rest of us ? Do you agree with Alyohins

Questions and solutions

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1.Characterization of Dr Braun and elda

Dr mail. Braun was a head surgeon of Berlin city hospital. He was sixty seven
years but 3150 he Was doing his best in surgical operations Dr.ABraun was a
experienced doctor. He was kind hearted, dutiful as well as helpful doctor.He
was always ready to help the needy people. He never stopped stop” back to
do his duty. He was very kind he thought that the pain of a patient is his own
pain and he should by his best to make them painless. He was sewing the
people for twenty four years. He was never afraid of his duty. ‘
So, Doctor Emil was a responsible doctor who was very kind and helpful.
‘ Dr Emil Braun was a head .surgeon of Berlin city hospital. ‘ Dr. Braun was a
dutiful-doctor. .
‘ ‘He was kind hearted and helpful doctor.
‘ Dr. Braun was an experienced doctor.
‘ Dr. Braun was 67years old. ° Dedicated doctor, responsible doctor

2.what did Dr. Braun discover when he went with the little girl who came
to his house
Dr. Emil Braun, who is elderly doctor had visited the house of the sick woman
when he was called by a girl. When Dr. Braun went with the little girl who
came to his house‘ discovered that . the sick women lyingin the bed was no
one but Elda who used to work in the same hospital where the doctor worked.
He also found that the woman was

suffering from pneumonia. Most surprisingly he discovered the mysterious fact

that the little girl was the ghost of the daughter of Elda who died in the last


2.what are the two possible explanations of who the girl was who came
to fetch the door.

1. What did Dr . Braun discover When he Went‘with the little girl who
came to his house

Dr. Emil Braun, who is elderly doctor had visited the house of the sick woman
when he was called by a girl. When Dr. Braun went with the little girl who
came to his house‘ discovered that . the sick women lyingin the bed was no
one but Elda who used to work in the same hospital where the doctor worked.
He also found that the woman was
suffering from pneumonia. Most surprisingly he discovered the mysterious fact
that the little girl was the ghost of the daughter of Elda who died in the last
questionwhat are the two possible explanations of who the girl was who came
fetch the door?
Answou One possibility is that the girl who has visited the house of Dr. Braun
might be the girl who lives near to Elda The next possibility 15 that the girl mi.
be the ghost of her dead daughter Heida who might have appea1ed to help}
sick mother .he doctor was called by a little girl for the treatment of her sick
mother. While coming to the house of Elda, the little girl walked so fast that
the doctors couldr talk with her. When Dr.Braun entered the room of Elda, the
little girl was sti there who closed the door, However, when Elda told him that
her only daughuhter died in September, the doctor had a look of surprise on
his face. He lookc around but couldn’t see the girl. He was extremely surprised
by the realizatim that the girl was spirit of Elda’s dead daughter.There is a
major character namet Dr. Emil Braun. It was 9:30 in the evening Dr. Braun was
sitting alone in tin dining room. He was so tired because of his difficult surgical
operations of the day. He suddenly woke up hearing the doorbell. There was a
girl saying to his wife that her mother was dying. Meanwhile a little girl arrived
at the door to call the doctor to visit her apartment .Then the doctor became
ready to go with her. It was lightly raining the little girl walked so fast and the
doctor followed to 18 her. The doctor wanted to ask some questions about
the sickness of her mother but he couldn’t catch her. She was ahead keeping a
good distance between the doctor and herself. At last she went into an old
house. it was absolutely dark inside. She started climbing the stairs and
reached the third floor. The girl pointed to the doctor that her mother was
there and thanked him. The doctor entered the room. He found a woman lying
in the bed. She was the maintenance staff of hi5 hospital. When he checked
her he found that she was suffered from pneuomnia He gave some medicine.
The doctor talked with hei about her little girl. But she told him that she had
been already“ died befo1e three months. The sick mother had kept her shoes
and shawl for her memory. Then the doctor looked it more closely and found
that they were damp and wet Elda told him that she was thinking about him.
The doctor saw that the woman was asleep. He touched her feverish bead
once again and returned back closing the door.
Magic of Words | Keeping things
Whole| Grade XI important
August 16, 2017 by Hemant

summary of keeping things whole

Short answer questions.

1.Question 2062| Qno. 5c| Interpret the poem “Keeping Things Whole”?

summary: The poem “keeping things the whole” is written by canadian writer
Mark Stand. In this poem, the poet brings the theme of identity crisis of
modern human begins. He explores the boundary of the self and external
world. The poem is written to get perfection from the Fragmentations. The
poet wants to keep something absloute and complete from the possibility of
division and fragmentation. The Poet looks for unification through the
combination of Fragments.

The setting of the poem is a field. Field is a metaphor of society. The poet
moves in the field despite the Fragmentation in his life. While he is in the field,
he doesn’t get the presence. This always happens in his life. The first stanza
Dramatizes the identity crisis of poet. The society Doesn’t Recognize him ,as a
Result, he feels identity crisis. In the 2nd stanza, the poet moves in the field
whose presence disorder the environment of the field. The place of air is
occupied by his body. When he moves from one place to another place The
air ful fills the gap.

The poet is constantly stuck by the way of his society frequently effaces the
existence on the other hand the nature is complete in it self, which fulfills its
gap itself. but we human beings are incomplete and to get perfection in our
life . We move from one place to another place .

In the last stanzza, The poetist looks for the reasons of moving . He moves in
a field to get wholeness through the fragments. Like that all human begins
move from one place to another place either to establish their distinct identity
or to get perfection in their life.
summary of look at the tea cup-
magic of words
August 22, 2017 by Hemant

magic of words – summary look at the tea cup

look at the tea cup magic of words

In this essay, there are two different stories. The first story is the essayist’s
mother’s story. The mother married in 1939 with an American who had been
born in Czechoslovakia. She had bought china cups and plates for her
marriage. These cups and plates were made in Czechoslovakiaand they are
beautiful. In fact, she was very happy in her world of her cups and plates. For
her, marriage and the family were the most important things of life. Many
years later, she gave these cups to the writer because the writer is her

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The second story in this essay is the story of the Second World War, which also
started in 1939. Many things fell that year. Basically, ‘that year‘ means the time
of war that caused many things to fall, for example, human bodies fell dead in
the streets by falling bombs. Countries, cities, industries, and a lot of other
things fall. Even Czechoslovakia stopped the production of beautiful teacups.
In this period, bombs fell on the innocent women and children. Thus, women
in America revolted against the crime and atrocities done on women.

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They considered the crime as a male oppression and tyranny against women.
This is why, women’s liberation movement started. The women of this new
generation show their anger by rejecting old traditions. They consider work as
the most important thing in a person’s life. So, marriage and family lose their
importance because feminists take it as a kind of slavery. Tea cups are no
more a symbol of marriage and family life for the writer but they are actually
the symbols of the war against women. On the other hand, the essayist’s
mothe used to emphasize on family. Even the mother wanted her daughter to
get married. The essayist thinks past is very important but her mother thinks it
is the future that matters.
In this way, ‘the teacup’ in the essay connects the mother, the daughter, the
past and the present because it was made in 1939 in Czechoslovakia. We can
guess that by giving the teacup. the essayist’s mother intends to give her
other things like information about the past, but her mother does not
explicitly tell her about the past any more. This means that the only way the
daughter can find about her mother is by looking at the teacup.

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