You are on page 1of 75 THRIVER'S UT 4 Ub THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO MAKING THE EARTH BOAR YEAR YOUR BEST YEAR EVER WHAT’S INSIDE: * The 12 Animals Zodiac Forecasts * 2019 Feng Shui Guide * Tips and How To's + Free Resources And Much, Much More... _ JOEY YAP- a THRIVING IN TURBULENT TIMES Biche sel 7-0 aL 18 ol oe Aiming To Survive What's going to make this an exceptionally great Nn ae MC Cm Cts ottr al Be & Get anew promotion? & start a business? & Lose weight? & Findtrue lover &% More family time? OM RS cM an ae od step-by-step blueprint about using Chinese Metaphysics (eg. Feng Shui & BaZi Chinese Astrology) as a tool for personal and professional Demet oe Cee eee eae en ne) THE COSMIC TRINITY The 3 Factors That Will Make An Impact In Your Life Right Now Aperson’s life is influenced by these 3 factors. Changing or mastering even just one of it can have a profound impact in any aspect of your life. We'll be diving deeper into these features in the next chapter. Read more about it in the next pago oF Copytight © 2019 by Joey Yap Private Limited