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APPENDIX A (Parent letter)

Insert date here

Dear Parents,

In Music class, the students in Grade 6 have been using an online program called “Incredibox”
to create their own pieces, using beats, melodies, chorus, effects and voices, on loops. This has
allowed the students, as a class, to create pieces using technology rather than instruments.

For their next composition assignment, the students are required to create their own pieces using
“Incredibox” at home. “Incredibox” is a free website and can be accessed at the following link: The piece is required to be at least one minute in length, and
should use at least one of each of the following components: beats, melodies, chorus, effects and
voices. (Please note that if your child decides to use version 3 for his/her composition, there is
no chorus component, thus the chorus component will not be required.) The students have been
shown how to record their piece.

Once they have recorded their piece and are satisfied with it, they should send it to me by
sharing it to my email address (insert email address here). They should keep the objectives
outlined in the attached rubric in mind before sending it to ensure they get the best grade.

I look forward to hearing your child’s composition! If you have any questions or concerns, do
not hesitate to contact me via email, at (insert email address here).

Insert name here

Music Teacher


Music - Composition : Composing with "Incredibox"

Teacher Name: Jennifer Baltuonis

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY 3 2 1 R - Redo
Using all required Used all 5(4) Used 4(3) of the Used 3(2) of the Used 2 or less
components components in the 5(4) components in 5(4) components components in the
piece the piece of the piece piece

Adding and Voices were added Voices were added Voices were added Voices were added
removing voices and removed in a and removed in a and removed in a and removed
rhythmic fashion. It relatively rhythmic more haphazard randomly. The
made sense, and fashion. It was manner. While the piece had no
created a piece well-put together, piece had rhythmic design
that is easy to but the piece could potential, it lacked and was difficult to
listen to. use some work. musicality. listen to.
Length of piece The piece was The piece was one The piece was less The piece was
longer than one minute long. than one minute thirty seconds long
minute. long. or less.

Creativity The piece is very The piece is quite The piece is The piece lacks
creative. The creative. The relatively creative. creativity. The
choice of voices, choice of voices The choice of voices were added
and the way they and the way they voices and the way and removed with
were added and were added and they were added little thought.
removed, created removed created and removed
a piece that is an original and created a more
original and well- relatively well- generic piece.
thought-out. thought-out piece,
but could improve
with more thought.

APPENDIX C (Peer evaluation sheet)

Name: _______________________________________ Class: _____________

Student’s name Comments: