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Student’s Name: Howard Johann Gomez Villano


Date: 29/04/19


TOPIC: How To Make Recycled Concrete


GENERAL PURPOSE: To inform the audience about the process to make

recycled concrete.

SPECIFIC PURPOSE STATEMENT: At the end of the speech the audience

will be able to list 3 steep to do a recycled concrete.

CENTRAL IDEA: The three major step in recycled concrete are recycling
aggregates, mixing protocol, and verified the performance concrete.


I. The first step in recycling concrete is demolishing of concrete

infrastructures old
 Procedure
 Instruments
 Materials

II. The second step in recycling concrete is performing the mixing protocol

 materials
 Instruments
 Type of protocoling

III. The third step in recycling concrete is getting a concrete with high

 Worakbility
 Resistance
 Durabilidad



Attention getter. - Did you know that concrete is the most used material
in the world? Have you ever heard that recycled concrete can be made
from recycled aggregates?
Reveal the topic: recycled concrete. - According to the World Energy
Council, “sustainable growth is not an option it is a necessity”. The
production system of building industry has had the characteristics of high
investment, high pollution and less efficiency all along, and this has been its
development strategy.

Relate the topic to the audience: The recycled concrete depends mainly of
waste concrete that it is reused in order to produce a new concrete that is
called recycled concrete.

Establish credibility. - Concrete has become the most widely used

composite material. Therefore, in order to conserve resources, energy and
to protect the environment, more attention should be paid to the
sustainable concrete industry.

Preview or Central idea. – Provide the three main steps for the process of
manufacturing about recycled concrete



I. The first step is to find concrete waste, which is obtained as a result of

the demolition of concrete buildings, pavements, dams and other
concrete infrastructures, as well as remains of concrete waste from ready-
mix concrete plants, after that you get a part of concrete cubes and a
prefabricated column that it is used for the primary crushing that do with
a pneumatic hammer and for the secondary crushing it is carried out in a
rotating crusher where the coarse aggregate are obtained. On the other
hand, you must already have the other materials such as Portland cement,
fine aggregates, effective water and additives

(Continuing the second step of the process)

II. The second step is to try to mix all materials in a mixer, before starting
the rotation of the mixer, add the coarse aggregate and some water after
that turn on the mixer and while the mixer is rotating add the fine
aggregate, the cement and the rest of the water then all the components
are in the mixer, with the stopwatch count 3 minutes of mixing, continuing
with a rest period of 3 minutes (Cover the open end of the mixer to
prevent evaporation during the period of rest) and continue with a mixing
time end of 2 minutes.

(To finish the final step of the process)

III. In this step to finish the process, the recycle concrete must have a good
performance by different types of testing , the recycled concrete mix
must be tested to ensure its quality, when it is in a fresh state, the
workability is measure by cone test Abrams and when it is in a hardened
state you can estimate the resistance of the recycled concrete by the axial
compression test and all the results must be successful and must be
validated by ASTM and ACI and must comply with many parameters
because according to these standards, the recycled concrete is going to
have a good durability in the constructions that are going to be made.


(To sum up all the steps)

Recycled aggregates is made by crushing the waste concrete of laboratory
test cubes and precast concrete columns. This has revealed that the
resistance of recycled concrete is similar to natural concrete between
38Mpa to 40Mpa. Therefore this approach can be applied in many
constructions all over the world because the recycled concrete complies
with the ASTM standard.