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Mã số: TT/P.

MÔN : KHỞI SỰ DOANH NGHIỆP [001197] Ban hành lần: 01
3 HK 2 NĂM HỌC: 2018– 2019
Nhóm: 10 / Tổ 1 Hiệu lực từ ngày: 07/01/2019

Họ và tên SV: Trần Thị Tú Tú MSSV:01501332 STT:16

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Write a self-reflection paper about your presentation. Your paper should be about 500 words and cover the
 Summary of the presentation topic.
 Part(s) in the presentation you have taken over.
 Your preparation for the presentation.
 Lessons from the presentation.
Write your answer below.

A few days ago, I and my froup members had a meeting to discuss how to built a business plan. My
group came up with the idea of starting open Asia and Europe food restaurant, it combines the
traditional and modern culture. My responsibility is the promotional mix. It is very interesting and
helps me to enhance my understanding and knowledge about promotional mix.
At the beginning, I read the general information and think about how to apply promotional mix in our
business effectively. After that, I decided my part is going to divided into 4 sections: Advertising, PR,
Sale Promotions and Personal selling.
The first section is advertising. Advertising plays a key role when promoting a business. Newspapers,
Radio, TV, and Social Media advertising all play an important role in determining how to target
customers as well as how they will respond to the advertising message. Therefore, our restaurant
choose 3 kind of advertising are social media, website and mouth to mouth.
The second section is PR. Public relations is usually focused on building a favorable image of our
business We are going to use popular and vlogger food to boost our income. The third section is sale
promotion, this is also a n important key to attract new customers. There are three main types to boost
sales. We use mini game to choose the best lucky person to receive the discount or even a free meal

on each two months. We also use properly discount to old customers to keep this relationship. On the
festivals in Viet Nam, we have a special menu on that day, just for only on these holidays.
The final section is personal selling. Our restaurant can employ salespersons to promote and sell
product as part of the business communication plans. These salespersons play an important part in
building customer relationships through tailored communication. As the result, we encourage them to
work enthusiastically and effectively by giving them more commissions, reward and tips money from
In conclusion I realized that doing a business is easy, but make it successfully is not. Therefore, I need
to learn more skills and experience in the future if I have dream to starting my own business.
The end