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Students find Computer Graphics concepts of transformations difficult to visualize. Using

Blender 3D, we developed a three-hour training in a day module on solving transformations
problems. We used think-aloud method and conducted interviews for data collection. Analysis of
results suggests that, students found training module beneficial to visualize and solve
transformations Through the convenient interface of the program, the modeling of the desired
three-dimensional shapes is greatly facilitated. This also applies to the automated process of
constructing a drawing of the resulting polygonal 3D models, which in the future are assembled
into three-dimensional paper models. The process of fine-designing 3D paper models using
specific exemplary primitive, text, and with relatively complex form. The implementation of
such projects is possible in solving a number of tasks consistent to a variety of factors. Referring
to the part of computer design, it is very important what software is used. This in turn requires
good judgment consistent with modern requirements. Deploying Blender software into the
workflow combined with specialized applications Addons, as well as whole GNU platforms,
support the implementation of successful design projects.