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The St Henry’s Marist Trust - Supporting a Marist Education in the present and preparing for the


St Henry’s Marist College celebrates a significant milestone this year, 90 years of Marist Education,
and it seems fitting that we are able to look forward and build on this strong foundation to create a
sustainable future through our newly established St Henry’s Marist Trust.

The St Henry’s Marist Trust aims to raise much-needed funds for scholarships and bursaries to assist
with the future development of St Henry’s Marist College. It is only through the generous support of
donors, individuals and organisations that this future will be possible. Help us prepare for the future
and consider making a donation towards the St Henry’s Marist Trust. By contributing to the St
Henry’s Marist Trust, you are supporting a Marist education in the present, and contributing to the

Any taxpayer making a donation to the St Henrys Marist Trust, a registered Public Benefit
Organisation IT000701/2017 (approved in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act, 58 of 1962),
will be issued a Section 18A certificate entitling you to claim the donated amount as a tax

Banking Details:

Name: The Saint Henry’s Marist Trust

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Type: Current
Account No: 050938460
Branch: Kingsmead
Branch code: 040026