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Artistic Intention

As a group we decided to create a Jazzified version of Wake Me up by a famous DJ, Avicii.

When going through the piece and it's sheet music as a group we realised that we would need to
significantly imply jazz aspects into the music. These aspects, include; Improvisation,
Syncopation, Swung Rhythms, Reharmonization techniques. We needed to decide how we can
imply these techniques into the modern musical piece. We decided that we needed to focus on
Syncopation, Swung Rhythms and Improvisation.

For syncopation it was added in the chords at which the guitar played in the background. As seen
below the guitar will play the B minor chord. He would have to emphasize the 3 but not all the
time as it will not remain as syncopation if the guitar had parts where he had to emphasize a note.

Syncopation was not the only jazz technique that was implemented into our piece. We also
decided to add a popular aspect of jazz, swung rhythms. Swung rhythms are a very important
aspect of jazz that is very commonly used in it as well. We want to add swung rhythms in
sections in which the clarines are playing. This including the first verse and the second. Although
we had run into problems adding swung rhythms to the second verse. The second verse is at a
very fast rhythm so as a group we decide that we want to slow that section down in order for the
clarinets to be able to play and add swung rhythms. Swung Rhythms was also added in the
melody or chorus in which the trumpet and the alto saxophone played. Instead of playing the
same melody as the original pop song, we changed it adding more notes in to that section of the
pop song.

The final aspect which we decided to add in our piece was improvisation. We wanted to add
improve to make the pop song sound completely different as to what it normally sounds like. We
realised that the swung rhythms and the syncopated notes make the pop song sound unique to a
certain extent but the improvisation will give the piece a different taste which is something our
group wanted to implement into our song. As a group we plan on approaching a popular modern
music piece and creating a unique song which can be viewed as a different genre by
implementing different aspects of modern jazz into it.

Throughout the creation of our piece a lot of decisions and changes had to be made to the piece.
When deciding who will play what section of the piece as we had a lot of variating instruments
played in the group. To decide we first looked at who wanted to play what and who was fit to
play what section. At first the clarinets were to play together but ended up being split due to
people wanting to play different sections. I wanted to play the second verse and the
improvisation section and Jeni wanted to play the first and the second verse so we decided to
compromise instead of having both of us play all sections. This allowed for both of us to play
better in our sections because we both enjoyed the parts we were playing, instead of having us
play sections we didn’t enjoy. Another major decision involved when deciding how to play
different parts of the piece. In the second verse the part speeds up and it was very difficult to add
swung rhythms. We made a group decision to slow down that part, so that we would be capable
of adding swung rhythms. This gave us the ability to play that part with swung rhythms without
it sounding weird. When deciding how and where to add syncopation. At first we were thinking
of the capabilities for all instruments to be playing with syncopated notes but we then decided to
keep it more simple. By keeping it simple we decided to have only the guitar have syncopated
notes when playing the chord patterns. This was one of the things we decided that we had have
in our piece and we managed to implement it into our piece without having to go through too
much trouble when creating and performing it. Throughout the composition of the piece we had
to go through lots of trial and error due to the fact that our group did not have a lot of practice
with this piece. We had to experiment a lot to figure out what worked best. As well as with the
backing track. The backing track was something that was decided very late but because we had
to change it alot it showed that our group could adapt very well to different situations. This
helped us a lot throughout creating the piece as we had to make a lot of crucial changes in late

Performance Critique
Considering the fact, that we changed a lot of aspects to our performance pretty late I feel that
our performance was a slight success. Overall we had a decent performance although we lacked
in a few aspects which would have made the performance a lot better. For 1 our syncopated notes
by the guitar were very good as they were visible or could be seen but they weren’t obvious. This
shows that our ability to implement the intended effect on the authe dience. Although the guitar
was a bit quiet which lowered the general effect. This was because the piano was slightly louder
than the guitar not having the same effect as if it was louder because the syncopated notes are
supposed to be louder and visible but if the guitar is quiet then it won’t be heard as much.
Another major aspect we could have improved on was just the ability to play all our parts. For
one I felt that I needed more practice to be able to play my part. There were bits and bobs of the
section I had to play which played a large part as to how I sounded during the performance. If as
a group we would have further time it would have been beneficial to try and practice more
individually at home. It would also have been very helpful if we would have made important
decisions more early in the process instead of late. Because this would allow us to practice with
something that is most likely going to be in our performance rather than something that wasn’t
concrete. This happened with our backing track as we had one which we practiced for a few
classes then on the performance day we completely changed it. Overall to improve our
performance I would have to say that if we were more efficient in practice then it would result in
a better performance.