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MiratinaHazawati, 2013. The English learning Motivation of The Eight Grade

Students of SMP Negeri 5 Samarinda. English Education, Widya Gama Mahakam
University, Samarinda. Under the guidance Indah Sari Lubis M.Hum and Windy
Wahyuningrum S.Pd.

Keywords: learning English, students motivation.

English is one of the most important languages in the world, so that it is used by
people in some countries in the world as an international language. In learning
English, students must master the language skills. The language skills, those are
listening, speaking, reading and writing. Motivation is the crucial element in learning.
Every student needs it to motor themselves and to achieve the goal of learning.
Motivation influences the learning process. High or low learning motivation of
students can be measured from their will and their efforts to achieve high learning
achievement for all lessons. Students who have high learning motivation should have
high efforts for learning success.
The purpose of this research is to know learning motivation and factor influence
learning motivation in English subject of the eight grade students of SMP Negeri 5
Samarinda. The research subject of this study is eight grade students of SMP Negeri 5
Samarinda in academic year 2013/2014. It consist of 15 classes with 496 students.
Then the researcher took 107 students as samples. In collecting the data, the
researcher used a questionnaire and observation guide. The total number of the
questionnaire is 25 items.
Based on this research, the researcher found out that the students learning
motivation of eight grade students of SMP Negeri 5 Samarinda is good. The students
receive the category of B 97% is fair and A 3% is good. The students learning
motivation influenced five factors, there are ideals/aspiration of students, students
ability, students and environmental condition, dynamic element in the learning, and
effort of teacher in teaching students. And also Intrinsic and extrinsic is kind of
motivation. Thos motivations make the students interest in learning English. So, the
students motivation of the eight grade of SMP Negeri 5 Samarinda was high.