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Political Ideology – Marxism Roll No. – 2018037

MARXISM- The theory of class struggle

Explanation of conflicts Marx’s view of the structure of Society in relation to its two major classes, the
conflicts between them and the society he aims to create.

Keywords: Capitalism, Class struggle, Proletariats, Bourgeoisie, Means of production,

Superstructure, Revolution, Communism
We see a lot of relevance of what Marxism portrayed in this modern world and this is what
stemmed my interest in writing about Marxism; the theory of class struggle and the reasons to
which it caused conflicts within the society. With problems in the society such as
overworked, underpaid workers who are being lead to the brink of suicide1 as said by The
Guardian. This is why I wanted to explore deeper within the history of Marxism and through
which circumstances was it founded.
Karl Marx was a great economist and a German philosopher who is known as the “chief
exponent” of his theory of class struggle based on Marxism. Marxism has stemmed from the
concept of socialism which conveys how the means of production should be owned by the
society as a whole. During the seventeenth century, Liberalism was an important part of
many societies but it had failed to create principles that could have led to human freedom and
failed to represent the proletariats of the time and focused more on the capitalist part of the
society. This is when Marxism came into play and states how holding private property
divides society into different social classes.
In this research paper, I would be aiming to provide detailed information on how Marx and
Engels worked together to introduce Marxism and the basic principles they set for Marxism. I
would further aim to perceive what factors led to the rise and spread of Marxism. Overall,
this paper will provide detailed information of the history and rise of Marxism, and how they
played an important role in providing benefits to the working class. Further, it will also
include the criticisms of the theory and gain more knowledge from the different perspectives
that would help shed more light into the understanding of Marxism.

1Jeffries, Stuart. “Why Marxism Is on the Rise Again.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 4 July 2012,
POLITICAL SCIENCE- II Name : Nandini A. Patel
Political Ideology – Marxism Roll No. – 2018037