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Quiz Crotty Chapter 9 1. Fill in the blank.

Modernism, then, in the sense of modernity and modernization, evince great faith in the ability of _____________ to discover absolute forms of knowledge. 2. Complete the sentence. Where modernism purports to base itself on generalized, indubitable truths about the way things really are, postmodernism ____________________________________. 3. Who developed concepts of “discursive formations” and “the archaeology of knowledge”? 4. signifier is ____________, signified is _____________ and the linguistic sign is arbitrary according to _________________________ 5. Who wrote about wrestling, stripteases, and the black soldier saluting the French Flag? 6. Name Milners five characteristics of structuralism. 7. Explain the difference between post-structuralism and post-modernism. 8. Which postmodern theorist was concerned with difference?