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The Edmond Sun



EPIC Charter Schools announces large teacher pay raise

Prior to pay raise, ment comes at a time
when it, as the state’s fifth-
than 700 teachers are one-
on-one teachers.
$50,000, respectively) and
will receive a $5,000
intendent for Instruction.
“Prior to this increase, our
include benefits.
Banfield said there has
EPIC already had largest public school sys-
tem, is hiring teachers for
One-on-one teachers
serving regular education
increase in their annual
bonus cap (from $5,000 to
average teaching salary
was already the state’s
never been a better time
for teachers to join the
state’s highest the coming school year.
EPIC teachers fall into
students will see an
increase of approximately
$10,000 a year).
In addition to base
highest average teacher
salary, as well as the
EPIC team and that the
school is hiring for all fac-
average teacher one of two categories: On- $5,000 in base pay annu- salary and performance region’s highest average ulty positions.
site at one of EPIC’s four ally on average. One-on- pay, EPIC teachers receive teacher salary. We are “We are looking for tal-
salary blended learning centers one special education paid health benefits and committed to our faculty ented educators commit-
(BLCs) in Tulsa and teachers will see an EPIC pays the full cost for and ensuring they are the ted to our mission that
Oklahoma City, or as a increase of a little over all employees to be mem- top paid educators in the every child deserves a
OKLAHOMA CITY — one-on-one teacher, serv- $4,000 in base pay annu- bers of the Teachers state of Oklahoma.” quality education in an
EPIC Charter Schools has ing students with a blend ally on average. Retirement System of As of 2018 the average environment that fosters
announced large, across- of digital curriculum and BLC regular education Oklahoma. annual salary of a fulltime learning and growth,” he
the-board pay raises for meeting “one-on-one” in and special education “EPIC places an EPIC educator (not inclu- said. “If you’re ready for a
its teachers for the 2019- students’ homes or near teachers will get an addi- extremely high premium sive of benefits) was rewarding and challeng-
20 school year. EPIC has their home in the local tional $10,000 increase to on recruiting and retain- $64,005, as compared to ing opportunity to make
teachers in all 77 counties community at a public their annual base salary ing top teaching talent in the traditional public that happen in Oklahoma,
of Oklahoma. library, for example. (from $35,000 to $45,000 Oklahoma,” said Bart school state average of we want you on our
The school’s announce- The bulk of EPIC’s more and from $40,000 to Banfield, assistant super- $51,779, which did team.”

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The Ardmoreite


2019 NHS, NJHS inductees announced

OKLAHOMA CITY “We are so proud of vice, leadership, charac- traditional white NHS when it comes to plan- EPIC is the state’s fifth
— EPIC Charter School these EPIC students who ter and citizenshipat the hood as part of their ning for the future. largest public school sys-
has announced that 438 have earned this presti- center of their core val- graduation ceremony “NHS and NJHS mem- tem, with approximately
EPIC students from gious honor by commit- ues. It is estimated that regalia. In addition, tak- bers get access to college 24,000 students state-
across the state will be ting themselves to the approximately one mil- ing part in these pres- admission and financial wide, with teachers and
inducted into the Na- highest levels of academ- lion students take part tigious organizations aid planning, access to principals located near
tional Honor Society and ic, social, civic and eth- in Honor Society activi- opens doors for member service projects, scholar- the students they serve.
National Junior Honor ical achievement,” said ties. NHS and NJHS are students for college and ship potential and lead- For more information,
Society. EPIC Assistant Super- located in all 50 states, beyond. ership development,” visit epiccharterschools.
The awards will be pre- intendent of Instruction the District of Columbia, EPIC educator and Na- Powell said. “So earning org.
sented in formal ceremo- Bart Banfield. Puerto Rico, other U.S. tional Honor Society Ad- membership into these EPIC 2019 National
nies at Rose State College The NHS was found- territories and Canada. visor Beth Powell said the organizations is about Honor Society Inductees
in Midwest City and at ed in 1921, while NJHS Each EPIC NHS in- hard work EPIC students more than just being on Ardmore
Oral Roberts University was founded in 1929. ductee receives a certif- have put in to become an honor roll. It’s about Gillian Mullins, Me-
on May 7 and May 14, Both organizations icate, a membership pin inductees will almost cer- preparing for future suc- gan Putman, and Eden
respectively. place scholarship, ser- and the right to wear the tainly pay huge dividends cess.” Roller.

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The Kingfisher Times & Free Press

scholarship applications

EPIC Charter School Midwest City May 7 and
has announced 438 EPIC [See Sanders, Page 13]
students from across the
state will be inducted into
the National Honor Society Honey Bee
(NHS) and National Junior
Honor Society (NJHS).
Among those inducted
into the NHS was Emily If Seen, Please Call
Sanders of Kingfisher.
The awards were pre- 405-368-1952 or
sented in a formal ceremo-
ny at Rose State College in 580-623-9502

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The Kingfisher Times & Free Press

Sanders “NHS and NJHS mem- W

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bers get access to college
May admission and financial aid
12 another is planned May 14
at Oral Roberts University planning, access to service
in Tulsa. projects, scholarship poten-
“We are so proud of tial and leadership devel- (As
Page these EPIC students who opment,” Powell said. “So er
0013 have earned this prestigious earning membership into .LQ
Clip honor by committing them- these organizations is about Dat
77% selves to the highest levels of more than just being on an 0D\
academic, social, civic and honor roll. It’s about prepar- 0D\
0003 ethical achievement,” said ing for future success.” 0D\
EPIC Assistant Superin- May

tendent of Instruction Bart 0D\
Banfield. May
The NHS was founded 0D\
in 1921, while NJHS was [Continued From Page 3]
founded in 1929. Dunigan, Bailey Fuksa, Sa- -DQ
B o t h o rg a n i z a t i o n s rai Orozco, Callie Seiger and -DQ
place scholarship, service, Morgan Wymore. )HE
leadership, character and Band Booster Scholar- )HE
citizenship at the center of ship — Dakota Davis. 0D
their core values. It is esti- Outstanding HPS School 0D
mated that approximately Attendance Scholarship $SU
1 million students take part $SU
Award — Dalton Joyce.
in Honor Society activities. MASONIC AWARDS 0D\
Masonic Students of To- 0D\
NHS and NJHS are lo-
day Citizenship Awards — -XQ
cated in all 50 states, the
District of Columbia, Puerto Hugo Rodriquez and Callie
Rico, other U.S. territories Seiger.
and Canada. Masonic Lodge Scholar-
Each EPIC NHS induct- ships — Hugo Rodriquez, $XJ
ee receives a certificate, a Callie Seiger, Dakota Davis, 6HS
membership pin and the Cooper Fuksa, Bailea Fuk- 6HS
right to wear the traditional sa, Christian Perez, Sarai 2FW
white NHS hood as part of Orozco, Faith Calvert and 2FW
their graduation ceremony Taylor Dunigan. 1RY
EPIC educator and Na- OBI Blood Donation 'HF
tional Honor Society Advis- Honor Cord — Laney Sei- 'HF
er Beth Powell said the hard ger. 
work EPIC students have Speech and Debate
put in to become inductees Award — Dakota Davis.
will almost certainly pay
huge dividends when it
OSSM Graduates (Autry
Tech) — Karissa Heath, W
comes to planning for the Garrett Lough and Joseph d
future. Matousek.

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