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2019 IBMC 1
2 Competition Booklet
IBMC Administrators
If you have any questions regarding the
competition, please contact one of the following
IBMC administrators:

Jeff Brown Austin Heath

801.367.3936 385-505-5815





2019 IBMC 3

5 Prizes 13 How to Win

6 Schedule 14 Competing

8 Maps

10 Speakers
& Judges

12 Judging

4 Competition Booklet


1st $40,000 4th $10,000 11th-20th $3,000

2nd $25,000 5th $8,000 Remaining $2,500
3rd $15,000 6th-10th $5,000 Teams

IBMC Champions
2018 BEASC Technologies Riley Lancelot, Nembhard Bescekia,
Northern Caribbean University Smith Jermaine. Muhammad Amina

2017 Instapath Mei Wang, David Tulman, Pete Lawson,

Tulane University J. Quincy Brown

2016 SwineTech Mathew Rooda, Abraham Espinoza,

University of Iowa David Hensley

2015 Kaitek Labs Emilia Diaz, Cristobal Aller

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

2014 Veritas Medical Nate Rhodes, Martin de la Presa,

University of Utah Mitch Barneck

2013 Owlet Baby Monitors Kurt Workman, Jordan Monroe, Jacob

Brigham Young University Colvin, Tanor Hodges, Zach Bomsta,
Adam Rogers
2012 XoomPark Ken Frei
Brigham Young University

2011 Gamegnat Zachary Allaun

American University

2019 IBMC 5


8:30-9:15 AM Shuttle
Marriott Hotel to BYU Campus

9:00-9:30 AM Check-In and Registration

Attendees will check in, receive the IBMC info packet and mingle with other attendees.

9:30-10:00 AM Welcome and Orientation

Attendees will receive a welcome and orientation about the conference and competition.

10:00-10:55 AM Brant Cooper Training - Impact vs. Vanity Metrics

Just like with a startup, managing your innovation program based on vanity metrics can
actually kill it before you know what happened. This hands-on skill building class will teach you
HOW to establish the specific metrics you should be measuring and with whom you should be
sharing them, in order to stay on track. Whether just starting your innovation lab or in the midst
of full blown corporate transformation, the metrics you establish directly affect your success or

11:00-11:55 AM David Bland Training - Testing Business Ideas

Based on David’s upcoming book, we’ll cover what types of assumptions you are making
in your business idea and how to rapidly test them. You’ll learn how to run experiments that
matter, make better business decisions and reduce the cost of failure.

12:00-12:30 PM Lunch
12:30-2:00 PM Campus Tour
Attendees will have the opportunity to experience a hands-on tour of BYU’s unique campus.

2:00-3:45 PM David Binetti Workshop - Innovation Accounting for Fun

and Profit
Is it even legal to use the words “Accounting” and “Fun” in the same sentence? Honestly,
yes! In this workshop you’ll learn how to track your progress towards Product/Market Fit
while answering pesky questions from your financiers and other stakeholders -- in a fun and
profitable way.

4:00-5:45 PM Ash Maurya Workshop - The Innovator’s Gift

Problems not solutions create space for innovation. But when entrepreneurs go looking for
problems worth solving they often frame them in terms of their solution which is vulnerable
to bias. In this workshop, you’ll learn a new problem framing technique that positions your
product as the only viable alternative for your customers — making the competition irrelevant.

6:00-7:00 PM Dinner

7:00-7:45 PM Shuttle
BYU Campus to Marriott Hotel

6 Competition Booklet

Friday, May 10 - COMPETITION

8:00-8:45 AM Shuttle
Marriott Hotel to BYU Campus

8:30-9:00 AM Judge Training and Orientation (First Round)

9:10-11:30 AM First Round
Teams will be divided into 4 rooms and present for 10 minutes to a panel of judges with up to
3 minutes of Q&A. Teams are encouraged to watch the presentations of other teams in their

11:30-12:00 PM Break and Judge Deliberation

12:00-1:00 PM Lunch and Quarterfinal Results
12:20-12:50 PM Judge Training and Orientation (Challenge Round)
1:00-3:00 PM Challenge Round/Semifinal Round Preparation
All teams that didn’t advance to the Semifinal Round will be divided into 3 rooms and present
for 10 minutes with up to 3 minutes of Q&A. 4 teams will advance to compete in the Semifinal
Round. The semifinalist teams will take this time to prepare for the Semifinal Round while the 4
teams from the Challenge Round will present last in the Semifinal Round so they have time to

2:20-2:50 PM Judge Training and Orientation (Semifinal Round)

3:00-4:30 PM Semifinal Round
Teams will be divided into 4 rooms and present for 10 minutes to a panel of judges with up to
5 minutes of Q&A. Teams are encouraged to watch the presentations of other teams in their

4:30-5:00 PM Break and Judge Deliberation

5:00-6:30 PM Dinner, Keynote Speaker and Semifinal Results
Attendees will eat dinner, hear from our keynote speaker (Karmel Larson, CEO and Founder of
Momni) and the results of the Semifinal Round will be announced.

6:45-8:45 PM Final Event & Awards Ceremony

The finalists will compete for the title of “Global Champion” and the winner will take home the
IBMC traveling trophy as well as the top cash prize. Teams will present for 10 minutes to our all-
star judging panel with up to 8 minutes of Q&A.

8:45-9:30 PM Shuttle
BYU Campus to Marriott Hotel

2019 IBMC 7

BYU Campus Map

IBMC 2019 BYU Campus Map


LVES Expansion


Earth Science LOT
Museum 20

BYU Staff Parking MSSC


CSC Bldg 29 Bldg 30

Restricted Parking
450 EAST

BYU Staff/

Restricted Parking
MC Museum Parking

900 EAST
Bldg 28

Restricted Parking

9 Bldg 25



Bldg 27 Bldg 26

1430 NORTH

Restricted Parking
Bldg 14
yl Bldg 15


Center Faculty/ Bldg 8 Bldg 10



Restricted Parking

ey Parking

ip Hi
Bldg 6
an BYU
Faculty BYU Faculty/
Parking Faculty Staff
Parking Parking Bldg 7 Bldg 9
1230 NORTH
Tanner HHCB Restricted Parking

Gate BYU

Wikinson Parking
JFSB Center
900 EAST





BNSN Security Gate 900 NORTH

150 EAST

700 EAST



Construction Zones

8 Competition Booklet

Tanner Building Maps

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

2019 IBMC 9

David Binetti is a six-time entrepreneur, having served on the founding team

of companies ranging from consumer (QFN, later Intuit’s, to
industrial (Arch Rock, acquired by Cisco Systems), to government (
(named USA Today’s Site of the Year in 2000), to political (Votizen, acquired
by Brigade) — with three stints as Founder/CEO. Currently, David helps larg-
er organizations innovate faster with less risk through Innovation Options, a
valuation framework he created that calculates the ROI of Innovation, allow-
ing Finance and Product to speak a common language in achieving a com-
mon goal. David received his Bachelors with Highest Honors and University
Distinction from UC Berkeley, and his MBA from UCLA, where he received
the Deloitte Consulting Award for Top Thesis in his Graduating Class. He re-
sides in San Carlos with his wife and two daughters, and when not enjoying
time with them can be found coding, singing, or both.
David Binetti

David J Bland is the Founder & CEO of Precoil, an innovation agency in

the San Francisco Bay Area. He advises global corporations and Silicon
Valley startups on how to find product market fit using lean startup, design
thinking and agile. David has pioneered GE FastWorks with Eric Ries, ad-
vised emerging product teams at Adobe and even mentored Toyota on
lean startup practices. Prior to Precoil, David was a Principal Advisor at Neo
and BigVisible, where he created lean startup services. Before his transition
into advising, David spent over 10 years of his career at technology startups.

David Bland

Brant Cooper helps organizations big and small innovate. He is the author
of the New York Times Bestseller, ​The Lean Entrepreneur​, and the popu-
lar “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development.” His most recent
book project is The Lean Brand, bringing the rigor of lean startup principles
to the marketing black box of branding. As a sought after keynote speaker,
startup advisor and corporate mentor, Brant travels the globe speaking with
entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, debunking the Myth of the Visionary,
teaching Lean Startup and Customer Development principles, and empow-
ering employees to create new value.

Brant Cooper

10 Competition Booklet

Karmel Larson is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, community leader, blogger

and woman of faith. She is an advocate for strengthening families and de-
fending children. She and her husband Brigham are equal partners in rais-
ing their 8 children. With a desire to change the world, Karmel worked for
many years at the Center for Women and Children in Crisis and as a Spanish
speaking social worker for the Provo School District and Utah Child Protec-
tive Services. Raised with a family background in real estate and investing,
she also became a licensed Realtor in 2008. Her focus shifted to music in
2009, and she and her husband supported their family by founding Brigham
Larson Pianos and Utah Piano Conservatory. In March 2017, Karmel learned
about the global childcare crisis and soon after launched the Momni care-
sharing technology to link together all moms everywhere.

Karmel Larson

Ash Maurya is the author of two bestselling books “Running Lean” and
“Scaling Lean”, and is also the creator of the highly popular one-page busi-
ness modeling tool “Lean Canvas”. Ash is praised for offering some of the
best and most practical advice for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs all over
the world. Driven by the search for better and faster ways for building suc-
cessful products, Ash has developed a systematic methodology for raising
the odds of success built upon Lean Startup, Customer Development, and
Bootstrapping techniques. Ash is also a leading business blogger and his
posts and advice have been featured in Inc. Magazine, Forbes, and For-
tune. He regularly hosts sold out workshops around the world and serves as
a mentor to several accelerators including TechStars, MaRS, Capital Factory,
and guest lecturers at several universities including MIT, Harvard, and UT
Austin. Ash serves on the advisory board of a number of startups, and has
Ash Maurya consulted to new and established companies.Ash lives in Austin, TX.

2019 IBMC 11

2019 Judging Criteria

Each round of the International Business Model Competition is judged using the following ques-

• Did the team use a canvas to identify and track hypotheses?
• Did the team clearly state their hypotheses?
• Did the team identify the most crucial hypotheses to test first (the ones that could kill their

• Did the team design low cost, rapid, but reliable tests of these hypotheses?
• Did the team conduct the tests in a reliable manner?
• Number of tests - should be adjusted for industry, product type (web vs physical
product), and business type (B2B vs B2C)
• Quality of tests - interviews are high quality, surveys & focus groups are much
lower quality (you don’t know which questions to ask) unless interviews have been
conducted first
• If appropriate, has the team developed a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP)? Does
the team understand the hypotheses they are testing with a prototype or MVP? Is the pro-
totype or MVP appropriate to answer those hypotheses? (We want to reward the testing of
hypotheses using prototypes verses the building of products using untested hypotheses.)

• Did the team clearly state their insights and learning, how those validated or invalidated
a hypothesis, and if that informed any pivots (changes)?
• If changes were made, was the pivot the team made supported by evidence or did they fail to
pivot when the evidence clearly stated it?
• Does the team have significant evidence that the solution is validated (i.e., letters of intent,
purchase contracts, sales, partners, etc.)?

• Is the team solving a significant problem (defined in terms of money or impact)?

NOTE: Because web-based businesses are easier to test, these companies can often pivot faster.
Judges are asked to not penalize physical product companies or health-related businesses be-
cause they have not pivoted as much or made as many iterations as web-based businesses.

12 Competition Booklet

What Winning Teams Do

The purpose of the International Business Model Competition is to reward the process entrepreneurs
follow to eliminate uncertainty in their businesses. We encourage smart entrepreneurs that identify
and test key business hypotheses, seek input from potential customers, and make necessary changes
based on what is learned. Remember, this is not a business plan or venture pitch competition!

Tell us your story.

If you watch any past winner present, you will see that they start by connecting to the audience through
a compelling, but truthful story about their business. In your story, describe the pain you uncovered and
how you plan to solve it.

Use a canvas.
Start with a blank canvas and step-by-step show your hypotheses , how you tested them, and the
results. Demonstrate visually which hypotheses were validated and which were not. Don’t throw all of
your information on the canvas at once, walk the judges through your validation in digestible portions.

Describe the validation.

Each hypothesis you make has to be accompanied with a test or an activity that aims to prove or
disprove your hypotheses. Zoom in close on all of your tests and explain the hard work you did. We
want you to justify your decision-making and the course of your business with real data from credible

Highlight the lessons learned.

Each test has to lead to the lessons learned and future plan of action. Show what each test taught you,
what was validated, what wasn’t, and what hypotheses and tests you made next.

Explain your pivots.

Most of you had to pivot or change a portion of your business in response to customer feedback. We
want you to justify your pivots with concrete data. Just saying that you made a pivot is not enough. Re-
alizing that your hypothesis is inaccurate is not a weakness, but evidence that you learned something.

In conclusion, judges want to see multiple rounds of hypotheses and tests. One or two tests is not
enough to show that you thoroughly researched your business idea. It is not possible to walk through
the entire canvas in 10 minutes, so focus on the hypotheses and tests that are crucial to your business.

2019 IBMC 13

Competing Teams

Asonus Tech MIZI

AvoMD MMtutors
Brainery Nano Freaks
Careerquo NEER Agriventures
CCML Formula Neptune
Comexchain Origin Innovations Co.
DetectAn Pantheon Robotics
DigiMatrix Plugmusix
FlykeArt PreeLabs Watchdawg
Franklin Rent Check
Global Sign RepowerU
Grid It SnapWire
InfiinityBox SymMEDtry
Inosightech The Artemis Company
JA Bio Plastics The De-Alcoholizer
Kilo Medical Solutions The Girls Co.
Life Drop Thrive Smart Systems
Locker Lifestyle Triciclo Peru
MarijTech True Adherence
Millions for Medicine Xermosol

14 Competition Booklet

Asonus Tech
University of Iowa

The deaf and hard of hearing communities struggle to hear noises in their envi-
ronment, such as doorbells and fire alarms. To solve this problem, Asonus Tech is
developing software on smart devices (e.g. Apple watches, Google OS Wear watches,
smartphones) that will notify the user via vibration and light whenever an important
noise is heard. Asonus Tech uses the smart device’s microphone as an “extra set of
ears” that will listen when the user cannot.

Columbia University, SUNY Downstate

A pervasive issue in medicine is that 50% of patients don’t receive the standard of
care, resulting in wasted spending and medical errors. The explosion of knowledge
in medicine is one of the primary causes for this issue - doctors that are already
overworked are tasked with staying abreast with the frequent changes to 100 page+
guidelines in their fields. AvoMD’s mission is to arm physicians with curated and per-
sonalized segments of the medical guidelines at the point of care. Our solution does
this through the means of a conversational user interface, which guides the clinician
through the process of diagnosis and treatment. In this way, clinicians can be confi-
dent their patients are receiving the latest standard of care. Additionally, the clinical
scenarios are designed by independent physicians using our innovative design tool
that allows doctors with no programming experience to build modules.

Quinnipiac University

Brainery is a freelance network that connects college students and local businesses.
Many college students have a lack of work experience upon graduation and struggle
to find jobs. At the same time, there are local small businesses that cannot afford to
hire part-time or full-time and need affordable temporary work. We provide students
from business, design, tech, and research majors opportunities to assist businesses
and receive valuable work experience while doing so.

2019 IBMC 15

The University of Memphis

Careerquo is an on-demand social video platform that provides career

discovery sessions by connecting students with their alumni or profes-
sionals in any field globally for career guidance and feedback on areas of
improvement. It provides additional income to professionals who are will-
ing to help mentor students across different fields/industries. Profession-
als can also choose to donate their proceeds directly from the platform.

CCML Formula
University of Technology, Jamaica

There is an agonizing struggle faced by women that have developed a vaginal yeast
infection and/or bacterial vaginosis. With this also comes the high chances of reoc-
currence. Based on our research we found the main causes of a yeast infection and
bacterial vaginosis and this we created CCML formula as the solution. How did we
solve the pain? We created an all natural, easy to use and cost effective solution that
provides instant relief from scratching. Our solution limits the recurrence of the yeast
infection. We want to create awareness of the infection and product so that women
can have their over the counter, easy to use treatment on stand by, thus reducing the
risk of developing or recurring yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis.

Federal University of Santa Catarina

The platform that integrates all participants of international business. Comexchain is

a collaborative platform that makes use of Blockchain technology to transact interna-
tional business documents. We allow communication between all the related agents
on the chain, promoting efficiency and security. Our goal is to boost the performance
of the importer and exporters, offering a greater control and management of their dai-
ly information, automating the procedures. We integrate people and aggrgate data,
saving agents time and enabling cost reduction.

16 Competition Booklet

Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education

We are DetectAn, a medical innovation project, dedicated on translating traditional

laboratory blood tests into easier, more accessible tests that can fit right in your hand.
We are creating a fast, efficient and disposable screening and diagnostic device
that uses saliva instead of blood to detect not only iron deficiency anemia, but also
pre-anemic stages. The device also monitors users, giving the results in five minutes.
It can be used in any location without the need of a health professional or additional

KMD Institute

DigiMatrix is a young tech startup specializing in gaming and e-sports. We are incubated by Myanmar Com-
puter Federation and MPT (the largest telecom in Myanmar). Our vision is to lead the digital transformation
of the gaming and e-sports ecosystem in Myanmar, one step at a time. Our first step solves a common
problem that many gamers in Myanmar face - we cannot use memberships from one e-sports centre to
go play at another. So, our solution is the DigiWallet, which is a mobile application platform that will allow
gamers to buy membership packages and play at any of our partnered e-sports centres at discounted
rates, giving them universal membership using our digital point payment system. In the future, we plan to
use the platform and its technology to connect gamers, gaming fans, e-sports centres, e-sports tournament
organizers, and advertisers. Our small team has diverse backgrounds in business development, marketing,
multimedia creation, and software development. We are also passiomate about gaming and e-sports.

Purdue University

FlykeART helps airlines to become more efficient and cost-saving while providing
passengers with relaxing and enjoyable air travel experiences. Airlines are over-
spending millions of dollars every year in fuel costs because current airplane food
carts are heavy and inefficient. FlykeART introduces a smart airplane food cart that
connects to the cabin using Wi-Fi. FlykeART helps airlines to optimize their catering
process and reduce their operating costs.

2019 IBMC 17

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Franklin is a smarter and more affordable parking ramp management system de-
signed to minimize the amount of time and effort it takes to manage a parking ramp
or garage. It utilizes artificial intelligence, mobile applications, and cloud computing to
automate routine tasks that require manpower, such as payment processing, security
monitoring, and contract parking renewal. It also gives managing staff the ability to
view on site vehicle information, surveillance, and receive automatic alerts triggered
by Franklin when it detects any abnormal activities on premises from their mobile
devices. More importantly, we made our fee structure friendlier by removing the
capital expenditure so our customers only need to pay a low monthly fee rather than
entering a lengthy binding contract, or paying a large up-front fee. Finally, a smarter
AI-powered ramp manager for everyone.

Global Sign
Purdue University

Global Sign is an accessibility consulting agency that works with governments, companies, and
places of public accommodation to make their digital content deaf/hard of hearing accessible.
There is a misconception that closed captioning makes digital content accessible for the deaf,
however, for many deaf individuals sign language is their native language, not English. This
makes closed captioning difficult to follow for those who are deaf, especially when it comes
to accessing educational video content. Global Sign has partnered with educators, non-prof-
its, and respected deaf institutions to develop the golden standard of sign language video
translation. Global Sign plans to use this golden standard to help companies, governments, and
places of public accommodation to create an environment that fosters diversity and inclusion.

Grid It
University of Waterloo

Grid It is a bioenergy company, providing training, jobs, and biogas electricity to

communities that do not have access to consistent, reliable energy. By training and
employing people within the communities we serve, we aim to empower local com-
munities and economies. We have decided to focus our initial work in Colombia, a
country we have local connections to, that supports businesses in the green energy
sector, and has villages in need of electricity.

18 Competition Booklet

IIT Kharagpur

InfinityBox aims to reduce the 20,000+ tons of plastic waste generated by the online
food-delivery industry every month because of it’s single-use plastic packaging. We
plan to integrate reusable and sturdier containers in the food delivery value chain,
allowing users to return their containers by either returning it to the delivery person
when their food is delivered, when they next order food online, or by dumping them
in our smart-bins that will be placed in strategic locations across the city. We pick up
the containers, clean them, sanitize them, and send them back to the restaurants for
the next reuse, thereby establishing a circular economy while creating a profitable
business and adding value to all the stakeholders involved.

Univerity of Technology Malaysia

Inosightech is founded by Abu Hassan. Currently, we are developing a rubber tapping robot.
The pain experienced by the rubbers tappers is the tiring work. They have wake up early and
rush for the optimum time (3-7am) to obtain the best yield, furthermore, there are about 500
trees per hectare. By the time they are finished, the sun is up, the heat causes the latex to hard-
en therefore, they obtain less yield. Labour cost is also a pain to rubber tappers. Local commu-
nities and the younger generation show less interest in this industry and foreign workers cost
a lot of money. Besides, raining season and lack of proper skills also cause losses to rubber
tappers. As a result, a lot of rubber estate is abandoned. We from Inosightech aim to revolu-
tionize this historical industry with automation and technologies. With the robot installed, their
burden will be reduced significantly.

JA Bio Plastics
University of the West Indies

The accumulation of single-use plastics in the environment causes plastic pollution.

This pollution affects land, soil, air and water qualities. Additionally, plastic pollution
threatens the lives of everyone, especially our fish and whales who consume these
plastics. This has serious negative effects on our ecosystem. Our solution, JA Bio
Plastic, is to provide a eco-friendly and biodegradable alternative single-use plastic.
JA Bio Plastics degrade naturally in the environment and in water.

2019 IBMC 19

Kilo Medical Solutions

Virginia Commonwealth University

Brise-Solette is a system of films used to mimic a womb like optical environment to im-
prove health of neonates, and reduce stay in the NICU. The films are programmed to
adjust light transmittance as a response to various variables, such as vitals, caretaker
input, and time. Brise-solette is used as a notification system to reduce care-provider
response time, and to generate a supportive light environment with automated light
cycling. Light cycling is an important factor that determines how quickly the premature
infants can develop healthy organs. Brise-Solette also allows Individual sides of the
isolette to be opaque and clear at the same time, allowing caretakers to check on the
baby without disturbing the whole light environment.

Life Drop*
Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education

Life Drop is a non-invasive device that detects variations in the pH balance, which
helps in the prevention of fungal infections. According to the Ministry of Health, fungal
infections are the third highest cause of mortality for women in Mexico and, according
to data from the Ministry of the Interior, affects 75% of women in the world. The prod-
uct, similar to a feminine towel, contains intelligent spheres that change color before
pH variations. Life Drop is a rapid, effective, disposable and very low cost test that
leads to better treatment. With a more exact diagnosis, Life Drop brings an effective
treatment against potential female fungal infections.

Locker Lifestyle
Grand Valley State University

I started Locker Lifestyle after having my valuables stolen out of my gym locker. I
realized no one should need to worry about their essentials when on the go. I make
wearable wrist wallets and pocket headbands to stash small valuables, such as cash,
keys, an ID, phone & more. Locker Lifestyle allows you to bring the basics and adven-
ture with confidence!

20 Competition Booklet

Northern Caribbean University

MarijTech was created with the purpose of providing innovative biodegradable pack-
aging that uses sustainable raw materials. We believe that businesses and consumers
can benefit from high quality, non-toxic food packaging that is great for our health and
the environment.

Millions for Medicine

Marshall University

Millions for Medicine is a healthcare lottery system designed to relieve the pain of
medical debt. Our lottery system sells tickets for $1, which grows the jackpot, and
drawings take place monthly. 50% of the overall jackpot goes to an individual strug-
gling to pay his/her medical debt and use towards paying that debt. 45% percent
goes to a lucky ticket winner to use at his/her own discretion. 5% goes back to
Millions for Medicine to reinvest in the company. Our company offers a win-win for all
parties and provides a solution to the major pain of healthcare debt.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

MIZI is oriented around the manufacture and sales of self-cleaning/”easy-to-clean”

cosmetics tools, as developed by Izabelle Villafuerte and Michael Kirsanov. Intended
to target high-usage audiences such as makeup artists, beauty schools, and produc-
tion studios, this team seeks to alleviate the pain of maintaining large amounts of
cosmetics equipment -- particularly, the time and effort associated with post-usage
cleaning and sanitation. The desired end outcome: users save time and effort on their
routine using our proposed tools!

2019 IBMC 21

Myanmar Maritime University

MMTutors was founded in October 2017, by three young entrepreneurs having over
16 years of teaching experiences. The entrepreneurs have long witnessed the exis-
tence of difficulties, challenges, and inconveniences in Myanmar’s education system,
especially getting the right tutor, efficient learning solutions, and impactful progress in
education and career development of students. MMTutors has been serving as an on-
line to offline tutoring platform, which helps parents, students, learners and business-
es achieve their desired learning objectives by providing quality learning solutions,
insightful and inspiring learning materials as well as connecting with professional and
suitable tutors, tailored to their needs, learning styles and preferences.

Nano Freaks
Kyushu University

We foresee a future where fishermen no longer die in accidents while performing

their jobs at sea. This is a topic very close to me as my grandfather was a fisherman
and sadly, as many others before him, he passed away after falling overboard. Fish-
ermen are always facing the possibility of suffering these kinds of accidents. We have
come up with a solution to these problems with Amulet-type IoT device “Yobimori”
With our service, the time it takes to start a rescue operation will decrease from a few
hours to a few minutes.

NEER Agriventures
Institute of Technology, Nirma University, and NIT (Raipur)

Agriventures is to set on a journey to solve some of the grass-root problems in India

which are still a developing nation. We develop smart technologies to improve pre-
cision in agriculture with user-centric design. Being from a technology background
our team has great expertise and have come up with various innovations. e-HAL is an
automated seed sower and fertilizer dispenser. NEER has been recognized by promi-
nent institutes in India such as EDII, ISRO, IITGN, IITKGP.

22 Competition Booklet

Brigham Young University

Neptune makes biodegradable plastic that lasts in the environment for 5 days.

Origin Innovations Co.

Brigham Young University

Origin Innovations Co. is dedicated to helping parents and children develop healthy
screen-time habits. We have created Kiri: the screenless smart toy, which was de-
signed to help children learn through active play.

Pantheon Robotics
San Diego State Univeristy

Pantheon Robotics is making autonomous strawberry-harvesting robots to solve the

labor shortage faced by the strawberry industry caused by the decrease in immigra-
tion over the past years. The decrease in labor has led to a decrease in the number of
strawberry acres despite steady demand. We will provide robots capable of picking
and packaging strawberries to assist farm workers and prevent further reduction of
strawberry acres.

2019 IBMC 23

National University of Engineering

Nowadays, 7 of each 10 concerts organized in Peru fail. This is due to multiple factors
such as poor choice of artists, location, ticket price, or even marketing channels.
Plugmusix is platform that offers ticket sales optimization service for artists, organizers
and owners of pubs based on the musical tastes and other preferences of our com-
munity members. We also provide detailed information of the people who attend to
their concerts in order to optimize their remarketing campaigns and the user experi-
ence in future editions.

PreeLabs Watchdawg
University of the West Indies, Mona

The PreeLabs Watchdawg seeks to provide a solution tailored to help farmers fight
the most significant problem hindering the economy for developing nations across
the globe - farm theft. To solve this problem, we incorporate an autonomous UAV-
based surveillance service that already works with our sensors for our larger farm

Tulane University

RentCheck is the essential nationwide provider of transparency and security, enabling

landlords and residents alike to achieve serenity. We offer an app that saves money,
time, and prevents grief by standardizing move-in and move-out inspections and
streamlining the security deposit deduction process. RentCheck solutions empower
residents to emulate owners in order to maximize the return of their security deposit.

24 Competition Booklet

Brigham Young University

RepowerU creates software for College and Universities to connect their Title IX of-
fices to the students they serve, and empower survivors of sexual assault to find their
resources, report crime, and heal.

University of Illinois at Chicago

Remember those slap bracelets that kids use to play with in the 90s? SnapWire works
the same way, but it’s a fastener, like zip ties and velcro. Initially we thought that Snap-
Wire would totally replace zip ties and velcro. After talking with 80 potential custom-
ers, we figured out that we created a whole new fastener category. So we patented it.

Johns Hopkins University

SymMEDtry aims to reduce the occurence of limb length discrepancy (LLD) following total
hip arthroplasty (THA) procedures. During the THA procedure, surgeons are tasked with
inserting implants to reinstate function and stability in diseased hip joints. However, it is
challenging to ensure that legs are the same length after the procedure. As a result, up to
30% of THA patients experience LLD, resulting in comorbidities including back pain and
gait complications. Furthermore, severe cases of LLD lead to revision procedures, which
are the leading source of successful litigation against hip replacement surgeons. This
accounts for over ten billion dollars in unnecessary annual US healthcare expenditures.
When using our innovative technology, surgeons can rapidly obtain quantitative feedback
regarding leg length at any point during the THA procedure. Thus, SymMEDtry enables
orthopedic surgeons to correct LLD intraoperatively, thereby increasing the number of
successful patient outcomes.

2019 IBMC 25

The Artemis Company

The University of Alabama

Driven by her own experience with sexual assault, Lauren Gwin has built a business
with the mission of changing the way women think about their safety. During each
year in the US, women are the victims of more than 4.5 million violent crimes. The
self-defense products on the market today can be intimidating and don’t make much
sense for the female lifestyle. The Artemis Company, LLC is where style and safety
meet, by creating a unique line of women’s jewelry with built in tools that can be used
for self-protection. The first line of its kind, these products are only the beginning of a
new brand of safety that is tailored specifically for women.

The De-Alcoholizer
University of Waterloo

Impaired driving kills 4 Canadians, causes 499 crashes, and costs the Canadian tax-
payer 56 million dollars every single day. Current Engine Interlock devices prevent the
person from driving but only if he has alcohol in his system. I’d like to introduce you to
drugless driving: a usb port that connects different 3rd party devices to the car. Before
a driver can start the engine, he or she must blow into our designed mouthpiece. His
breath is then sent to 3rd party devices to test for various drugs and if tested positive
for anything, we prevent the engine from starting. No other product can deal with
multiple drugs at the same time.

The Girls Co.

Brigham Young University

We’re Zoia, Taimi, and Abby; we’re The Girls. We create wearable period-cramp pain
alleviation. Despite giant steps in technology and more options than ever for con-
sumers, period pain seems to be stuck in the dark ages--with over 50 million wom-
en forced to adjust their lives to accommodate their excruciating cramps. We were
shocked to learn about the way periods had been treated throughout time, and we
were forced to wonder--why didn’t solutions for period cramps keep the women using
them in mind? The Girls Co. belt is a wearable, heated cramp-alleviating belt to be
worn under clothing. Measuring under an 1/8” thick, the belt is ultra discreet, with heat
pouches lasting 6-8 hours to allow women the long-lasting heat relief they need to
accomplish a full day’s work. At The Girls Co. we believe your life shouldn’t stop when
your period starts. Period.

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Thrive Smart Systems

Brigham Young University

Our goal at Thrive Smart Systems is to make every sprinkler/irrigation systems wireless
- whether residential, commercial, or agricultural. Even the most advanced sprinkler
systems are still wired from the control box to the valves. This wiring creates many
problems from the cost of wire to wire maintenance. Our technology has two devices, a
Wireless Forwarder and a Wireless Valve Switch. The Forwarder is mounted next to an
existing control box. Wires from the existing control box are connected to it, and con-
verted into wireless signals. The Switch is a device that attaches to the water mainline
next to the valves. Existing valves are connected to the device which receives the signal
from the Forwarder, telling the valves when to open and close. Our device self-charges
through water flow, which eliminates seasonal battery replacements. Thrive will revolu-
tionize the irrigation industry and make wireless irrigation the industry standard.”

Triciclo Peru
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Triciclo Peru started as a food truck and expanded into a Peruvian empanada bar in
Milwaukee, WI with a mission to share the culture and cuisine of Peru. Using a fusion
of traditional and innovative recipes and high quality ingredients from both Wisconsin
and Peru, Triciclo Peru is using its current success to launch a new product line called
Pachamama, which offers gluten free, vegan and vegetarian frozen empanadas avail-
able via meal plan delivery or in specialty supermarkets. This opportunity to diversify
and expand into a known niche market will be the next evolution of healthy, inclusive,
delicious and convenient food options across the United States.

True Adherence
Brigham Young University

True Adherence, Inc. is a biomechanics platform that provides data to fuel your
resistance training regimen. We provide real-time hands free feedback to enhance
strength training for greater efficiency and safety for all body types and sizes. We
provide data to individuals and gyms through a unique kiosk setup enabled through
computer vision. We sell these kiosks directly to gyms to help them attract and retain
customers, because retention of customers is their #1 metric for profitability. When the
last technological upgrade gyms underwent was during the Industrial Revolution in
the 1800’s, we provide a 21st Century experience for gyms and their patrons.

2019 IBMC 27

University of Technology, Jamaica

Our UV door handles sanitizer, called Xermosol, helps medical facilities and business-
es who want to protect their visitors from deadly bacteria and viruses lurking on their
doorknobs by automatically sanitizing the door handle on the approach of visitors,
eliminating 100% of bacteria and viruses. Unlike our competitors, we supply an add-on
product so you save the money and the trouble of retrofitting doorknobs.

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