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CARRERA DE: Psicología Educativa

Tarea 4







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Luego de haber estudiado los contenidos de su libro de texto en la unidad 6, realiza

los siguientes ejercicios
Unit 6 Exercise E and F page 79.
Read the emergency calls.
1. A house is on fire at 3234 Maple Street. My name is Claudia. Please hurry!
2. I am Greg LeBonte. I live on Sycamore Street. There is a car in my living room!
3. There is an accident on Main Street and McFadden. Please hurry. My name is
Annabelle, and my phone number is 555-6754.
4. Please send the paramedics immediately to 7774 W. Harbor Blvd. my Father is
having a heart attack. His name is Oscar Mejia.

Complete the chart with the information from Exercise E.

Who What Where
1. Claudia House on fire 3234 Maple Street
2. Greg LeBonte A car in the living room On Sycamore Street

3. Annabelle An Accident On Main St. and McFadden

4. Oscar Mejia A her to attack 7774 W. Harbor Blvd.

Unit 6 Exercise D Write want to or wants to. Page 81.

1. The woman wants to exercise one hour every day.
2. We want to make goals for our health.
3. They want to eat three meals a day.
4. I want to sleep seven or eight hours every day.
5. Luz wants to run in the morning for three miles two times a week.
6. Paula and I wants to ride bikes every day for three miles.
7. I want to walk around the block every evening with my husband.
8. He wants to go to the gym on Mondays and Wednesday.
9. Eva wants to exercise in the morning and sleep eight hours at night.
10. We want to walk to school every day.

Unit 6 Exercise E and F page 81.

Read the goal chart.
Name Sleep Exercise Meals
Martha 8 hours 20 minutes 3 meals
Kimberly 7 hours 1 hour 2 meals
Luis 7 hours 45 minutes 3 meals

Write sentences about the goals in Exercise E.

1. Martha wants to sleep eight hours every night.
2. Martha can to exercises twenty minutes every day
3. Martha needs to prepare three meals a day
4. Kimberly and Luis sleep seven hours every night
5. Martha and Luis don’t sleep the same amount of hours

Unit 6 Exercise A Match the problem with the advice. Draw a line. Page 82
1. My father is having a heart attack! A. You should take some throat
2. I have a cough. B. You should take a pain reliever.

3. I have a terrible headache. C. You should give her some

Antacid tablets.
4. My sister has a bad stomachache. D. You should call 911

Unit 6 Exercise D Write questions with the words. Page 83.

1. I / call / 911 / should. Should I call 911?
2. Should / give / you / him / medicine. You should give him medicine.
3. They / rest / should / get / some. They should get some rest.
4. Should / we / aspirin / take. We should take aspirin.
5. He / should / every day / exercise. Should his e exercise every day?
6. Talk / should / she / to the doctor. She should talk to the doctor.

Unit 6 Exercise E Answer the questions. Page 83

1. My son is very ill with a 105 degree fever. Should I call 911?
Yes, you should.
2. A cat is in a tree. Should I call 911?
Not, you should not
3. He accidentally took poison. Should I call 911?
Yes, you should do it
4. She is having a heart attack! Should we call 911?
Of course, you must do it
5. We are very tired. Should we call 911?
Not, you should not
6. They are sick with the flu. Should they call 911?
Not, they shouldn´t as 911 is just to emergency

Unit 6 Exercise F Read the problem and write a question. Then, ask a partner. Page
1. I have a stomachache. Should I take antacid tablets? (antacid tablets)
2. I am having a heart attack. Should I go to the doctor? (Call 911)
3. I am very tired. Should I take a nap? (some rest)
4. I like coffee. Should I drink it with milk? (drink everyday)
5. I need a checkup. Should I talk to the doctor?
Unit 6 Exercise D Complete the questions with a word or phrase from the box. Use
each one only once. Page 85
how much how many how long when
where who what what time

1. When should I ask for the medicine?

2. What time should I call the ambulance?
3. Where should they call in an emergency?
4. Where should they go for assistance?
5. How much water should I drink with the medicine?
6. How many tablets should I take?
7. How long should they exercise?
8. What do I do in an emergency?

Unit 6 Exercise F You have flu. You have questions for the doctor. Write questions
with the information and should. Page 85.
1. What time / take / my medicine.
What time should I take my medicine?
2. When / call / the health insurance company.
When could I call to the health insurance company?
3. What / eat / today.
What do we an going to eat to day?
4. How long / stay / in bed.
How long must I stay in bed?
5. How much / cough medicine / take.

How much cough medic do you have to talk?

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