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Fire Distinguishers

Kasia Kane, Julia Cicalo, Karston Evans, Chris Luan, Jerrel Teel, Calvin Leung,
Zayn Abianeh, Emma Beernink
Introduction to Engineering Design
Dr. Peter Sunderland
Section 0601

Problem Definition Design Details

Our Over Sand Vehicle (OSV hereafter) must The OSV chassis fits within the 300x300mm
navigate within 250mm of the fire mission site footprint, and features a 300mm arm. The
through both rocky and sandy terrain while chassis is constructed from plywood, with
avoiding obstacles. The OSV then must four Uxcell Mini 6V DC 61 RPM Gear Box
transmit the correct number of lit flames and Electric Motors attached via a 3D print piece.
extinguish all flames, while leaving the middle The motors are powered by two Geilienergy
flame lit. It must also clear debris from within 6V 2000mAh NiMH RX Battery Packs. The
250mm of the mission site. The mission has a four wheels are from a toy vehicle. The arm Original OSV Design
time limit of five minutes. Our OSV must fit is fashioned from two wire hangers, and
within a 300mm by 300mm footprint area, holds four Easycargo Raspberry Pi Fan
weigh under 2.5kg, and cost under $350. It must 30x30x7mm to extinguish the flames.
be autonomous and operate without needing a
For this project, the Fire Distinguishers chose
battery charge.
the supplied Arduino Uno to control the
OSV. We used the Adafruit
Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino v2
Kit to protect the Arduino and control the
The sensors used on the OSV include the
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensors to detect Final OSV Design
obstacles and “see” where the OSV is going.
To detect the flames, we used four IR Flame Reflection
Depiction of OSV Course
Sensor Module Detector Smartsense For
Assessment of Performance Temperature Detecting. Our team of eight learned the valuable
lessons of time management, communication,
The OSV had all of the electrical and and perhaps most importantly, the necessary
Type Item Price
physical components in place and components for assembling an autonomous
functioning individually. The OSV fell short Battery Geilienergy 6V 2000mAh NiMH RX $10.99
OSV. We worked together to tackle issues
(2) Battery Packs $11.99
in integrating all of the electrical components such as our fire extinguishing apparatus not
to the code. The code was written by group Motors Uxcell Mini 6V DC 61 RPM $59.92
working correctly. Eventually it proved
(4) GearBox Electric Motor (total)
members and checked for accuracy by Lab beneficial that our OSV did not work
TF’s. The cause of the malfunctioning is still Battery Geilienergy 7.2V Rechargeable $9.99
properly immediately, because it helped hone
Charger Replacement battery pack with Tamiya
unknown. The OSV was able to move connector our creative problem-solving skills.
forward in a straight line and stop at the Motor WINGONEER Stepper Servo Robot $9.99 This project was the first time that many of
given coordinates. The vehicle was also able Shield Shield v2 with PWM Driver Shield For
Arduino us were given the opportunity to truly
to turn both right and left and detect experience engineering under the guide of
Fans (set Easycargo Raspberry Pi Fan 30x30x7mm, $10.98
obstacles. of 4) Raspberry Pi Cooling Fan Brushless 3.3V talented professors and teaching fellows.
5V DC Quiet Fan for Raspberry Pi 3 B+,
Pi 3 B, Pi 2, Pi B+, RetroFlag NESPI
Lessons Learned Case (30mmx30mmx7mm)
The lessons that we learned about creating a prototype of our design Ultrasoni Jaybva HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor $6.98 Acknowledgments
were closely related to the lessons the Fire Distinguishers learned c Sensors Distance Sensor Ranging Sensor Arduino
about communicating effectively as a team. Each had their own idea (set of 5) UNO MEGA R3 Mega2560 Nano Robot The Fire Distinguishers would like to thank
about how the OSV should be built, how it should run, and what Raspberry Pi 5PCS Dr. Sunderland and TF Kevin Li for being
materials should be used. Each of the Fire Distinguishers came from Infrared IR Flame Sensor Module Detector $6.99 (x fantastic mentors and offering guidance and
a different background; for example, only a few had previous Sensors Smartsense For Temperature Detecting 4)
(4) Compatible With Arduino by Atomic
support through this project.
experience using power tools, and even fewer had exposure to
coding. We developed a coding team, design team, and electronics Market
team to split and equally distribute the work. We learned that while Battery Gardner Bender GSW-18 Heavy-Duty $3.96
a large-scale project such as this OSV has many moving parts, the Switch Electrical Toggle Switch, SPST, ON-
more detailed you are in determining deadlines and items that need OFF, 8 A/125 V, 6 inch Wire Terminal
to be accomplished, the easier the project comes together.