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Before and during these past four years of my life, I will admit that I have not always excelled at

my best in school or generally home as well. I’ve always been a defiant girl who did not try

when it came to grades, being respectful towards teachers, towards my parents, and also was

always into trouble at school. There are many other people I would have chosen to base my

“Appreciation Paper” on, but as I think back on my life between four years to now, I have one

specific teacher who had came to my mind.

This had all started with my troubled self, I was sent to the “C.O.P.E” program at Yosemite High

School, back then known as the “A.M.P” program. It was for students who had either got into

fights at their original school or those who had a temperament problem. I was sent there for

getting into not an altercation, but specifically a fight with another student. Ms.Amy was

someone who had worked teaching to the students who had entered the program for a week. Her

character was a simply nice and understanding person who would offer her help when needed by

a student. When I had first arrived to the program I was a bit skeptical because I felt that it was a

big waste of my time and figured it would not help me because “I don’t need help”. Until, thanks

to not only Ms.Amy’s knowledge on the consequences and ways to control our emotions, but

also for lending her offer to help me with problems at home. Moreover, for taking the time to

talk with me about how to focus not only on school, but bettering myself as well.

After the program, I had returned to school with improvement by first, apologizing to one of my

teachers about my actions because I had truly felt sorry, and also bumping my grades up

tremendously over the next two months.

Although, with a great amount of improvement, I still had a lot to overcome with the rest of my

high school education because of course people do not change overnight. I still had problems

with my peers and once again sent back to the “C.O.P.E” program for yet another altercation

with a student. Ms.Amy was there and reminded myself with yet another lesson on what I should

truly be focusing on in life. After that week in the program, I had no more troubles throughout

the rest of my high school experience.

Due to the help and support by Ms.Amy’s influence over me, I now am on my way to graduate

and know what I would like to achieve to be. I have dreams in working in either child care or

criminal justice because of the interest that had been drawn to me. If it weren’t for her support, I

may have never gained an interest in school or bettering myself not only at home, but in general

compared to the girl four years ago. Imagine having somebody as supportive as Ms.Amy

influencing your life within a week. Till this day, I still keep in contact with Ms.Amy as she still

continues to help me with finding college classes for my future careers I may decide and also for

Ms.Amy for giving her supportive advice as always. I will forever have gratitude for her because

of the supportive, friendly, and inspiring teacher she continues to be and who I would like to

become as well someday down my path.