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Our Solar System

Complete the crossword puzzle below

2m 3n u
4c o m e t s 5d 6s

o p w a
7s u n t a t
8j u p i t e r 9u r a n u 10s
n f r t
e 11
b i g b a n g a
p r
l 12
m a r s
m i l k y w a y e
n r
k u i p 15
e r b e l t c
i t u
g r
h y
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4. What do you call the balls of ice, rock, and gas that fly across the 1. This planet is the hottest in our solar system ( venus)
universe? (comets) 2. Which celestial object is as significant as the sun in many cultures
7. What is in the middle of our solar system? (sun) and is responsible for the tides? The…. (moon)
8. Which planet is the biggest in our solar system? ( jupiter) 3. What planet is known to be an ice giant with 6 rings? ( neptune)
9. Which planet is the butt of many jokes? ( uranus) 5. What is Pluto considered to be? ( dwarf planet)
11. What is the theory that our universe began with a great 6. This planet is most known for it’s very large and visible rings.
explosion, and then expansion? (big bang) (saturn)
12. Which planet has the largest dust storms? ( mars) 10. What do you call the celestial bodies that shines light across the
13. What is the name of the galaxy we belong to? ( milky way) universe? (stars)
14. This lies between Mars and Jupiter, separating the rocky and 12. Which is the planet closest to the sun? ( mercury)
gaseous planets. (kuiper belt) 15. How many planets do we have in our solar system? ( eight)