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The consortium comprises 7 partners,

coordinated by Van Hall Larenstein

University of Applied Sciences
Farming the Future – Building Rural Networks for Climate- Adaptive


Partners: Engage with us

Instituut voor Landbouw-, Visserij- en Voedingsonderzoek (ILVO), Belgium
FARM LIFE invites you to participate in our masterclasses,
Horst Beheer B.V., The Netherlands
Bosboom B.V., The Netherlands create business networks, step into the future of farming.
Boefkik B.V., The Netherlands
Stichting Landgoed De Koekoek, The Netherlands
Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, (VHL), The Netherlands

Funding: LIFE Climate Change Adaptation Duration: September 1st 2018 –

Twitter: @farmlife20
August 31 2023 Facebook: @farmlifeforfuture
Cost: Total budget for the project – 2,439,287 Euro European financial
contribution – 1,463,570 Euro
Project coordinator: FARM LIFE
The project Farming the Future – Building Rural Networks Building Rural Networks for
Dr. Eurídice Leyequién - Professor in Management of Forested Landscapes
Delta Areas and Resources.
for Climate-Adaptive Agriculture - FARM LIFE - is
Climate-Adaptive Agriculture
co-funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Union
under contract number LIFE17 CCA/ NL/000093
Larensteinselaan 26a
Pictures by AGFORWARD project
6882 CT Velp, the Netherlands
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Why agroforestry? FARM LIFE project takes actions What is FARM LIFE?

The ambition of the FARM LIFE project is to make a tangible contribution to a Adaptive Farm Plans. We develop adaptive farm plans that farmers can use to FARM LIFE project contributes to a climate-resilient Europe by assembling
climate-proof Europe. We take the challenge to facilitate the transition from a develop profitable agroforestry business models that can be contextualized to and sharing information, developing and demonstrating innovative adaptation
landscape with conventional monoculture systems to a resilient landscape their own conditions. technologies and approaches, and bringing together people / stakeholders/
with diversified agricultural production systems, such as agroforestry. FARM LIFE decisionmakers. All with the aim to enable the transition of conventional
not only aims to create agricultural networks but also strives by sharing Co-creation. We construct a roadmap to effectively implement the agriculture towards climate resilient agroforestry.
practical information created by our project but also by other numerous agricultural transition, together with entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes,
initiatives, that support farmers, entrepreneurs and landowners interested in government, and societal partners.
Transition toolkit. We build a transition toolkit that can be used by
farmers, policy makers and societal partners.
FARM LIFE not only aims to create agricultural
networks but also strives to share practical Future transition managers. We prepare the future agricultural transition
information. managers by developing an innovative professional Master programme.

Agroforestry, the combination of trees/shrubs, crops and/or livestock, can be Knowledge sharing. . All the knowledge and information developed and assembled
designed in many forms, that sometimes are not fully acknowledged by the in Farm Life will be made available to everyone who is
agricultural sector. Therefore, FARM LIFE is increasing awareness on what a interested in the subject. We will be connecting to other Eropean Union
diversified agricultural system can deliver in combination with other projects, and develop a training tools, for example a Massive Open Online Course
agricultural activities. For example, combinations of high value trees with (MOOC).
annual crops or high value trees with cows, sheep, chickens, or pigs
delivering interesting economic returns. Making Farmers in charge again. We build farmer-driven business networks by
supporting farmers to self-organize in resilient networks, such as the traditional
FARM LIFE is developing a practical transition toolkit for farmers, landowners farmers’ cooperative.
and entrepreneurs that would like to engage in agroforestry. This transition
toolkit can be used to develop feasible and profitable business models, while Value creation and competitiveness. We develop innovative
creating value for nature and society. We also believe that preparing the agroforestry food products andbranding strategies.
future transition managers is of utmost importance, and that is why FARM
LIFE also formulates a Master curriculum with an applied and practical focus. Transition into politics. We connect to politics by bringing
results under political attention at the European Union, Dutch and Engage with us
Belgium contexts, and regional levels.
FARM LIFE invites you to participate in our masterclasses,
create business networks, step into the future of farming.