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Name : Valdi Giffari Rahmayati Putra

NIM : A73217136


A person's language style can be characterized by the level of formality found in that
person. In Joo's theory, this theory is divided into five types, namely frozen, formal, relaxed,
consultative and intimate in language style. And there are other supporting theories, namely
Holmes's theory, where his theory concerns factors that influence language style, namely that
the use of language is influenced by several relevant factors such as participants, settings,
topics, and functions.

Careful reading and correctly selecting all the "frozen" film scripts are the steps to
collecting the data needed. Then, data analysis procedures include identification, classification,
and the last is data analysis. Drawing from conclusions after analyzing data is the last step
needed to get the final results of these procedures.

The style of language that is often used by all characters in the movie "frozen" is a
casual style. Meanwhile, there are no different styles of language because in the film "frozen",
the characters of the film do not have a reason to use other language styles and there are also
no social factors that affect the character.