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Teacher Education

In five years, Teacher Education graduates will develop a sense of social and ethical
responsibilities, communicate ideas (both oral and written) fluently, accurately, and creatively for
both academic and professional purposes in diverse social, cultural, academic and professional
contexts utilizing different ICT tools effectively, engage in community extension activities
relevant to English language education, conduct research on issues and innovation in pedagogy,
collaborate in multicultural settings, and pursue graduate and continuing education.


Conscientious and reflective  Exhibit the capacity  Reflect on
leader for self-reflection the professional,
 Exhibit the social, and ethical
willingness to engage responsibilities in a
in self-appraisal teaching profession
 Apply moral and  Appraise one’s role in
ethical standards in contributing to
leading others education
 Demonstrate
professionalism and
ethical practices in the
classroom, school,
local, and professional

ICT literate and competent  Express ideas  Produce well-written

communicator effectively academic and
 Use various ICT tools professional texts
to convey ideas  Utilize effectively and
effectively responsibly various
ICT tools for
relevant to instruction
and research

Socially and community-  Participate actively in  Engage in community

engaged citizen imbued with community-oriented extension activities
the spirit of patriotism advocacies that relevant to English
contribute to nation language education
Innovative, creative, and  Produce alternative  Produce relevant
critical thinker solutions, processes, research contributing
and approaches to the improvement of
 Apply problem- teaching and learning
solving skills  Address various types
 Provide solutions to of challenges in
challenges in education in a
respective areas of systematic way
specialization  Implement
interventions that can
address specific
learning needs and
enhance learning

Inter-culturally competent  Work effectively in  Collaborate

collaborator teams of different effectively in multi-
cultures disciplinary and
multi-cultural teams
in a work setting

Life- and career-skilled  Engage in continuing  Pursue graduate

individual personal and studies or continuing
professional education aligned to
development teacher education