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J3 Program Adde. 10080-1-SS-PP-014-2.

Standard Specification Date: 29/03/2013, Rev. 0


This procedure covers the surface preparation, method of application and materials to
be used for Aluminum Dome painting for J3 Gasification project. This paint system shall
be applied at shop or field as instructed by Construction In-charge.


Work shall be performed in accordance with the standards and codes mentioned in
standard specification for shop and field painting, document No. 10080-1-SS-PP-014 and
also in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.


3.1 Weld spatter shall be removed and sharp or rough welds rounded and contoured.
Sharp edges shall be rounded, chamfered.

3.2 The Aluminum surface should be cleaned by high pressure fresh water wash using a
degreaser / detergent suitable for use on Aluminum surfaces to remove any traces of
oil , grease , fat contamination , soluble salt , dirt and welding flux prior to secondary
surface preparation.

3.3 When the surface is dry, sweep blasting with Aluminum oxide grains or fine grade
garnet or glass beads or any other non-metallic blasting media suitable to be used as
abrasive on Aluminum surfaces. Abrasives shall be free from any chlorides, zinc, and
iron/steel contamination. Wherever sweep blasting is practically not possible, then light
abrading to be done with suitable emery paper (3m). This can be achieved by manual or
using power tool. The surface profile shall be maintained in between 20 to 40 microns.

3.4 Prior to any coating application the substrate shall be checked for dry, clean and soluble
salt contamination by using a suitable salt contamination meter.

3.5 The maximum allowable level of contamination shall be 20mg/ M2. Surfaces that do not
meet these criteria shall be reprocessed. Should this problem occur on a frequent basis
the abrasive medium shall be re-examined for quality and if necessary the abrasive
media to be replaced.

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J3 Program Adde. 10080-1-SS-PP-014-2.2
Standard Specification Date: 29/03/2013, Rev. 0

3.6 Surfaces prepared for coating shall be coated the same day or before any contamination
and visible rusting occurs (the time elapsed between blast cleaning and commencement
of Painting shall under no circumstances exceed 4 hours, but in any case must
commence before signs of degradation occur).


Primer and Paint materials shall be delivered to the job site in the original container
bearing the batch No., Manufacturer’s name, product designation, shelf life, date of
manufacturing etc. Detailed storage and application procedures are described in Clause
No. 6.2 of field and shop painting specification No. 10080-1-SS-PP-014.


The Color schedule shall be matched with camouflaging as Instructed by Construction

In-charge. Color equivalent standards are mentioned in Appendix-D of field and shop
painting specification No. 10080-1-SS-PP-014.


The following Type of paints shall be used for application on aluminum Dome. The paint
details and recommended product names are mentioned in Appendix-A and Appendix-B
of field and shop painting specification No. 10080-1-SS-PP-014.

Primer – Type-8 (High built epoxy for SS/Aluminium)

Intermediate coat – Type-5 (High built MIO epoxy)
Top coat – Type-6 (Aliphatic urethane finish)
(Color as instructed by construction In-charge)


Stage wise Inspection to be carried out for surface preparation, Method of application,
Dry Film thickness, and Adhesion test etc as mentioned in Appendix-F of field and shop
painting specification No. 10080-1-SS-PP-014.

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