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Can scientists bring

back dinosaurs like in

the jurassic park
By: Emily Pugsley
Dinosaur background information
● Dinosaurs lived on the earth 200 million years ago and
went extinct 65 million years ago.
● The reason dinosaurs all went extinct is a scientific
mystery that has baffled many scientists.
● There are however, two main theories of why the
dinosaurs all disappeared.
● The first one, is that there was a large asteroid or
comet that hit earth and killed the dinosaurs.
● The second theory, is that a massive volcano erupted,
causing the dinosaurs to all die off.
● Some scientists even think that both theories could
have happened at the same time.
Can Genetic Engineering really bring back
extinct animals?
● According to the National Geographic, from the article,Can Genetic Engineering bring
Back Extinct Animals, researcher, Ben Novak and his team from the University of
California have done research and are experimenting on if they can bring back an
extinct bird, the passenger pigeon. The last passenger pigeon died in 1914.
● Novak and his team hope use the genetic material of the passenger pigeon’s nearest
living relative, the band-tailed pigeon. There’s no frozen tissue so they can’t clone a
passenger pigeon. By using genetic editing tools they’ll alter the DNA of a band-tailed
pigeon to passenger pigeon DNA.
● “Once they’ve been able to genetically modify a band-tailed pigeon, they hope to
incubate that genetic material in other band-tailed pigeons to produce passenger
De-extinction may work for other animals,
but what about dinosaurs?
● According to the E. Quill’s article, These Are the Extinct Animals We Can, and Should,
Resurrect, from the, there is not enough DNA survival left over from
dinosaurs to bring them back.
● “It’s not possible. The limit of DNA survival, which we’d need for de-extinction, is probably
around one million years or less. Dinosaurs had been gone for a very long time by then.”
● Another researcher, D Griffin states in his article, Jurassic World: Can we Really Resurrect a
Dinosaur?, from, that it is not possible because dinosaur DNA is too
degraded, because it is too old. They have found some prehistoric mosquitoes that had
dinosaur blood in them, but the DNA was long gone.
● “In Jurassic Park, the scientists find these missing pieces and fill them with frog DNA, but this
wouldn’t give you a dinosaur, it would give you a hybrid or a “frogosaur””
● The article also goes on to state that if scientists were to bring back dinosaurs their best bet
would be to us dna from a bird, but it would still not work, because they would need an actual
dinosaur egg, and could not just make artificial eggs like shown in the Jurassic Park movies.
De-extinction may work for other animals,
but what about dinosaurs?
● An article by, called, How Scientists Actually could Bring Dinosaurs Back to Life, from
the New York Post, states that it could be possible. This article said that paleontologist
Mary Schweitzer, has found that certain types of dinosaur tissue could survive
fossilization. However, the article goes on to state that even though it could be possible,
de-extinction dinosaurs will take some time and will not be an easy task.
● As cool as I think it would be for scientists to be able to bring
dinosaurs back to life, after my research my conclusion is that it
would not be possible, at least not anytime in the near future.
● Dinosaurs lived on the earth just too long ago, and any DNA
that we had of them is degraded and impossible to be used to
bring dinosaurs back from extinction, because they are all in
fossil form.
● I believe that someday in the future after scientists figure out
how and if they bring back other animals such as, a mammoth
back from extinction, that maybe they will be able to bring back
dinosaurs as well, but not anytime soon.
● Scientists can not bring dinosaurs back from extinction without
having some form of their DNA, they can not just use frog DNA
or bird DNA like done in the Jurassic Park movies, at least not
with the knowledge that they have know.
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