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Appreciation Paper

One person who I appreciate a lot is my older brother, Dang. As older brothers are, he’s

been through everything before me and as a younger brother, I am expected to learn from his

experiences and better myself from them. And after the last four years, I don’t believe any other

adult has had a more significant impact on my life than he has. One major reason for what I

consider to have been a very fulfilling high school career was my involvement with the ASB

Leadership class. And when I look back to the end of my freshman year, I remember Dang had

convinced me to join, to be his right-hand man as a Commissioner of Technology.

I’m willing to believe that had Dang not been there to guide me towards Leadership, my

life would be drastically different. Leadership set the foundation for my high school involvement

and it is undeniably important to my high school experience. Without Dang, I probably would

not have joined the Leadership class. I would have never invited my friends to join either!

However, the timing of me joining was crucial as well. It was only at that time that I had Tyler,

the previous Commissioner of Technology, present to pass on his knowledge. Without Tyler,

there is absolutely no chance I would know everything that I do today. That includes all the

complex setups of the technology equipment for school events. Not joining leadership would

have probably increased the time it took for me to get involved with extracurriculars and my

community. I would be a much weaker prospective undergraduate, but more importantly, I

would lack all the relationship and professional skills that I learned because of leadership.

I consider Dang to be a very cool person. Although we were already close, we became

even closer during high school. He is always willing to help me with whatever I need and his

advice for high school helped to ensure that I became the best student that I could be. Dang is
also a leader. When we were younger, my other brother, my cousins and I all formed this little

gang. We’re still close to this day, but back then, Dang was the leader. He’s also the oldest so

that may have accounted for that. Up until he left for college, I followed in his footsteps. I took

all the classes he recommended and we did everything together. Other than that, Dang’s pretty

relaxed and just goes with the flow of things. He’s awesome.

The most memorable thing Dang has done for me these past 4 years is convince me to

join the leadership class with him. Because I joined leadership, I was more open to school

involvement, but more importantly, preparing for college. Dang’s friend at the time convinced

him to join leadership and Dang invited me to be his right-hand man. He knew that tech would

be hard, but together, it’d be no problem. It would also be a lot of fun spending the year together.

That following year was proof of that. Although there were hiccups, we got through every event

and had a blast at the same time too. He also guided me to take the right courses throughout high

school. On a different note, Dang was a huge help in providing help with my homework

assignments. This only happened on rare occasions when he would actually do his homework,

but I’m grateful for all the help I did get. He also covers for me whenever I’m out of the house

when I’m not supposed to be. I’m very glad that I can count on him.

I believe that Dang was a big contributor to my high school successes. Because of Dang,

I was able to strengthen my high school resume and open college opportunities. I have been

accepted to many good universities and am excited on continuing my education. One big thing

that I can take away from Dang is how to be a good older brother. With my younger brother just

entering high school, I hope to pass on everything I know in order to help him become a better
student than I ever was. Dang and I will surely stay close to one another even as our lives take

off. I know we will always keep in touch and our families will be very close.