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M&E -NJPT Weekly Meeting

   No. 33
Project Name HCM MRT Project Attendees

Date 9/Iyar/2019 (Tue) NJPT SMJO KINDEN(KD) HITACHI Plant(HTP)

Time 3:30 PM ~ Mr.CC.Cheung Mr.Toyoshima Mr.Uchida Mr.NA.Tuan

Place NJPT office Mr.JS.Yeoh Mr.Michael Mr.Hoàng Mr.Huân
Taker Tuan Mr.Nghĩa Mr.Arai Mr.Quân
Mr.Ito Mr.Aito Mr.Bằng
Mr.Hiệp Mr.PH.Tuấn


No Contents Utterer Study Results Utterer Limit PIC

1.0 ■ Verification of previous minutes

2.0 ■ ME Common
2.1 Þ Please submit T&C item list and T&C schedule. CCC Þ Noted. Aito - -
Þ We resubmit it today Aito - -

2.2 Þ Please confirm "Work Monitoring Program" CCC Þ We will revise it according to Master Schedule Aito - -

2.3 Þ Please confirm "Design, Procurement Program" CCC Þ We will revise it according to Master Schedule Aito - -

2.4 Þ Please submit actual submission schedule. CCC Þ Noted. Aito - -

Þ It was submitted on 5 Apr 2019
Þ NJPT comment it on 6 Apr 2019

2.5 ・ Telephone Incoming

Þ Please let me know status of progress. CCC Þ We'd Sent Drawings & Datum to Viettel PH Tuan - -
Viettel Wait MAUR's Answer
We are preparing official letter Aito 13/Apr Tuan
We sent official letter UMRTL1-CP1b-LTR-
MISC-529-19 to Viettel Tuan 7/May

3.0 ■ Electrical
・ General
3.1 Submission Add component for switchboard Huan Þ Standard for these materials in this submission CCC 12/Mar Tuan
UMRTL1-CP1b-0000-CSE-MAT-00271-D have not been yet approved. Resubmit when
MAUR has been approved those standards.

3.2 Submission MAT for cooling unit for VSD panel Huan Þ Explain how to select capacity of 9/Apr Huan
UMRTL1-CP1b-STGN-CSE-MAT-00365-A Cooling Unit following Performance diagram
Þ Understood Nghĩa 9/Apr

Test Result -> Comment from

--> Discuss about comment for this submission Mr.Quang(Material P.I.C) NJPT
Facotory Test Certificate Include in Document &
After Delivery to Site -->Make Test

Sample/Mockup Installed on Ceiling in SMJO

3.3 Disscus about sample for Lighting & Accessories Meeting Office Quan KD

Mock up :First for Site Staff Check NJPT

Sample Board for Sign Not General CCC
Need to Each Lamp Type

Need Include Colour Temperature Aito SMJO

3.4 ・ Opera House

- MST for UPS
--> Discuss about comment for this submission Þ Discuss again this matter. Quan 16/Apr Hoang

- ITP for FACP delivery to site Make Summary for Relative Delivery Items CCC 7/May NJPT
--> Discuss about comment for this submission
3.5 ・ Bason
--> Smoke detector in Sepage water Pit Þ Seepage Water Pit Area only have water, so Huan
that don't need to install detector for this area.
Þ E&M team agreed to omit detector in Seepage JS Yeoh 12/Mar Tuan

NJPT reminded SMJO to check on the

equipment at the seepage pit. Detector need to
be installed for the pumps at the seepage pit. JS Yeoh 7/May

UMRTL1-CP1b-STBS-MEC-ITP-00199-B Make Summary for Relative Delivery Items CCC 7/May NJPT
--> Discuss about comment for this submission

--> Discuss about draft comment for this submission

--> Discuss about draft comment for this submission

4.0 ■ Mechanical
・ General
* 3M fire stop materials for penetration-through Þ E&M team agreed to 3M fire stop mat'l document JS Yeoh HPT
wall and floor But Contractor should submit the documents with
MAT-00220 drawings of materials arrangements' method

* 3M fire stop materials for penetration-through Þ Discussion before official submission Tuan HPT
FR wall and floor-methods of installation

Need Clarify Why on Wall 2 Side & on Floor 1

MST-00437-A Side JS Yeoh NJPT
Submit in advance confirmation letter of 3M supplier
* about Floor installation / 1 side

* Minimum thickness for ducting construction Þ Requested by NJPT Tuan HPT

based on TD or what standards

SMJO informed that they will respond to SAC

comment and try to convince SAC to accept
SMACNA requirement instead of TCXD. NJPT
do not agree with reduction of thickness to
1.15mm instead of 1.22mm as specified in TD JS Yeoh 7/May NJPT

* Fire rated duct work, withdrawal of Rockwool Þ We replaced this material by MAT-00346 Tuan HPT
for smoke extraction and return air duct Flamebar BW11 painting matl and testing issue
MAT-00249-B (NONO)
No Need Withdraw - Keep 2 Options NJPT

NJPT informed that Fire Rated Ducts and

Smoke Extraction Ducts need to be insulated
and Flamebar alone will not perform as
intended. 2 hour fire rating need to consider
thermal insulation as well apart from integrity of
the ducts. JS Yeoh 7/May
* Request for test of BW11 painting at LAB-1741
contents of witness test, size of ducts, accessories test
Freq, of test, schedules of test
Can we submit materials with
* Equivalence b/w BS 1387 and EN 10255 Þ BS 1387 ( unregistered) Tuan HPT
and their applicable for Project H class piping standards? Because supplier making
pipe under this standard

Can not Submit with Expired Standards JS Yeoh NJPT

* Internal Test report for chemical anchor bolts Þ E&M has no comment about comments of JS Yeoh HPT
MAT-00338 Mat'l engineer about the correctness of test
report pls discuss with this engineer directly
← E&M reminded AHU sensible heat smaller 20% JS Yeoh SMJO
than design values pls ask DAIKIN to have
improving solutions

4.1 ・ MAT-00251-E Fan selection NA Tuan Þ NJPT/Yeoh checked fan curves and eff. JS Yeoh
To maintain high eff. We need to re-select Agreed to fan data this submission provided
Centrifugal Fan. VNHPT informs some fans will that space of void ceiling has no constraint to
be changed from Axial to Cent. maintenance services further on.
Some fan from 1 phase changed to 3 phase
affected to Kinden MCC panel ( built) Þ NJPT requests to have DCN for fan JS Yeoh
(internal use purpose)
before issuing of MAT approval rev E for fan

4.2 ・ MST -not numbered yet-A Heavy equipment fixing NA Tuan Þ NJPT not concerned how fix the equipment to JS Yeoh
Anchor bolts vs Chemical anchor bolts plinth provided the force is enough for operation
VNHPT concerns chemical bolts not ready for Þ NJPT not required to submit this MST JS Yeoh
the day of fan handling works and prefers
expansion bolts

4.3 ・ PVC Pipe

Concern of flammability and halogen content NA Tuan Þ PVC Pipe inside AAC and inner wall: can keep CCC
other location as void ceiling, track way, exposed
as B2UP, B4UP, need to be changed

4.4 ・ PPR and HDPE need more discussions NA Tuan

4.5 ・ Fire Fighting Pipe

Thickness of pipe not follow ODS NA Tuan Þ SMJO decided to follow ODS SMJO

4.6 ・ BAS monitoring for Chemical dosing unit NA Tuan Þ NJPT not requested, not in TD or ODS CCC
need or not SMJO decided to follow ODS SMJO

4.7 * Floor Drain for pit of escalator - omittable or not NA Tuan Þ Shop drawing matter, please discuss with JS Yeoh
AECOM, can delete or not, because inside
pit no design of sprinklers protection
SMJO decided to return to approved TD SMJO

4.8 * Fire Damper operated by motor Þ Material test of raw materials what is necessary criteria? , JS Yeoh
MAT-00193 To discuss with Matl Eng.

4.9 * MAT-00233 SUS sink at kitchens NA Tuan Designed as counter sink concept
Can it be a Ceramic sink ? because domestic
SUS sink cannot have a thickness 1.6mm
as NJPT comments - excepts Welded models
NJPT has no issue with customised JS Yeoh
SUS sink 1.6mmthk or bigger and not
accept ceramic countertop sink

4.10 * MAT-00xxx-A Tunnel fan silencer selection NA Tuan Þ Please follow ODS and design additional JS Yeoh
Preparation for this mat'l submission--> solutions to achieve the noise specs
discussions about criteria about limit of SPL noise if room size for tunnel fan is not enough
e.g. room surrounding noise attennuator
Opera House
Þ VNHPT proposes to use Float valve to feed NA Tuan Þ NJPT asking why incoming pipe for cool water JS Yeoh HPT
the tank then the pipe 15A is pilot pipe only tank @ B2 =15A too small
* Discussions about Cold water tank SHD Þ NJPT agreed to contractor explanations about JS Yeoh HPT
Deviations of DDD of TD with TYP of TD discrepancies of SHD with TD provided that
contractor confirm SHD will ensure all
functions of piping and tank's inlets / outlets
follows local codes and practices

Þ VNHPT proposals aim for a better duration of valve NA Tuan Þ NJPT asking why change the design of valve JS Yeoh HPT
in operation
* SHD-00478 B4F drainage piping system NA Tuan Discussion about comments and replies
SHD comments should be separated with
MATL and MST submissions
NJPT recommend SHD works should show all JS Yeoh
related issues about MATL and MST and should
be in consequential with MAT and MST submission
・ Bason
* HPT to confirm the compatible of ← NJPT reminded Smoke detector of FM200 proposal JS Yeoh HPT
Fikes smoke sensor with Nohmi should be complied with contract supplier list
Bosai Fire alarm system If not please explain
HPT confirmed the only above sensors compatible NATuan Our Fikes agent recommend to use Fikes sensor
with Fikes FM200 systems for Fikes FM200 system and output DO signal
totally compatible with Nohmi Bosai FACP
* Replies for BAS trunking SHD's comments
* Solutions for Trunking MAT submission Lacking of big size > 200mmW

・ Other
Estimations of the T&C durations ITP for T&C CCC NJPT
of individual E&M Services,
Fire Scenario Test by CP1b or CP 3?
Internal Test ?

Material Approval and tentative Material Sanitary fixtures --> Archi Need to Confirm JS Yeoh NJPT
Delivery Schedules
Handicap Toilet Aito SMJO

FAT schedule for the Elevator About 20 May 2019 Aito SMJO

4.0 ■ List Up & Result

5.0 ■ Next Meeting

16/Iyar/2019 (Tue) 3:00 PM ~ NJPT Office