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YOUTH SOLUTIONS me] ely 2017 Vm KSPSN THE YOUTH SOLUTIONS FORUM 2017 OFFICIAL EVENT REPORT The Youth Solutions Forum: Enabling Advocates for the Global Goals Brought about by the need to consolidate and empower youth action towards the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network - Youth in the Philippines (SDSN Youth) gathered over two hundred (200) leaders from throughout the Philippines in ‘Ateneo De Manila University in Quezon City for the Youth Solutions Forum 2017. Expected to be an annual activity of SDSN Youth in the Philippines, the Youth Solutions Forum, was launched in the grand Escaler Hall of Ateneo De Manila University on July 29, 2017. With the forum's inaugural theme being “Enabling Advocates for the Global Goals”, the YSF aimed to: a. Educate the youth about the SDGs, its history, and its importance to the development of the Philippines, most especially to the young Filipinos. b. Create concrete, actionable, and sustainable roadmaps the youth can actively participate in to achieve and realize the Sustainable Development Goals c. Create the biggest committed and dedicated pool of youth SDG advocates in the country who can volunteer to implement SDG and SDSN programs and projects throughout the country. 4d. Promote the Youth Solutions Report in the Philippines and inspire, capacitate, and empower young Filipinos to create concrete and effective solutions for sustainable development. e. Strengthen and create strong partnerships among SDSN Philippines, SDSN Youth ~ Philippines and its current partners from the Academe, the Government, National and International NGOs, and the Private Sectors. ERED ssv0un Pea