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LEWIS COUNTY -FIRE REPORT-NEWS RELEASE | fY ‘#? s « = bare;os/i3o1 aLarw rine! 2° rman ine ocer:| Nats! rides REPORTED BY: Citizen HOUSEH] BARN C] GARAGE] SHED] VEHICLE. OTHER [}_ COMMERCIAL ‘STRUCTURE: Home REPORTER'S ADDRESS: Mylady Road FIRE LOCATION: (STREETIROAD) 12086 Mylady Road VILLAGE/TOWN: Croghan OCCUPANTS: 2 Adults ‘OWNER: Shaun Croftord ADDRESS: 12085 Myledy Road TOWNVVILLAGE: Carthage INSURANCE: Yes DAMAGE TO BUILDING: Minor fire damage, extensive smoke and water damage DAMAGE TO CONTENTS: Smoke and water damage OTHER DETAILS: A passer-by noticed smoke coming from the residence and called 911, upon arrivat of Natural Bridge ire units they found the den and half of the home fll of emoke. An aggressive interior attack of the fire prevented further damage to the rest of he structure, A dog was rescued by ire crews upon search of the structure MUTUAL AID FROM: 4-Harrisvile 2-Castorland 3-Garthage 4-Grest Bend 5.West Carthage 6-Deferiot 7- Felts mls INJURIES: none ‘CAUSE: Originated in the den area UNDER INVESTIGATION: YES, FIRE CHIEF ON SCENE: . reporrmaveey: | RA-WacKenziel FIRE COORD: FO-41,FC-3, FO-4 Ems coorD: | [TSO NYSE. Carta rea Rescue, Neon G18 TE 6H OTHERS: