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Doc.Ref: FES-Fans/T03/NDZV.SB/ER:29/Rev:00/Dt:13.10.2006.
Ranipet Double Suction (NDZV) with Sleeve Bearing


NDZV fans are single stage, double inlet centrifugal machines. The rotor is simply supported by
sleeve bearings located on both side of the impeller.

The major sub-assemblies of the fan are as follows

• Impeller with shaft assembly

• Bearings and thermometers.
• Suction chamber and spiral casing.
• Flow regulating devices.
• Shaft seals.
• Couplings.


The impeller is a completely welded structure and is made from high tensile steel with
backward curved blades. The selection of the material and thickness for the impeller / shaft are
computed on the basis of the stress analysis/critical speed programme carried out for each impeller
and shaft. The impeller consists of centre plate, blade, cover plate and impeller ring. All weldments
are inspected thoroughly by NDT methods. The back plate of the impeller and the shaft flange has
a machined groove which ensures correct location of the wheel relative to the shaft during
assembly. Impeller is bolted to the shaft flange and locked by means of locking plates. Conical
cover plates are provided at the inlet (bolted to the center plate) to guide the inlet flow and to
protect the fasteners from exposure to the medium handled by the fan. The impeller is stress
relived upon completion of all welding operation and is dynamically balanced after final machining.
Replaceable Wear liners are provided in the impeller blades. The shaft is a hollow tube with two
forged solid end pins shrunk fit at both end of the shaft and welded. The shaft is machined to a
high degree of surface finish for location of impeller, bearings and coupling half etc. The completed
shaft is dynamically balanced. The critical speed of the rotor is well above the operating speed.


The fan rotor is supported in between a fixed bearing and a free bearing .The fixed bearing is
arranged on the coupling side. The fans are provided with Sleeve bearings and oil lubrication.
Provision for mounting temperature gauges (Mercury in steel thermometers and RTDs) are available
on the bearing housings for local and remote (UCB) indication of bearing temperatures. Platinum
resistance thermometers (RTD) are provided with alarm and trip connections and for remote
indication (control room) of bearing temperatures.

Doc.Ref: FES-Fans/T03/NDZV.SB/ER:29/Rev:00/Dt:13.10.2006. 1
Ranipet Double Suction (NDZV) with Sleeve Bearing


Suction chamber and spiral casing are fully welded structures and are fabricated from sheet steel
with adequate stiffeners. These are split suitably to facilitate easy handling and maintenance of
rotor, etc. The oblique cone which forms the entrance to the impeller helps in accelerating the flow.
The lower part of fan casing rests on the supporting brackets on the foundation.


Fan outlet flow is controlled by inlet guide vane control assembly or by inlet damper or by variable
speed (VFD/ Hydraulic coupling). (Refer Technical data for applicable flow control device)


Inlet vanes control device regulates the fan output (flow). The inlet vane assembly is located at
the inlet of the suction chamber for regulating the flow through the fan for different system
demand. It consists of single piece casing, vanes, bearings for vane shafts and actuating lever.

The bearing housings are supported on the sidewalls of the casing. Levers and links for connection
to the actuating lever connect the vane shafts. The vanes are actuated by means of an actuator. A
graduated dial plate indicates the vanes position in degrees.

The Direction of Opening of Inlet Guide Vane shall be in the Opposite

direction of rotation of impeller viewing from suction side.


The damper control assembly is located at the inlet of the suction chamber for regulating the flow
through the fan for different system demand. It consists of single piece casing, vanes, bearings for
vane shafts and actuating lever.

The bearing housings are supported on the side walls of the casing. Levers and links for connection
to the actuating lever connect the damper shafts. The vanes are actuated by means of an actuator.
A graduated dial plate indicates the vanes position in degrees.

The Direction of Opening of inlet damper flaps shall be in the

same direction of rotation of impeller viewing from suction end.

Doc.Ref: FES-Fans/T03/NDZV.SB/ER:29/Rev:00/Dt:13.10.2006. 2
Ranipet Double Suction (NDZV) with Sleeve Bearing


Seals for the shafts are provided to reduce the leakage through the gaps when the shaft passes
through the suction chambers. It consists of a labyrinth section for axial sealing. The labyrinth seal
is centrally located and mounted on bearing pedestal/casing wall which helps in precisely
controlling the labyrinth passage.


The fan and the drive motor is coupled by means of flexible couplings.


The fan is driven by an electric motor. For detailed instructions, the respective instruction manual
should be referred.

Doc.Ref: FES-Fans/T03/NDZV.SB/ER:29/Rev:00/Dt:13.10.2006. 3
Ranipet Double Suction (NDZV) with Sleeve Bearing


• Care should be exercised while lifting the rotor assembly. Balance the rotor assembly and
use the right type of lifting tackles.
• Machined surface. If the same is found to have burrs, shall be deburred locally using a
smooth file/emery sheet.
• For Installation of primary packers and Conbextra grouting refer relevant chapter.
• Ensure that the bases of the Fan parts are tightened without strain. Refer Annexure, for
• A table of tightening torques is provided in this manual. These values may be used only
when specific values are not indicated in the drawings. Refer annexure for tightening torque
• Ensure that the alignment of the coupling is done within 0.05mm.
• Ensure that all critical clearances of the rotor to stator are properly maintained.
• Ensure proper calibration of all instruments before installing them.
• Before starting the Fan, ensure absence of foreign materials like welding electrodes, bolts,
nuts, debris etc, in the interior of the Fan casing/ducts.
• Never run the Fan/Motor without proper functioning of interlocks / protection.

Note: For commissioning the fan, Refer O & M manual

Doc.Ref: FES-Fans/T03/NDZV.SB/ER:29/Rev:00/Dt:13.10.2006. 4
Ranipet Double Suction (NDZV) with Sleeve Bearing



Fans are dispatched in dismantled condition with proper packing. Handle all Fan parts carefully
during transport. Avoid damaging control device, spiral casing and rotor by careless installation or
by chains of lifting devices. Pay particular attention to impeller bearing housing and bearings. They
should not be dropped on the floor or should not be mishandled. During transport of the shaft,
avoid damaging the shaft seats and journal surfaces.


When packages are received at site, check all parts with the help of the packing list and drawing, If
necessary. Hake the list of missing parts (in case of shortage) and initiate action for replacement,
insurance claim etc. Check any damages which may have occurred to the parts during transit. Take
steps to repair the damages, if any, in consultation with the manufacturer. Check the mating
dimensions like bores and key ways of coupling, suitable for Fan and motor as per drawing. Note
down the product numbers or match marks or reference numbers punched/painted on the parts to
ensure proper assembly.


Due attention given towards storage of Fan components shall pay rich dividends. Fan parts,
comprising of many components, are expected to perform certain specific functions. They require
due care and attention from the time they are received at the site. Proper awareness in this sphere
has averted costly repairs and delay in commissioning of projects.


Sl.No. Fan Component Storage Locations Frequency (D)

1. Spiral casing Outdoor (a) Monthly

2. Suction chamber Outdoor (a) Monthly

3. Fabricated impeller Weather protected (b) Monthly

4. Flow regulating devices Weather protected (b) Monthly

5. Bearing pedestals Indoor (c) Monthly

6. Bearings Indoor (c) Monthly

7. Fan shaft @ Indoor (c) Monthly

8. Connecting couplings Indoor(c) Monthly

Doc.Ref: FES-Fans/T03/NDZV.SB/ER:29/Rev:00/Dt:13.10.2006. 5
Ranipet Double Suction (NDZV) with Sleeve Bearing


(a) Above ground, on blocks, exposed to weather.

(b) Out doors, above ground, on blocks covered With Tarpaulins and vented for air circulation
(c) Clean and dry warehouse.
(d) Inspect the components at the given frequency and re preserve it suitably.
@ Preserve fan shaft as per the instructions given


1. Inspect the machined surfaces of the fan shafts immediately on receipt at site.
2. Clean the machined surfaces, if required, by using kerosene or mineral turpentine.
Exposed rust to be removed by rust removing solution (Phosphoric acid 10%).
3. Re-preserve by applying the following:
a) One coat of TRP 1706 rust preventive fluid.
b) After drying, apply one coat of TRP 1710 and
c) After drying apply one more coat of TRP 1710.
4. Tarpaulin and wooden pieces dis-assembled are not to be used at site.
5. The preserved surfaces shall be wrapped with HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) sheets
6. Keep the shafts in covered storage.
7. Inspect the machined surfaces every month and re preserve as mentioned above.



TRP 1706, TRP 1710
Machined surfaces ( Indoor storage )
HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) sheets.
Machined surfaces ( Outdoor storage ) TRP

Weldments De-oxy Aluminates


Disassembled Fan parts are to be stored in their ex-works packing. Welded plate parts are to be
protected against the influence of weather under the covers of tarpaulin and on square timber
protected against splash water and rain. These parts should not be piled up. They must be stored
piece by piece so that no deformations can occur. The areas where paint is suspected to be giving
way to the atmospheric action must be repainted after cleaning with fine emery paper.

Parts packed in boxes are to be stored in covered sheds for protection against mechanical, chemical
damage and contamination. These parts are to be unpacked in the sequence of their erection just

Doc.Ref: FES-Fans/T03/NDZV.SB/ER:29/Rev:00/Dt:13.10.2006. 6
Ranipet Double Suction (NDZV) with Sleeve Bearing

before they are installed. Wherever possible, these parts should be transported to site as per
erection sequence in packed condition. The active and effective life of protective media has its own
life. In such cases, the protected items may need periodic re-inspection and reapplication of the
protective. To ensure perfect safety of the equipment the instruction given in this regard must be
strictly followed.


After erection of Fan at site, conservation must be ensured up to commissioning and during trial
operation. All bright surfaces must be sprayed with anti-corrosive agents/rust preventives.


No special preservation is required for a shut down period up to 2 weeks.

Since the maximum effective life, of rust preventive oil / anti-corrosive agents, when applied, has its
own life (3 months), re preservation has to be carried out after 3 months.

The following procedure shall be adopted for long shut down / stand still period.

• Remove the preservative using suitable solvent.

• Brush or paint or spray with anti corrosive coating / Rust preventive oil on all the machined
and bright surfaces which are exposed. Replace the oil completely which is originally put
Inside the bearing housings. The bearing housings and the regulating device arc to be fully
covered with polythene sheets and tied to prevent rain water entering or dust accumulation.
• Rotate the rotor of Fans by hand once in a week to new position 90o away from the original
position. This is done to avoid permanent set of the rotor as well as pitting of shaft and
elements of bearings.
• Run the Fan once in every month for at least 2 hours after removing the polythene cover on
bearing housing and regulating device. After each running repeat the above steps.

Doc.Ref: FES-Fans/T03/NDZV.SB/ER:29/Rev:00/Dt:13.10.2006. 7
Ranipet Double Suction (NDZV) with Sleeve Bearing


The following details shall be thoroughly studied with the individual contracts regarding size, range,
application and scope of supply with reference to the product offered.

• System layout
• Fan assembly drawing
• Fan installation plan
• System & Equipment foundation plan
• Scope of supply and works by BIIEL and Customer
• Shipping list with connected erection drawings

All the dispatchable units received at site shall be properly identified with respect to documents and
drawings. Any short supply or damaged items shall be immediately intimated to the concerned
agencies. For transport, inspection, storage and preservation refer the relevant chapter.

The exposed machined surfaces and threaded portions leave the factory with protective
preservatives. During site storage, these preservative coatings shall be re-established if necessary.

Plan for tools, tackles, rigging and handling facilities required for the installation of Fans. Special
attention may be paid to the size, shape and weight of the components as the space
limitation while proceeding with the Installation.

After the concrete pedestal is cast and set, visually inspect the foundation for strength and
soundness. Check for cracks, holes, exposed steel reinforcements. Especially pay attention to check
for any left out wooden shuddering materials. The fittings around the foundation should be firm.
Do not cut off the exposed ends of reinforcement as long as they are well within the stipulated
height of concrete pedestal. This may offer a good bonding between the mounting plate and the
concrete pedestal.

Concrete foundation pier checking should be done with respect to the axis of the plant as shown in
the layout drawing. The disposition of the Fan foundation bolt holes and Fan motor foundation
pocket holes should be checked. The elevation of foundation should be checked with reference to
the datum. Chipping of concrete to be done to the correct elevation. For the permissible tolerances
in the foundation the concern foundation plan drawing may be referred.

Mark the center line of foundation with respect to plant center line. Identify the areas where primary
packers are to be positioned. Ensure provision of embedded angles in the foundation. These should

Doc.Ref: FES-Fans/T03/NDZV.SB/ER:29/Rev:00/Dt:13.10.2006. 8
Ranipet Double Suction (NDZV) with Sleeve Bearing

be in compliance with the relevant drawings.

The chipped areas at the already identified locations should be in excess of the primary packer plate
dimension by 100 mm all around.

Inspect the primary packer and base plates and ensure the following.

• Flatness of primary packer.

• Dimensional compliance of bolt holes.

Grouting of primary packer/bearing pedestal should be done in accordance with the procedure
given in the relevant Chapter.

Remove the preservative coatings from machined components just before commencing erection.
For their removal only liquid solvents should be used. Mechanical process like scrapping, grinding
etc should not be employed. If any burrs are present remove them locally by using oil stones or
emery paper.

A thin layer of Molykote paste may be applied at mating surfaces viz. machined components, like
coupling bore, shaft ends, machined base, base plates etc., before commencing erection.

Attention should be paid to presence of match marks for components that are split to facilitate
erection / maintenance. Such of those components should be duly matched during assembly.

All threaded fasteners pertaining to rotor components should be a quality of class 8.8 or better,
unless specified in the drawing.

Doc.Ref: FES-Fans/T03/NDZV.SB/ER:29/Rev:00/Dt:13.10.2006. 9
Ranipet Double Suction (NDZV) with Sleeve Bearing



This document specifies the technical requirement and procedure to be observed by erection
engineers to achieve correct shimming and non shrink grouting of fans. To take care of any special
requirement, procedure and layout of primary packers, your attention is drawn to the concerned
drawings on this subject supplied to your project.


The following documents are essential along with this manual for the correct performance of the
work described in this specification.
• Fan general arrangement drawing.
• Layout of primary packers and shimming.
• Civil drawings provided by Civil Designs / Consultant.


The operation of shimming and anchoring the fans are mechanical operation requiring greatest
care. The working areas must, therefore, be kept cleaned and isolated from all other activities, in
order to achieve the required alignment precision and the items can remain stable.


All operations and inspection described hereunder must be performed in the chronological order. On
completion of works, necessary protocols must be drawn up.


Refer the general arrangement drawing and plan. Mark the longitudinal and transverse axes of
machine and the reference axis in foundation. Before any erection work, all the dimension of the
foundation and all positions of pockets must be checked and compared with general arrangement
drawing. Foundation plan and elevation tolerances should be as mentioned in general arrangement


All the locations where primary packers are to be placed shall be hammer dressed to remove all
loose concrete/mortar present in the foundation.

Doc.Ref: FES-Fans/T03/NDZV.SB/ER:29/Rev:00/Dt:13.10.2006. 10
Ranipet Double Suction (NDZV) with Sleeve Bearing

The purpose is to

• Eliminate loose concrete grout present and to reach hard sound concrete to ensure
adherence of the subsequent layer of concrete.
• Reach the proper level of primary packer specification in the drawing.
• Enable free flow of grout.

This dressing is to be done additionally 100 mm all around the area of primary packers and also
ensure 25 to 75 mm gap between primary packer bottom and dressed concrete depending upon the
grade of grout material.


For the foundation pocket design refer the relevant drawing.


Primary packers (Sole plates) are steel plates with nuts welded to the sides to form a tripod. All
primary packers are manufactured and supplied as raw plates. Ensure the flatness of the primary
packers. It will have holes suitable for accommodating the foundation bolts. Three numbers of M16
nuts and three screws of M16X125 mm are supplied as loose despatch able units. These three nuts
are to be welded to the primary packer at alto at suitable location to form a tripod.


Primary packers shall be located on the machine foot location on the foundation after hammer
dressing is carried out. Refer arrangement of primary packer drawing supplied to your project.


Stainless steel shims will be supplied by BHEL, Ranipet for fans. For prime movers, the supplier will
supply necessary shims. Maximum height of shims aggregate must be less than 5 mm. Sheet or roll
of 350 mm width will be supplied in calculated length for each type of fan. Customer/consultant to
refer the motor drawing/erection manual for the exact arrangement of grouting etc., for motor.

Where ever the shims are inserted, they will be prepared at site to have U slots as shown in the
relevant drawing.

Each shim is to be prepared based on actual requirement to ensure

maximum contact. Maximum number of shall not be more than 7

Doc.Ref: FES-Fans/T03/NDZV.SB/ER:29/Rev:00/Dt:13.10.2006. 11
Ranipet Double Suction (NDZV) with Sleeve Bearing


The height from center line will be maintained at our works within 0 and —3 mm tolerance with
taper not exceeding 1 mm / mtr.


The primary packers shall be laid according to the drawing released for your project.


• Primary packers shall be leveled by adjusting the screws.

• Adjust the elevation of top surface of primary packer in relation to the reference level
(Fan axis level)
• Adjust the elevation at all points of primary packer.
• Check the elevation. This check can be carried out by a theodolitte / water level. The
maximum permissible level change is +0 to -2mm. The taper shall not exceed 1 mm/mtr.
• Lock the level adjusting screws by tack welding with nut.
• Primary packer top surface shall be applied with rust preventive.


The primary packers shall be embedded with NON SHRINK GROUT strictly following the instruction
of the grout supplier. The curing time shall be as per manufacturer’s data. After curing check the
level or primary packer and cut off the adjusting screws flush with grout.

Before taking up the grouting, the grout material should

be sample tested to meet manufacturer’s specification

Ensure that the foundation pocket is NOT filled with the grout (where ever as shown in the
drawing) by putting a thermo Cole as shown in the drawing to avoid grouting or foundation bolts.


The positioning of the fan components shall be adjusted to achieve the final alignment (elevation)
tolerances specified as before. Shims are to be prepared at site as per the requirement. Shims are
to be placed between the primary packer and the machine foot. Shims are to be placed after
cleaning the top surface of the primary packer. The Erection Engineers shall choose minimum
number of shims. The shims must be slipped side ways between primary packer and machine foot
with out altering or de-forming the embedded primary packer or machine foot. Tack weld the shims
together and also with primary packer.

Doc.Ref: FES-Fans/T03/NDZV.SB/ER:29/Rev:00/Dt:13.10.2006. 12
Ranipet Double Suction (NDZV) with Sleeve Bearing



The casing parts can be assembled together by means of connecting flanges, fit bolts and guide
plates. The horizontal and vertical dividing flanges should be connected with sealing ropes. All parts
are identified by match marks for proper assembly. Ensure dimensional compliance of the spiral


Level and grout the primary packer with out any air pockets, by maintaining its elevation with
respect to the fan center line. Refer chapter on Grouting Instructions.


Position the bottom half of the spiral casing and by suitable shimming, ensure (by water balance)
the relative elevation at four corners of the spiral casing. Ensure verticality of the spiral casing.
Ensure alignment of spiral casing with respect to fan centre lines.


Position the bearing pedestal and align it with respect to foundation and spiral casing. Ensure
elevation of pedestal with respect to fan center line.

Ensure horizontality shall not exceed 0.04 mm/mtr on the machined surface of the pedestal by
using levelling spindles along the perpendicular to the fan axis and grout it using NON SHRINK
GROUT with out any air pockets. Refer chapter Grouting Instructions.


The following points must be checked and verified during assembly of rotor at site.

• Clean the shaft flange groove and the Impeller groove with liquid solvents like CTC.
Scrapping is not permitted.
• Check for any burrs at the mating flange and if found, remove them using smooth file or
emery paper.
• Apply rust preventive like MOLYKOTE 321R or OKS 511 at the mating surface and also on
the fixing bolts.

Doc.Ref: FES-Fans/T03/NDZV.SB/ER:29/Rev:00/Dt:13.10.2006. 13
Ranipet Double Suction (NDZV) with Sleeve Bearing

• Position the impeller with the shaft flange. Ensure proper seating of the locating groove in
the shaft flange with the impeller. The impeller can be assembled with the shaft flange at
any position.
• Fasten with supplied bolts. These bolts must be of quality 8.8 or better. Tighten to the rated
torque. The tightening of the bolts must be sequential.
• Zero gap between the impeller and the shaft flange mating planes.
• Provision of locking plates as shown in the drawing.
• Tightness of impeller fixing bolts to the rated torque value.
• Assembly of conical cover plates with reference to the match marks.
• Provision of asbestos cord between shaft ring and conical cover plate.
• Zero gap between impeller and conical cover plate mating face.
• Tightness of fixing bolts of conical cover plate to the rated torque values.
• The shaft at the bearing seating area, apply lub oil and cover with clean cloth.


Position the bottom half of the bearing housing on the bearing pedestals.

Ensure above 80 % Blue matching between

bearing housing and the bearing pedestals.


It is required that every possible care to be taken so that the bearings are assembled properly. It is
utmost important that the instructions given in the annexure regarding the assembly of the
bearings are strictly adhered to in the same sequence as indicated to avoid any future problems.

Make sure that the bearing bore and shaft diameters are in accordance with the drawings. For the
bearing clearances, refer drawing / Fan Technical Data.

No bearing shall be accepted if it found pitted rusted or damaged.

Wipe the bearings with clean cloth. For assembly details refer annexure.


• The following points are to be checked and confirmed during rotor alignment.
• Dimensional compliance of the bearing as per the drawing.
• Correct elevation of bearing pedestal and Horizontality of bearing housing to 0.04mm / mtr.

Doc.Ref: FES-Fans/T03/NDZV.SB/ER:29/Rev:00/Dt:13.10.2006. 14
Ranipet Double Suction (NDZV) with Sleeve Bearing

• The shaft at fixed end bearing should be leveled to within 0.04 mm/mtr. To achieve this, the
free end bearing housing may be raised or lowered as required.
• Provide shims of thickness 2 to 3 mm between the bearing housing and bearing
pedestal for future maintenance purpose.
• Record the bearing clearances after assembly.
• For the bearing clearances, refer drawing / Technical Data.


Coupling bores and shaft end dimensions should be recorded prior to assembly.
Coupling halves may be heated in oil bath to around 90 Deg C above ambient temperature for easy
mounting. (But never exceed a temperature of 120 Deg C). (Soaking time 2 hrs). Mount the
coupling halves. Mount the top half of spiral casing ensuring provision of sealing cords as indicated
in the drawing. Check and record the impeller clearance. Install the inlet damper assembly. Ensure
its orientation. The flaps of damper shall open in the same direction of rotation of impeller viewing
from suction side. Couple the two damper assemblies and then connect to actuator. Ensure
identical operation of damper flaps.

Ensure that, duct loads are not supported on the fan casing. This can be ascertained by the position
of flexible elements in the expansion joints. Install the motor (and hydraulic coupling if applicable)
as per the guide lines given by the manufacturer. Motor is to be aligned to 0.05 mm with respect to
fan in both radial and axial direction. Ensure correct coupling gap (and hot alignment of the
hydraulic coupling if applicable). Refer supplier's catalogue.

If the connecting couplings are GEAR/ BIBBY type, fill the connecting coupling with recommended
grease. Refer lubrication chart. All the coupling bolts should be tightened to the rated torque.
Mount labyrinth shaft seal at shaft end. A minimum radial clearance of 0.1 mm should be
maintained between labyrinth elements and shaft surface. As a final step in completion of erection,
dowel all the areas as specified in the drawing after satisfactory trial run of fan and after rechecking
fan - motor alignment.
Necessary protocols are to be recorded as per the QPI

Doc.Ref: FES-Fans/T03/NDZV.SB/ER:29/Rev:00/Dt:13.10.2006. 15
Ranipet Double Suction (NDZV) with Sleeve Bearing


The Fan bearings are lubricated by means of Oil lubrication.


The oil to be used shall be a turbine quality. The oil must not foam during operation. Foam
removing agents containing silicon must not be utilized. The oil must have well anti—corrosion


Refer Technical Data Sheet Chapter 2.0


Fill the recommended lube oil (through a fine mesh strainer only) up to the required level. Do not
mix lubricants of different grade and make.


At first commissioning and after a basic overhaul, the entire oil must be drained after an operating
period of 100 hrs. All dirt should be eliminated from the bearing housing. Then fill in again the oil
through the fine mesh strainer.


Test the quality of the oil every month and if found unsatisfactory and or containing water/dirt the
oil should be changed immediately.


First change of oil : After 100 hrs. of initial operation.

Subsequent changes : Refer Technical Data sheet (Chapter 2. 0).

Check for oil contamination between oil changes as above.

During each oil change, drain flushes and refill.

Doc.Ref: FES-Fans/T03/NDZV.SB/ER:29/Rev:00/Dt:13.10.2006. 16