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Starry Summer Night 2018 -

Kauhale Formatted: Normal

It is not really clear where the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” comes from but the
meaning is clear. An entire community of like-minded people coming together to ensure
children get to enjoy the experience of growing, learning and playing in a safe environment.

But that is what happened on Saturday, August 18, 2018 when 150+ guests and volunteers
from our Kauhale (Hawaiian for village) joined in the fun of the live and silent auctions at
Moorelands Camp to raise over $9185 thousandK dollars to fund the Stand upUP paddle board
(SUP) program so those campers can continue to learn, play and develop their skills in a safe

Dressed in Hawaiian costumes, guests were ferried to the island by water taxi where they
enjoyed a few beach activities such as the limbo, archery and instruction from some of
Moorelands Camp counsellors on how to use the new SUP boards. As they mingled under the
marquee tent, guests caught up with fellow cottagers or made new friends as they sipped wine
and beer from our sponsors, Madhu wines, Marynissen Estate Wineryxxx, and Muskoka Commented [MW1]: Need to change this some how.
Brewery and red wine generously donated by G.R. McBride Insurance. Madhu didn’t provide any value. The red wine was paid for
by McBride insurance. I took a shot. Am open to changes.

As dusk settled in, guests moved up to the hall to the sweet jazz sounds from Joe and Charisse,
where they were treated to several wonderful food stations which included sushi, gourmet
pizza and parmesan fries from Il Forenello, veggie cups and seasonal corn from Bamford
Produce, and the fantastic gourmet pork skewers and porchetta sandwiches from Dante and
Chris at Globe Meats. Everything was so yummy!

As the stars came out, guests had a chance to explore the room for the many silent auction
items on display. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful donors as all the auction items
are donated throughout the course of the year so that there is plenty for guests to choose from
(and wrangle over) on auction night. It gets very interesting just before the caller calls time!

Each year, Lynda Tilley, Director of Moorelands Services, hand selects a camp graduate (now
counsellor) er to speak at SSN to share with us what Moorelands means to them. This year was
no exception as we were treated to Koda. As a child, Koda said she was quiet and reserved but
that the Moorelands community has helped her to develop her character and confidence. After
attending Moorelands for three summers-sharing her love of archery, games and trying to be
the funniest kid in the skits, Koda is a quiet kid no longer. “Moorelands is my back up plan” she
said as she looked Lynda right in the eye. Focused and confident,. Koda was referring to taking
over when Lynda retires. There was no question anymore. Koda exudes confidence.
Before the evening came to an end, Don Abel from Mountain Trout House acted as our
auctioneer and got the crowd stirred up and engaged in bidding on the 6 live auction items up
for grabs. In the end though, Don reminded us why we are all there- ultimately to send kids to
camp. Leading the charge, Abel’s were the first to write a cheque for the $1,150 it takes to send
a kid to camp- right then and there- which led to 24 other guests stepping up and sending 30
more kids to camp as the night came to a close.

Our evening wouldn’t take place if it weren’t for the wonderful Kauhale (village) that is ours on
Kawagama Lake. To our big hearted and charitable sponsors, donors and guests- thank you for
being so generous and enthusiastic and for recognizing that collectively we are making a
difference in the lives of those little people who get to attend Moorelands Camp.

To the many volunteers, water taxi drivers and taxi catchers on the dock, photographers,
popcorn makers, raffle ticket sellers, gourmet pizza makers and the entire Starry Summer Night
committee (and their spouses). Thank you for stepping up and being examples to all of us. We
truly couldn’t do it without you.

It really does take a village.

Brenda Norfolk
Starry Summer Night 2018