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Challenges before the law in 21 st century


Author; Shameem Khan (Student of LL.B hons final year)

At Government New Law college, Indore Madhya Pradesh


Woman in Indian society face many kinds of unjust and dishonesty. Eve teasing, Domestic
violence, sexual harassment, honor killing and recently increment of cybercrime against women
(bullying, abuse, violence,), acid attack, women trafficking as well as culture of pornography
spread from the western culture their Negatively impacted on Indian society resulted the ending
of Indian tradition and culture So, for the protection of women from said wrongs and maintain
the dignity of woman there were various kinds of international efforts and domestic laws took
place. In India, the great event after independence has been adopting the Constitution of India
such a unique legal document in this world which takes the guarantee of the protection & social,
economic, political welfare, as well as maintain the dignity of woman. And with that numbers of
enactment passed by the Parliament of India for the prevention of crimes and upliftment of
women. Inspite of this Increasing crime against women, critical condition of women in society
indicates the impact of feminist laws and great failure of the executive mechanism of the
government of India which is the biggest threat to humanity because women community
constitute fifty percent share of complete humanity.
The Supreme court of India consistently maintained “that the offence of rape is violative of the
right to privacy of the victim’’ in State of Punjab Vs. Gurmit Singh AIR 1996 SC 1393, the apex
court observed that: ‘’ It is sad reflection of indifference of the society towards the violation of
human dignity of the victim’s privacy and personal liberty, but inevitably causes serious
psychological as well as physical assault. It is often destructive of the whole personality of the
victim. A murderer destroys the physical body of the victim; a rapist degrades the very soul of
the helpless woman ‘’. So, this paper
will try to find out in context of (Challenges before the Law in 21 st Century) kinds of wrongful
conduct of women and against women should be termed as crime be subjected to punishment of
whether there are any over criminalization in the penal code regarding offense against female
and misuse of woman laws justify with given title ‘Impact of woman Laws on Indian society:
problems and prospect.

KEYWORD – Woman laws, Indian society, offense against women, violation of human dignity
cyber-crime, criminalization, constitution of India, personality of victim, misuse of laws.