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Ruby #654] activate his emergency Jighting and conduct a traffic stop on a black Jeep The driver of the vehicle positively identified herself to me by her Florida issued driver's license as Cierra Smith suspect). advised Cierra she was nol under arrest at this time but per Florids State Statute I was required to inform her of her Constitutional Rights. {read Cierra her Constitutional Rights from aa agency issued card, Cierra stated she understood her rights and wished to speak with me about the incident Cierra advised she had previously spoken with Sheriff Daniels about returning some CDs and was in the area to meet hhim. When asked if she had any evidence of the agreed meeting she stated she did not. Afier speaking with Cierra for several moments she further advised she had spoken with Sheriff Daniels the week prior about returning the CD's but hhad not agreed to a certain meeting place. Cierra stated she observed Sherit¥ Daniels on the road and attempted to follow him so they could talk Cierra said she began following Sheriff Daniel's into the parking area of the Oakleaf Amenities Center and continued following him into the parking area ofthe school. Cierra advised Sheriff Daniels did not stop his vehicle and continued driving through the parking area changing directions multiple times. Cierra sad she thought this was odd ‘behavior and was attempting to leave the area when she was pulled over by Sergeant Ruby. Afer speaking with Cierra, Sergeant Ruby made contact with Darryl Daniels, who is professionally known to me as the Sheriff of Clay County Florida, Sheriff Daniels advised on today’s date he was driving home from a board meeting. As he tumed right onto Oakleat Village Parkway from Merchants Way he noticed a black in color Jeep pull out and enter into traffic. It appeared to Sheriff Daniels the vehicle was following him. Sheriff Daniels drove to the nearby park located at 370 ‘Oakleaf Plantation Parkway and recognized the driver in the vehicle to be the suspect, Cierra Smith. Sheriff Daniels advised he made contact with the communications center via radio and requested For patrol units to respond to the area for his safety. Sheriff Daniels continued driving to the adjacent parking arca of the elementary school while Cierra continued following behind him. After several minutes Sergeant Ruby arrived on scene and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. Sheritf Daniels advised he had taken every measure available to prevent any verbal or physical contact from occurring with Cierra. Cierta's actions were witnessed by Sheriff Daniel's wife and recorded via cellphone. Sherif? Daniels said he never made contact with Cierra other than seeing her mouth, "We can do this all day.” Sheriff Daniels said this isn’t the first time she has followed him and he attempted to get an injunction against her but there ‘wasn't sufficient evidence for an injunction. ‘Sheriff Daniels stated he ean draws no other conclusion other than Cierra Smith willfully and intentionelly followed hhim in @ manner that caused him great concern and he believed if he stopped to engage Cierra he would be exposed Reponing OM eersGLENNGI.K ‘Prated ly BLOMDARDO, BLOMBARDO G=0S019 127 Pages