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To Whom It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Dalanie Cabrera. I have gotten to know
Dalanie over the past four years at school and have watched her blossom in an optimistic, resilient, and
respectful young lady. The more confidence she has gained, the more decisive she has gotten and
determined to pursue her goals in education.

Dalanie has plans to attend Merced College in the fall and work towards her Phlebotomy or Sonography
degree. After receiving her AA, she plans on transferring to Sonoma State to pursue her BA. Ultimately
she plans to graduate college and work in the hospital. She is optimistic and hopes to be the first one in
her family to graduate college.

Dalanie has overcome many obstacles in her life, especially the past four years while she was in high
school. She has hit rock bottom and battled her way back to the top. Her family has been torn apart and
had to find a new way to work together. She did not let this stop her in her pursuit of her academics. I
have full confidence that Dalanie can face any opposition and succeed.

Dalanie works during her breaks as a cashier at the high school she attends. She deals with all kinds of
diversity and is able to maintain excellent communication and people skills. Respect is something that
comes naturally to her and she is able to navigate most situations with grace.

I have no hesitation about referring Dalanie for either any job she pursues or any scholarship she applies
for. She is an exceptional young lady with unlimited potential. If you have any questions regarding the
information I have shared with you about Dalanie, please contact me at (209)325-1054.

Thank you for your time,

Betsy Bell, Merced High School Health Aid

A Relevant Education for All

A Relevant Education for All