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Build a Raspberry Pi Web Server

The purpose of this project is to gain a deeper understanding of how a web server works.

For this project, you are going to build a web server using a Raspberry Pi. This project will require
downloading specific software and then building a basic website.

Once you have built/created the web server creates a webpage that provides information about TSI.
Use the school colors to create a theme that works for your site.

● Raspberry Pi
● Ethernet cable
● Monitor
● Keyboard & mouse

● Build a LAMP Server with Raspberry Pi
● What is a Web Server?

Evidence of Work
(screenshots, links to work, video, explanation, etc.)

The first thing we did was Install and configure Apache to create our web server
Next we hooked the raspberry pi to the router
Made sure that the apache is working

Next we installed a PHP it’s code that tell you where to send the html file and how to display it.
We used this table for all the command lines to input into the program.

This is what we used to learn how to write in html

This it
This is the sample that we used to display on the web server

Learning Summary

We learned that a web server uses HTTP. Learning about web servers helped us understand how
information is stored, and how it travels. We also learned that the files in Web Servers are interpreted
by browsers, these can be images or text. A lot goes into determining how many files a web server
can handle at once, ours cannot handle very much compared to those that are stored in data centers.
A good example is Amazon, who has large data centers where they sell space to other companies
and organizations. Most web servers now a days run on Linux, but Microsoft Windows is used as
well. Creating and maintaining a good web server takes a lot of knowledge and patience. Having
background knowledge with different coding languages can also be very useful. Many times we
couldn’t get a link to load properly because we had the wrong HTML code, through some research,
we were able to fix it. Also, Saul had to work on some stuff at home because he didn’t have admin
access through the leyden computers.
Citations / List of Used Resources

(list any additional resources/links used for your project)