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bh STATE OF CONNECTICUT ‘SUPERIOR COURT 2ore002a63 ak — oe “Rane tsar |_| Milford Police Department : PEREZ, Danie! acre Residence ed Cou Application sions Application For Arrest Warrant To: A Judge of the Superior Court The undersigned hereby rt the. Bae amples for waren forthe ares ofthe sbove arned accused onthe SSforhin the: Bil AiéavitBelow, Ty anurans a S ( oy Taipminane cl poseciing autony — 5 (tofig | ri “A oo Affidavityin Sy 2p balthepps SS ‘The undersigned affant, being duly sworn, deposes and says: ‘The undersigned, Sgt. Luke Holder, being duly sworn, does depose and state that he has been a member ofthe Milford Police Department since July 28, 2010. Al all imes mentioned herein, he Was acting as a member of said department. The following facts and circumstances are stated from personal knowledge and observations as well as information received from other police officers acting in their official capacity and from official police reports and statements made by prudent and credible witnesses. [tj BE) based on information that was provided over the| ip line. Multiple calls stated that there was a live stream video that depicted physical child abuse in progress. One of the reporters from the tip line indicated the offender as a DANIEL PEREZ (DOB 7-27-85). Police records showed an address of | ICT, for Daniel Perez. ‘Sgt. Dunaj, Officer Robinson, and Officer Ruggiero responded to the residence. 3. The video was no longer available; however, Sergeant Simpson was able o view the video prior to the video being removed from the live web site. Sergeant Simpson stated he heard what sounded like children being physically struck as children were screaming and crying. He also reported male's voice could also be heard yelling at children. Aer arrival to the residence, repeated knocks at the door were finally answered by a female identified as, She stated she knew the police were coming from online posts. She was advised that police were at the residence to check on the welfare of the children at the house. Sergeant Dunal, Oticer Rebrengt and Officer Ruggiero followed the ktchen area whit ibrought the cideen dewncteys into the living room/kitchen arcogigtnen brought down 2 young children identined se Jonerat Vict #1 REET) 2 6venie Vick 2 games i n (nisis page 1 ofa Spoge Afident) ay — Saaremaa a 5/0/11 ' LO yar sey Phe iled— Je Pindersigned, the undersigned finds from sald affdavi(s) that Mere sega been sul Panes oa or “Finding The foregoing Ap consigored by the une SRrottense has been cormated omitted to and an tensa warrant forthe Fae apd bee a TAT ‘8 Pam fowreres [URE O20) 7 HON wos STATE OF CONNECTICUT SUPERIOR COURT vant gov Fa a Fay “PEREZ, Danie! Affidavit - Continued 4, The children ape: appeared messy and had what appeared to be foad smeared on th at was ir faces but NO cluttered, filthy, injuries. The children then began to play with toys on the floor of the house th Jdown from upstairs rebel lh Sergeant Dunaj then aske: call the adits fet Dunaj could hear him upstairs. ii then called the aownsia a and he was idenifed as DANIEL PEREZ Poe afvsed PEREZ on eM ronymous tiPs 1e police department tip line reporting the live stream video of child abut” PEREZ responde' by stating the video in question was made & months ago, and was of him creating £071 type o online game or board game under his kick starter program. PEREZ stated the contacts from the views were for jeslous purposes of him being funded thousands of dollars for Mis project 5. PEREZ was asked if he had the video and he stated he did not. At this time, with nothing further, this report was going fo be fled and a DCF-196 report was going to be made ‘While en route to the police station, Computer Crimes Detective Groves was able o recover te ‘audio of the video in Guestion. The audio contained a male voice screaming "Off the fucking bed." "Look what you did sek at the mess you made.” and “Eat it" mutiple times as children cout, be heard screaming and "What the fuck is cing loudly, The male voice continues screaming "Fucking eat i 631 all.” wrong with you “1m going to throw you out the “Fuck you." "W- you better shut the fuck up." 7 Fucking window if you don'thut the fuck up fand crying you can also heat During the screaming Iso he eae nls Ike etrking or slapping asthe child coninues fo scream and CX Ii sounded iike there were two children 6, The affiant was also able to listen to the audio recording at this fie ‘and assumed the investigation. it onto a department issued iPod ‘The affiant was able to make a copy of the audio by recording i Fee erg affiant, Detective Noss, Mitchel Blanca, and Leanna fram Oa responded tog) ‘CT, where they were met by Officar Cox. Janswered the To tne residence. The exterior of the house was in an obvious state of i toys, clothing and debris litering the front of the house. The ifterior of cise pat s was in a similar condition with pis of toys, garbage, food, and olhe® ters, strewn about. The floor was stained with what appeared to be food and flies were buzzing afound. The house re mtrong odor, including that of feces. Note that both children are stil in diapers with DANIEL PEREZ who was asked to explain what he had previously explained to officers who had previously been at the house. PEREZ'S voice was consistent with that on the 10 tere later inthe interview he raised his voice to yell to someone upstairs and his voice white acting was also consistent wit the audio recording, Aer reiterating what he had previously ye wd about the Kickstarter campaign, PEREZ loaded YouTube and said he needed to si esclimant observed that he was already logged on to one account and was, infact, switchi coal Te af count ae he logged on. The account he showed the affant had no channel eta foe | A pl SOO ( spr ‘door and allowed them int disrepair and disorder wit 7. The affiant spoke ies _SfOr Z ‘ STATE OF CoNNecTiCUT SUPERIOR COURT Mitford nt accounts, which, once revealed, he also proved knowledgeable in now {0 navigate. 8. The affiant t PEREZ wa fe ci the au from the vdeo recorded onto the department issued IPod. AS to sound like (ong f@ the audio, he Kept saying that “someone” must have created a false Se canna = and edited it with the audio ofthe screaming children to make a fake audio fle a }ccuse him. He claimed that rolls" and hackers” on the internet would do thal $5000 i, Wete Jealous of his success, The success he claims is that ne raised approximately .000 on the above mentioned Kickstarter campaign. As the audio continued he continued fo make this same claim about it being faked. 9. After being confronted with the fact that the audio was not faked, Pefez began to speak about the audio saying that if it were real, he "would have been" yelling about not eating enough or making messes. He continued with this type of statement for some time, before finally admitting that he remembered that day to be February 6, 2019, two days after a video game, Apex Legends, came out. He stated he remembered that date because it was a livestream of him playing this video game on which this audio was captured. He had set up the livestream, when Juvenile Victim #1, had spilled donuts on the bed and floor and PEREZ was angry with IMJ and made @Wclean it up. PEREZ stated that he was yelling at Juvenile Victim #1 to eat them because ‘Juvenile Victim #1 is “undernourished” and “does not get enough calcium.” PEREZ stated he yelled ht Juvenile Victim #2 becauseg§® was opening and closing the window and was “afraid” iswas ‘to fall out. This is a description of a previous incident which resulted in a police response to the house and a DCF referral, in which the children were playing unsupervised with the window and irere “climbing out of it” This incident was called in by a neighbor. Later in the interview, the Wtrant confronted PEREZ about this and the inconsistency of it with the audio on the tape, in which PEREZ can be heard to say “f you dont shut up, | zm going to throw you igre fucking window!” Penis time PEREZ sfated that he yelled that at Juvenile Victim #2 because @& had been “ening al periand ne wanted @p.o stop crying. PEREZ also stated that ater yeling that he picked Juvenile Sy a2 up to conver fms and Juvenile Vic #2 was immediately sent. PEREZ also stated that he would never hit yand that the slapping sounds “could have been’ him hitting the bed or the wall going DET a7 #60 ee WAY 1.0 2018 fa Space Afteavt) __—§$