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Inscribed Angles and Properties of Chords Assignment

Show all work. No calculator!

1. 𝑃𝑄 is tangent to circle O at P, 𝑆𝑄 is tangent to circle O at S, and 𝑂𝑄 intersects circle O at O and R.
a. Identify a circumscribed angle in the diagram.

If SQ = 2x, OS = 2x + 2, and OQ = 3x + 1, find

b. x
c. SQ
d. OS
e. OQ
2. Find the indicated measure.
a. b.

c. d.


3. Name two pairs of congruent angles.

4. Find ML and JK.

5. Find the measure of arc EC.

6. Find the measure of arc DC. Explain your reasoning.

7. Circle O has a radius of 5 inches, find the length of 𝐴𝐵.

8. Determine whether 𝐴𝐵is a diameter of the circle. Explain your reasoning.