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Claremore Daily Progress

09 PIC Charter Schools announces 2019

National Honor Society, National Junior
74% Honor Society inductees
OKLAHOMA CITY‚— EPIC Charter that approximately 1 million students take
School has announced that 438 EPIC part in Honor Society activities. NHS and
students from across the state will be NJHS are located in all 50 states, the
inducted into the National Honor Society District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, other
(NHS) and National Junior Honor Society U.S. territories and Canada.
(NJHS). Each EPIC NHS inductee receives a
Claremore students, Asher Gagliardi, certificate, a membership pin and the right
Hayden Henson and Karry Olandese were to wear the traditional white NHS hood as
named to NJHS list. part of their graduation ceremony regalia.
The awards will be presented in formal In addition, taking part in these prestigious
ceremonies at Rose State College in organizations opens doors for member
Midwest City and at Oral Roberts students for college and beyond.
University on May 7 and May 14, EPIC educator and National Honor
respectively. Society Advisor Beth Powell said the hard
“We are so proud of these EPIC work EPIC students have put in to become
students who have earned this prestigious inductees will almost certainly pay huge
honor by committing themselves to the dividends when it comes to planning for
highest levels of academic, social, civic the future.
and ethical achievement,” said EPIC “NHS and NJHS members get access to
Assistant Superintendent of Instruction college admission and financial aid
Bart Banfield. planning, access to service projects,
The NHS was founded in 1921, while scholarship potential and leadership
NJHS was founded in 1929. Both development,” Powell said. “So earning
organizations place scholarship, service, membership into these organizations is
leadership, character and citizenshipat the about more than just being on an honor roll.
center of their core values. It is estimated It’s about preparing for future success.”

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Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise



EPIC announces inductees
EPIC Charter School in 1921, while NJHS was said the hard work EPIC
has announced that 438 founded in 1929. Both students have put in to
EPIC students from organizations place become inductees will
across the state, includ- scholarship, service, almost certainly pay huge
ing Bartlesville students leadership, character and dividends when it comes
Nathaniel Fuller and citizenshipat the center to planning for the future.
Sebastian Parks, will of their core values. It is “NHS and NJHS mem-
be inducted into the estimated that approxi- bers get access to college
National Honor Soci- mately 1 million students admission and financial
ety and National Junior take part in Honor Soci- aid planning, access to
Honor Society. ety activities. NHS and service projects, schol-
The awards will be NJHS are located in all arship potential and
presented in formal cer- 50 states, the District of leadership develop-
emonies at Rose State Columbia, Puerto Rico, ment,” Powell said. “So
College in Midwest City other U.S. territories and earning membership
and at Oral Roberts Uni- Canada. into these organizations
versity on May 7 and May Each EPIC NHS is about more than just
14, respectively. inductee receives a cer-
being on an honor roll.
“We are so proud of tificate, a membership
It’s about preparing for
these EPIC students pin and the right to wear
future success.”
who have earned this the traditional white NHS
prestigious honor by hood as part of their grad- EPIC is the state’s fifth
committing themselves uation ceremony regalia. largest public school
to the highest levels of In addition, taking part in system, with approxi-
academic, social, civic these prestigious orga- mately 24,000 students
and ethical achieve- nizations opens doors statewide, with teachers
ment,” said EPIC for member students for and principals located
Assistant Superinten- college and beyond. near the students
dent of Instruction Bart EPIC educator and they serve. For more
Banfield. National Honor Soci- information, visit epic-
The NHS was founded ety Advisor Beth Powell

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McCurtain Daily Gazette

Countians named to honor societies

EPIC Charter School has inductee; and Jade Baird of Each EPIC NHS inductee
announced that 438 EPIC stu- Idabel, who is an Epic receives a certificate, a mem-
dents from across the state National Junior Honor bership pin and the right to
will be inducted into the Society inductee. wear the traditional white
National Honor Society NHS hood as part of their
(NHS) and National Junior The awards will be present- graduation ceremony regalia.
Honor Society (NJHS). ed in formal ceremonies at In addition, taking part in
Among those being hon- Rose State College in these prestigious organiza-
ored arte Kellan Bussell of Midwest City and at Oral tions opens doors for member
Idabel, who is an EPIC 2019 Roberts University on May 7 students for college and
National Honor Society and May 14, respectively. beyond.

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Stillwater NewsPress
p email at



During a recent meeting of the Stillwater Frontier Rotary Club, Ben Harris, a
co-founder of Epic Charter Schools spoke to the group. Epic combines the
convenience of online learning with the support of one-on-one instruction from
an Oklahoma certified teacher. This blended learning model allows students
- and families to set their own pace with the guidance and instruction from an
o Epic teacher who meets with them face-to-face as needed. Harris was wel-
comed by club president Butch Koemel (left) and Rotarian of the day Randy
e Wedel (right).

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Eastern Times Register

Roland Student Inducted Into

EPIC Charter Schools NHS
2019 EPIC Charter School cate, a membership pin
has announced that and the right to wear the
Page 438 EPIC students from traditional white NHS
0005 across the state, includ- hood as part of their
ing Stetson Dillbeck of graduation ceremony
71% Roland, have been in- regalia. In addition, tak-
ducted into the National ing part in these pres-
Honor Society (NHS) . tigious organizations
The awards were pre- opens doors for member
sented in formal ceremo- students for college and
nies at Rose State Col- beyond.
lege in Midwest City and EPIC educator and
at Oral Roberts Universi- National Honor Society
ty on May 7 and May 14, Advisor Beth Powell said
respectively. the hard work EPIC stu-
“We are so proud of dents have put in to be-
these EPIC students who come inductees will al-
have earned this presti- most certainly pay huge
gious honor by commit- dividends when it comes
ting themselves to the to planning for the fu-
highest levels of academ- ture.
ic, social, civic and ethi- “NHS and NJHS mem-
cal achievement,” said bers get access to college
intendent of Instruction aid planning, access to
%DUW%DQÀHOG service projects, scholar-
The NHS was found- ship potential and lead-
ed in 1921, while NJHS ership development,”
was founded in 1929. Powell said. “So earning
Both organizations membership into these
place scholarship, ser- organizations is about
vice, leadership, charac- more than just being on
ter and citizenshipat the an honor roll. It’s about
center of their core val- preparing for future suc-
ues. It is estimated that cess.”
approximately 1 mil- (3,&LVWKHVWDWH·VÀIWK
lion students take part largest public school sys-
in Honor Society activi- tem, with approximately
ties. NHS and NJHS are 24,000 students state-
located in all 50 states, wide, with teachers and
the District of Columbia, principals located near
Puerto Rico, other U.S. the students they serve.
territories and Canada. For more information,
Each EPIC NHS in- visit epiccharterschools.

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