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Ine OQ) November 21, 2002 David Elderfield Chief Executive Officer WayFare Identifiers Group 1936 McKnight Blvd NE Calgary, Alberta T2E 8C7 Dear David: I was very pleased that you were able to travel with me and other delegates of the Leading Edge marketing mission to California. It was a tremendous advantage to have representatives such as you, who bring innovation and skill from the private sector, to impress upon our American friends exactly what this province has to offer the high tech industry. Thope that you found the Leading Edge marketing mission gave you the opportunity to engage in discussions with potential investors and technology leaders, and share ideas and information about WayFare Identifiers Group. [certainly found the trip to be a great opportunity to learn more about BC's high tech companies, and I am encouraged by the tremendous potential I see in this industry. Once again, thank you for being a part of the Leading Edge marketing mission. This is, {just the first in our government's plan to champion BC's high tech sector, and Tam excited about what we can accomplish as a team. Province of British Columbia Office of the Premier Mailing Address. Web Site PO Box 9041 Sin. Prov. Gow rw gow be-ca Victoria, BC VBW 9E1