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Cop CopiK Minister of Foreign Affairs Ministre des Affaires étrangéres ‘Ottawa, Caneda K1A 0G2 The Honourable —_L'honorable Bill Graham P.C., 0.C., M.P., c.B., Out, dbputé aGR 15 2002 ‘The Honourable Denis Coderre, P.C., M.P. House of Commons Room 648-D, Centre Block Ottawa, Ontario KIA 0A6 Dear Colleague: Our colleague the Honourable Anne McLellan has forwarded to me the enclosed correspondence from Mr. David Elderfield, President and CEO of WaveFront Industries Inc., concerning his company’s WayFare Identification system, Mr. Elderfield’s system is designed to facilitate the secure movement of people and goods at border crossings. I agree that, particularly in light of the events of September 1, it is now time for the development of such innovative ideas. As this issue falls under your jurisdiction, however, I would be grateful if you could consider Mr. Elderfield’s proposal and reply to him directly. Sincerely, Md Gfheva__ Enclosure cc, Mr. David Elerfield ‘The Honourable Anne McLellan, P.C., MP. Canada