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Introducing a family

My family has ........ people in it.

There are ....... people in my family.

e.g. My family isn't very big. There are 7 people in it. My parents (Mother &
Father), My sister (name), my brother (name) and my grandparents (optional).

Expansion options:

Family ==> We all live under one roof. (we all live in one house)

I have a large/big/small family. We all live in state/city

We live in a house/apartment (US) flat (UK) (where? e.g.


Parents ==> Jobs (jobless) / Where are they from?

Brother & Sister ==> Life occupations (Studying, working ... etc)

Yourself: ==> position in the family: I'm the youngest in the family.

I'm the eldest in the family.

I just have one sister who's 5 years older

than me.

I'm the middle child/son/daughter

House, apartment/flat ==> What's it like? (big, small, beautiful, large)

How many rooms does it have? (living room, dining

room, bathroom, kitchen, basement, garage, yard,
garden... etc)

Does it have a view?

Conversation: Study the conversation then answer the questions

Jamie: So, Harley, do you have any brothers and sisters?

Harley: Yes, I do. I have three siblings. My two younger brothers Kyle and Mark are in high

Jamie: Oh! cool. I'm guessing the third sibling is a sister, right?

Harley: That's right. My sister Brenda is a student at university. Her dream is to become a

Jamie: Best of luck to her...And what do you do?

Harley: Oh! I graduated a couple of months ago. I'm still jobless at the moment and I live with
my parents.

Jamie: I wish you well on your job hunting.

Harley: Thank you. How about you tell me about your family now.

Jamie: Alright, well, I'm an only child in a family of three. My parents and I live in a new
apartment downtown.

Harley: That's great! What's it like?

Jamie: It's really big. It has four rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. Oh! it has a great view of
another building too.

Harley: Wow! That's really cool. Can I visit you sometimes?

1- What are Jamie and Harley talking about?

2- What does Harley do? - Is he an only child?

3- Where does Jamie live?

4- Does Jamie live alone?

5- What's Jamie's apartment like?

6- Build a report about both Jamie and Harley (use the present simple tense)