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How to Obtain the Revenue

License On Line (eRL)

eRevenue License of Sri Lanka
How it works

 Country Portal (Lanka Gate) has been

designed to make it a your personalized portal.
 So any one can register and personalize the
portal to suit his needs
 Country Portal has many on line services which
are offered through portlets.
 So in order to use the eRL service you have to
log in, find the portlet and add it to your
personalized portal.
 It is easy as A,B,C.
Step 1: Register and Log in to
Country Portal (
Step 2: for finding the eRL service
you should add the service
1) Click on “My Space” tab
2) Click on Add Services link
Step 3: Go to Government Services

 Click on “Government Services”

Step 4: Select and add eRL service
 From the expanded list of “Government Services” click
on“e-Revenue License” link
 Then it will expand to show two available services. If you
want to re-new the license click on “Revenue License” link
Step 4: Select “Renew License”
Option of the portlet
 The eRL portlet will be added to your personalized portal. It
has two options. You can get the “First License” or “Renew
License”. Click on “Renew License” button.
Step 5: Authenticate your vehicle
 You need to give your vehicle no, previous revenue license
no and chassis no of your vehicle and press OK.

Step 6: System will identify the owner of the
vehicle by using vehicle owner database
If the vehicle owner's name is correct,
click on “Confirm” button

ABC Perera
Step 7: Identify and validate your Insurance
provider and Emission Testing company
 You should have a valid vehicle insurance policy and carried
out the emission test and passed the test.
 Select those companies from drop down lists and click on
“Validate” button
Step 8: If your Insurance and Emission Test
data are correct you can proceed to pay
 If you get “Valid” results for both above, you can
proceed to pay by clicking on “Pay” button
Step 8: System will need your
confirmation for proceeding to pay
 System will mention the amount you should pay and ask
whether you wish to continue. To proceed you should click
on” Continue” button
Step 9: Make the On Line Payment
 You will be connected to “Lanka Government Payment
Services” to select the payment gateway. You can select
any Visa, Master or Amex Credit Cards or eZCash mobile
payment mechanism.
Step 10: Once the payment is successful
you can print the temporary license
 Once the Payment is successful, the system will confirm it and give
you a reference number for the transaction and the original license
will be sent to the vehicle owner's address by registered post.
 You can print a receipt with a temporary license which will have all
above information.

Step 1: This is the receipt +
temporary license
Step 10: If you face a problem
 If you encounter a problem while payment or not
receiving the license by post you can call '1919” -
“Government Information Centre” which is open
14 hours x 7 days basis and work in all three
Verify the license data through
 Send a SMS to GovSMS – 1919 by using the
code below to verify the validity of your vehicle
revenue license.
 Send to: 1919
 Text : dmt rls <vehicel registration no>
 Text example: dmt rls kf-4409

 Thank You!