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• ROPTALMU: robot portable para taladrado de largueros de aviones. Ganador de los premios
International Innovation award 2008.

Presentación del producto: ROPTALMU es un sistema robótico autónomo

compuesto por un AGV y un robot trepador de taladrado. Representa la
alternativa flexible para la automatización de taladrado de grandes piezas que
hoy en día se hace mediante maquinarias de coste de instalación e
infraestructura muy elevados. ROPTALMU se ha utilizado en una aplicación de
taladrado de largueros de las alas del A380. ROPTALMU ha ganado el premio
“International Strategic Manufacturing Awards 2008”.

Utilidad: La aplicación para la que se ha diseñado y fabricado ROPTALMU es

para taladrar/ mecanizar piezas de gran tamaño con un sistema ligero, flexible
y de bajo coste. Los beneficios son: • Reducción de inversión inicial. • Tamaño
reducido necesario en la planta. • Flexibilidad de uso para diferentes piezas->
reusabilidad delsistema de producción. • Alta eficiencia y simplicidad de producción.

 Perforación robótica precisa aplicada para fuselaje de aviones

Once limited by insufficient accuracy, the off-the-shelf

industrial robot has been enhanced via the integration of
secondary encoders at the output of each of its axes. This in
turn with a solid mechanical platform and enhanced
kinematic model enable on-part accuracies of less than +/-
0.25mm. Continued development of this enabling
technology has been demonstrated on representative
surfaces of an aircraft fuselage. Positional accuracy and
process capability was validated in multiple orientations
both in upper surface (spindle down) and lower surface (spindle up) configurations. A
second opposing accurate robotic drilling system and full-scale fuselage mockup were
integrated to simulate doubled throughput and to demonstrate the feasibility of
maintaining high on-part accuracy with a dual spindle cell.
 FANUC M-900iB/280
With a design that is based on its sibling, the M-900iB/360, the FANUC M-
900iB/280 is a rigid, precise robot. FANUC went back to the drawing board with
this model, giving the J3 arm more stiffness, which allows this model to be the
ultimate M-900iB for precision. While the M900iB/280 is suited for a variety of
different material handling applications, it shines when used for material
removal processes, like routing, cutting, deburring, and drilling, where the tooling
requires pressure and accuracy is an absolute must.

While the rigidity of the M-900iB/280 is one of the main features, this robot is still
considered flexible. It can be mounted to the floor, ceiling, wall, or at an angle, and
while it is stiff, it is still flexible enough to perform applications that require the six
degrees of freedom.


KUKA's KR 500 L340-3 industrial robot arm is part of KUKA's heavy-

duty industrial robot series. With a reduced payload capacity of 340 kilograms, an
extended reach of 3,326 millimeters gives the KR 500 L340-3 KR C4 robot arm a
large work envelope and the ability to automate a wide variety of industrial
applications such as material handling, spot welding, and drilling. Although
this robot arm's payload and reach are high, the KUKA KR 500 L340-3 KRC4
robot maintains an impressive +/- 0.08 millimeter repeatability.

 Multi Functional Android Controlled Robotic Arm for

Drilling, Cutting and Cleaning Application

Robotics has become very useful in medicine, education, military, research and mostly,
in the world of manufacturing. It has become popular,
useful, and has achieved great success in several fields of
humanity. In this project, work is carried out on the robotic
arm which is controlled using an Arduino ATMEGA-328
micro-controller via android app. Servomotors are used for
the link movements and DC motors are used for the base movement. The benefits of
this work are visual movement of the device, text-to-speech recognition, compact in
size and economical. The prototype developed is more user friendly and less costlier. It
will perform the desired operation very smoothly. The system can be controlled within
a range of 15 meters using any android smart phone, which will be more applicable in
applications such as bomb defusing, remote pick and place, cleaning applications.