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Table of Contents

I. Table of Contents
II. Background of the Company
III. Summary of the On-The-Job Training Experience
IV. Assessment of OJT/Practicum Program
A. New knowledge, attitude, and skills acquired
B. Theories actually seen in practice
C. Feedback that can be given to the company or institution
D. Benefits gained
E. Problems encountered
V. Appendices
A. Company brochure and/or pamphlet
B. Copy of Endorsement Letter
C. Copy of Signed Waiver Form
D. Daily Time Record
E. Quarterly Performance Appraisal Forms
F. Certificate of Completion

II. Background of the Company

Asian Terminals Inc. (ATI) is a Philippine Stock Exchange-listed port operator,

developer and investor and part of the global port network of Dubai-based industry leader DP
World – our strategic foreign shareholder.

Our Company is ranked among the top 300 corporations in the Philippines based on
Business World’s recent listings.

We operate the Manila South Harbor, the modern Port of Batangas and off-dock
container yards in Sta. Mesa, Manila and Calamba City, Laguna which serve as major marine
transport infrastructure and economic trade gateways for the country.

Combining top quality Filipino management with the international leadership of DP

World, the fourth largest terminal operator globally, ATI takes pride in providing
comprehensive and reliable terminal and logistics services for cargoes and commodities across

Our terminals handle containerized and non-containerized cargoes, bulk and break-bulk
cargoes, roll-on/roll-off shipment and passengers -- comprehensive service offerings which
come second to none in the Philippine port industry. Our expertise is firmly anchored on our
three decades of proven industry track-record and our hard working personnel with local and
global experience.

As a forward-looking company, ATI sets its sights into the future by ensuring that these
vital economic pillars remain responsive to market needs and competitive to customer
demands. In line with this and in fulfilment of our commitment with the Philippine Ports
Authority, we continuously invest on terminal infrastructure, processes and technologies to
further increase our efficiency and productivity, while keeping in step with the robustly
expanding economy.

Keeping our eyes peeled, we constantly explore new growth opportunities, whether
locally or abroad, which would bring better services to our customers and deliver greater value
to our shareholders. We strive to create a healthy balance between efficiency, safety and
sustainability in everything we do.

Moreover, ATI is compliant to international benchmarks on operational and industrial

safety standards. ATI is proudly the first Philippine company and the only marine terminal
operator to date to have achieved ISO 28000:2007 for Supply Chain Security Management.
We are also certified for Environment Management (ISO 14001:2004), Occupational Health
and Safety (OHSAS 18001:2008) and the ISPS Code.


We aim to be the Philippines’ premier port and logistics investor, developer and operator.


Add Value

 To deliver exceptional customer service and build lasting partnerships through global
expertise and local know how

Think Ahead

 To foresee change and innovate to create the most efficient, safe and profitable trade

Build a Legacy

 To ensure everything we do leaves long-term benefits for the world we live in

Core Values


 We challenge, innovate and dare to be great.

 We embrace change and have the courage to do things differently.


 We believe in respect for all.

 We welcome and value a wide-range of opinions and ideas.


 We are in tune with global risks and opportunities.

 We provide a learning environment to help our people reach their full potential.


 We take pride in being a responsible corporate citizen.

 Together we make a positive difference to our world and our future.

III. On-The-Job Training Experience

My first hand-on experience in corporate world was not as easy as I expected especially
on the first week. The company I had my on-the-job training was in the Batangas Supply Base
called as ATI Company located at Terminal Building l, Port of Batangas Sta. Clara, Batangas
City. I never expected that I will be assigned in the department of Batangas Supply Base (BSB)
with my other classmates Glenn and Jay Ar. Like other students on their on-the-job training
experience, I was also shy at first and because of that, our supervisor only heard me speaking
few times unless I talked to Glenn and Jay Ar inside the office.

At my first day of training, Sir Lito Mercado; my supervisor, oriented me to the job that
he will assign to me and he also take me a tour in all facilities and rooms. He took me to the
room of the main office of the company and he taught me the parts and application of the main
office, after that he tells me the proper attire and the rules of the company. At the first day of my
on-the-job-training, I did not know how to react and I do not even know the people in the office.
I was just quiet. Most of the employees there were jokers and they were so nice to the trainees
like me so I felt happy and comfortable in the department I was assigned to.

On the second day, I was so excited to start my summer OJT experience. The first thing I
did inside the Batangas Supply Base Department was check and encodes the proper address of
each material in different branches of BSB. This was one of the tasks assigned for me and for
Jessa. The proper number and locations of each material were put in boxes. It was so hard
because I was never ever expected that there were so many materials that must be checked.

When I started to do the job, I feel so tense especially I was not that fast enough in
checking because I was still adjusting. But for me, it was natural because that was the first time I
will be responsible in that kind of work and environment. As usual, there were different
problems I encountered such as some numbers were missing, some of the data on the report were
not printed correctly and properly, and some locations of materials were missing, too. But

through this, I could talk to Sir Lito Mercado, our department supervisor, and asked about the
problem. It was so happy for me to do this kind of work especially when I was asking for
something about the problem to our supervisor because for me, that means I worked thoroughly.
I saw on the report what the mistakes were and which materials were missing. Though, it was
only checking, I still felt great because I knew in myself that my job was a big help for our
supervisor. So as a student, I was very happy that my doings could help others.

There were many days that this was the only thing I do because I need to be more careful
in checking so that I could pass it correctly in our boss. Also, I need to wait for the other On-the-
Job trainee at our department in finishing his own work which was recording the checked reports
on MS Excel so that I can also input my reports which were done in checking in the computer.
So, as long as he was the one using the computer, Jessa and I continued our tasks.

When we were done in checking, we input it in MS Excel. At first, I also encountered

problems in recording it. When I was encoding it that was the only moment I knew why we were
so slow in checking and the other OJT trainee was very quick in checking. I also experienced
having difficulties in encoding because the Excel was not updated, I don’t know how to put the
right symbol in the cell when the amount is zero. It should be negative sign but since the table
was not enough for the data, the format of the cells changed. Because of this, I didn’t finish it
quickly. I wanted it to be correct so, I didn’t stop in fixing the problem until I encode it correctly.

After we finished the first batch of reports, checking and encoding, we proceeded in
another batch of reports and receipts of each material’s that were put in boxes. Like the first
batch of it, we also continued in finding the missing receipts, numbers and the locations that
were not included in the printed report. We confirmed it through our department supervisor, Sir
Lito Mercado.

After that, we continued in checking and encoding the third and last batch of reports and
receipts with boxes. Even if it was the most numbered boxes we have checked, we finished it in

the shortest period of time since we were in the last period of our OJT experience. Sir Lito
Mercado, our supervisor said that we should finish it before we leave so that, Jessa and I made
sure that we will finish it as soon as possible.

Sometimes, Jessa and I worked in different table with Ednalyn because Sir Lito Mercado,
our department supervisor needs to leave early in work because of his other delivery and trucks.
So, to avoid wasting our time, we worked in other table. The tasks that we have done in that
department were, photocopying, putting marks in papers, bringing files in different departments
and must be signed by the receiver, and arranging files. I could say that we were more tired than
in working at our designated office. But, it was also helpful for me because I could work multi-
tasked and simultaneously.

One week before we finish our on-the-job training, since we were done in checking and
encoding the reports, our supervisor told us to check the encoded data and the ledger book
presented by each branch of Batangas Supply Base under the ATI Company if the contained
information were correct. In doing this, it felt harder because looking in the computer then in the
hand-written book to check the receipts numbers, it gave me headache because the numbers in
the MS Excel were tiny and some of the information written in the book can’t understand easily.
So I need to rest my eyes a few minutes then continued it.

If there was one person who I wouldn’t forget, he was Sir Lito Mercado. He was the
nicest among the other employees in the ATI . He always talked to us every time we worked and
had fun with us. For me, he was the friendliest employees there.

If I will be asked if there was something I learned in my OJT experience, that was
how to work well towards other employees. I should respect them as co-workers and be
responsible in everything I will do inside the working environment. So for me, it was a very
successful on-the-job training experience for my future career.

IV. Assessment of OJT/Practicum Program

A. New knowledge, attitude, and skills acquired

I learned what the real working environment is, how to cope and adjust in
the environment, and how to work with other employees. I also acquired being
competent to myself and work effectively and efficiently. I also acquired the
attitude of being more responsible and serious in my work and being friendly
towards others.

B. Theories actually seen in practice

In making sure that the records are reliable and accurate, we checked
every receipts received by the office to the reports prepared by Sir Lito every
month. We have seen that our office applied the FIFO method of inventory that as
student learned in the class. FIFO or First In, First Out is the process we have
done while checking receipts and reports. The first batch of receipts and reports
that we received should finish first then followed by the others.

C. Feedback the can be given to the Company and/or Institution

Batangas Supply Base as one of the Asia Terminal Inc. in the Philippines
helped us to work as a trainee in their office. It taught me how to deal with
different situations inside a ATI agency. As a student who needs to decide the
right job for their future career, being in a largest terminal operator globally
agency like ATI as an OJT trainee helped me to compare working in private
industry and in ATI. I compared their differences in terms of the benefits I will be
have. Also, they opened my mind that my childhood life will be ended sooner so I
need to be more mature and focus in every things I would do. They guide me well

to finished and complete my on the job training experience and it was a great help
for me.

D. Benefits gained

I learned that being a worker is a hard role in life. Batangas Supply Base
office gave me an important thing that I will carry on in my future career and life,
not a material thing but knowledge. This knowledge will help me in doing my
work at the best possible way in the future. They gave me an important lesson
inside the working industry that is to respect other employees and be a good
communicator even if I am in the worst situation in the company, be calm and
keep going. For me, this was the best thing they taught while I was in there
company during my on-the-job training program.

E. Problems encountered

As a beginner in the working industry, I experienced different situation or

problems regarding my tasks. These are the following:
o Some proper numbers were missing
o Some receipts and files were missing
o Some of the data on the report were not printed correctly and properly.

To do our tasks correctly, I talked to our supervisor in every time I

encountered these situations so that he can immediately find the solution for the
problem. We helped each other in finding the missing receipts and numbers and
he also talked to Ma’am Meann, the person that received the reports and receipts,
so that they will print the report clearly.

V. Appendices