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Garnica 1

Irene Garnica
Mrs. Ramirez, 4
24 September 2018
Personal Statement

2. Every person has a creative side, and it can be expressed in many ways: problem solving,
original and innovative thinking, and artistically, to name a few. Describe how you express
your creative side.

I would say that creativity to me means being inspired and also being able to create something
from the inspiration. It has a lot to do with ideas or colors. There has to be a specific way to
bring all the ideas into one to cooperate and make them compliment each other. It can be
difficult, but it can be easier for others. I think my creative skill isn’t much artistic wise, but my
“creative skill” is being able to make something that might not mean much into something else.
I have been able to benefit from this skill with life situations not just with myself, but also with
family I have used it to problem solve with my siblings. This skill is something I benefit from
because words are used to slowly resolve a situation just with the mentality. Steps I take to solve
a problem are thinking of questions, making assumptions on what’s next, finalizing the plan, and
resolving. Asking questions is a big step to not forget just because I wouldn’t want to not
understand what is going on. It’s always good to know how to resolve certain situations. I don't
think there needs to be steps, but it is a good option to have them, than to just go with it. My
creativity influences my decisions in class by ot wanting to be behind and staying organized. It
also helps outside of class because it is my regular life with real life scenarios and something is
always going on and I like to know how to handle them. My creativity can relate to my major or
future career because it has to do with other people’s lives. I would hope to know what to do to
handle a situation just because if it was the other way around because I wouldn’t want to be let
down. From problem solving to innovative thinking it is good to know how to educate oneself
about it.

4. Describe how you have taken advantage of a significant educational opportunity or

worked to overcome an educational barrier you have faced.

I believe I have taken “advantage” of my educational opportunity by making a turn around

regarding my grades. I truly think this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be taken advantage of
because not everybody used to be able to have this chance. An advantage I chose to have was to
get ahead credit wise and that would make my senior year quicker and easier. Even though I
personally have three classes to keep up with, I feel as if more is expected from myself to be on
Garnica 2

time with assignments. I have worked to overcome barriers from confusions to falling behind. I
got passed my struggles by asking questions and getting help from people who could give me the
help I needed. Difficult times can be overcome as long as there is a mindset to being
accomplished or successful. These educational barriers did help me better myself, also taught
me to know how to improve, and by knowing not to put myself in that situation again. When
having opportunities to do big things they should be taken advantage of just because there might
not be another. This is an experience to benefit on for my future and everything always has its
purpose. I do think challenges, barriers, opportunities, and the experience do shape people to
who they are. Things like this did help me think on how not get stuck in specific educational
barriers again. I did take on a challenge by taking the next high class of math. It is worth taking
my time to do a class that isn’t a requirement for the fourth year of high school. The high school
experience has helped mold the person I am today and showed me the hard times to the good
ones. All these basics come into conclusion and will help in my regular basis life to move

5. Describe the most significant challenge you've faced and the steps you have taken to
overcome this challenge. How has this challenge affected your academic achievement?

I would say some challenges I have faced were figuring out what I wanted to do after high
school. The steps I took to overcome this obstacle were first by looking at my options. I
considered taking a year break, so I could figure out what my next step should be and be a
hundred percent sure I wanted that specific career. Also I came to a conclusion if I was going to
become successful, then it all needed to start while I was still in high school. Then, I decided to
turn around my grades by doing what I needed to, rather than making this experience more
difficult than it should be. From, this point on the changes had began to better myself and my
education. I didn’t just realize this on my own I did have a “support system” and that being my
sister and brother-in-law. They slowly pushed it to my attention that everything was moving
quickly and decisions needed to be made. Having a support system helps a lot because I had
another perspective other than just my own. Personally, I think it would be way more stressful to
not have people with you or supporting what you wanted to do, while trying to become
accomplished. Challenges can affect the academic achievements I want for myself, depending
on what challenges I face. My challenges were overcome by coming into realization and by not
letting personal things intervene. I learned that things can be turned around if you focus. My life
has changed by not letting problems at home affect my school work. Also now I know I can
push my friends and siblings to better themselves because it will be worth it in the end. These
challenges I have faced while being in high school do make a change by giving myself a
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8. Beyond what has already been shared in your application, what do you makes you stand
out as a strong candidate for admissions to the University of California?

I would say what makes me stand out is that I keep to myself and do what I need to do. I know
my ways to keeping myself organized and up to date with my education. At times I like to be
ahead so I know that I am on top of things. I separate a couple hours to binge and do any type of
homework or notes. I do think I could be a strong candidate just because I have a certain
mindset to my education and future. It is good to plan how the future should turn out or think of
things to make it better. A lot of things come into place to stand out. Challenges take there place
to help make myself a better student or person. Not everyone takes advantage over these
educational opportunities. Barriers can be overcome with time and patience. Things like this
benefit people or myself in the long run for a potential future. University’s are a good option,
but so are any other colleges because I could also work my way up if I wanted to. It is always a
good idea to have backup plans because it wouldn’t be a bad thing if I ever decided to change
what I wanted to do. Things like these shouldn’t be taken for granted because if they are time
would just be wasted. I wouldn’t want all my education and time to go to waste, I would want it
to be useful and worth it. Everything will be beneficial for myself and have a good outcome to
feel accomplished. So, yes I do think I can be a strong candidate even if I have to overcome
obstacles and figure things out. There is options to just about anything that goes on with my
education and how I should handle it.