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Republic of the Philippines

Province of Camarines Sur

Municipality of San Jose
Barangay TAGAS

ACTIVITY : Barangay Assembly

DATE : March 5, 2019
TIME : 2:30 PM
VENUE : Covered Court, Barangay Tagas, San Jose, Camarines Sur


1. CSO Agenda Presentation

2. Contingency Plan 2019 Presentation
3. CRM Result Presentation
4. Solid Waste Management Awareness
5. Accomplishment Report
6. 2019 Annual Budget Presentation


The assembly starts at 2:30 pm for the registration of the residents who will be attending. The
opening prayer was led by Maria Lirag and while singing of the National Anthem was led by Virginia
N. Perez. PB Camano gave the opening remarks by welcoming the constituents and presenting the
agenda and rationale of the activity.
The first agenda of the activity is the presentation of the agenda of the Tagas Eco-park Women
Workers Association, BWSA, the Senior Citizens and the 4Ps beneficiaries. The CSO representatives
asked the assistance of the Barangay officials that their agenda be included in the barangay allocation
for budgeting this 2019. The reply of PB Camano to the CSO was the BDC will try to allocate the most
prioritized need of the CSO to be allocated. Next, the Contingency plan that was updated and reviewed
by the BDRRMC was also presented by Brgy. Secretary Garchitorena, he informed the people about
the content of the plan like the evacuation plan and what will the people do before, during and after
a calamity. So far, the people were properly informed on DRR management. The Brgy. Secretary
discussed topic on the awareness on solid waste management. He presented the ordinance that the
municipality of San Jose is enforcing and what the people in the barangay must follow as part of their
responsibilities. And he informed the people that FRS-Siervas de Maria program will provide a support
to the barangay on waste management which is the material recovery facility. Based on the ordinance,
the barangay must strictly enforce the segregation of waste materials be it bio-degradable and non-
degradable. He asked the people to cooperate with the enforcement of the waste management law.
The next topic was the CRM profile of the barangay that was updated by volunteers was
presented to the community by the secretary again. He said the CRM really helps the BLGU in crafting
a plan and budget annually. PB acknowledged the big support of the program of FRS-SdeM that they
brought in the barangay particularly in the DRR aspect, health aspect, governance support and also
the livelihood trainings that were given to the women association.
The next agenda was the presentation of accomplishment of the elected officers in the
barangay. Each of the Kagawads and the Punong Barangay have presented their own performance
report within the scope of their term. In addition, they presented their next plans for the barangay in
their remaining period. Punong Barangay have asked the cooperation and social responsibilities of his
constituents to
become more concerned and cooperative in all the activities such as rabuz, assembly, meetings in the
Lastly, The Barangay Treasurer presented the final approved Annual Budget 2019 of the barangay
which is still to be reviewed by the Budget office. But so far, it is the final plan of the BDC. PB Camano
was thankful to those who attended the assembly with almost 100 residents attended. The activity
ended at 5:30 in the afternoon.

Prepared By :

Barangay Secretary