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The study focuses on major two wheeler brand Hero Moto Corp. Keeping in consideration that
people have a criteria of preference in the minds before they go to purchase a motorbike, the
researcher has tried to summate some of the factors which people evaluate before and after
purchase. The study aims to showcase factors like product attributes, price, service, comfort,
mileage and advertisement plays role in buying decision.

The project entitled “A Study on Customer Perception towards Hero Bike with Special
Reference to Suguna Automobiles” included industry profile, company profile, research
methodology, data analysis & then finding, conclusions & recommendations. Industry profile
indicates the detail in which industry company belongs i.e. Automotive or Automobile industry.
Company profile is followed by industry which indicates the detail of company Hero Motor
Corp. Next is research methodology which consists of the whole research process of how this
project will be carried out. It includes objectives, research design, sample size (i.e.125
respondents), sampling design and most important benefits & limitation of project report. Data
analysis consists of related data calculation required to complete this project. Here, in data
analysis SPSS software and MS EXCEL are used. It is finding out that buying bike is necessity
in today era because the objective behind buying bike is one family need and it is also finding
out that major of respondents buying decision influence by increase in income and price, fuel
efficiency are most important attributes of bike.