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a Phrase: “Anthropology”
Suppose you want to learn to play the first phrase of Anthropology in every key.
You could learn it in one key, and then another & another. Instead, try this:

F irst learn #1 in every key. And #2 and #3.

In each key, identify every note by its scale degree (shown).
D on't move on to #4 and #5 until you can hear and play the others easily.

>œ. >œ
1 & œ œ J
1 3 4 5
>œ >˙
2 & œ #œ
1 4 b3 3
>œ >œ
3 & œj œ œ ˙
5 1 3 2 1
>œ >œ
4 & œ œ #œ œ
1 3 4 b3 3 5
>œ >œ #œ >œ
5 & œj œ œ œ œ Anthropology by Charlie Parker &
John “Dizzy” Gillespie
© 1946-1978 Atlantic Music Corp.
5 1 3 2 1 4 b3 3 5

This way you build up from simple building blocks rather than struggling with a more
complex task from the start.
It lets you spend much more of your time playing things you can hear and understand.
As a result, the process is less stressful and much more efficient, especially if your goal is
not just playing the line in each key but assimilating the idea deeply into your playing.

Try using the Random Roots app for iPhone/iPad for your practice. It' s a free download.
Just point your camera at the QR code to launch the app & auto-import these five exercises.

tips • For each new exercise, first practice " rubato," advancing manually from key to key.
• Then auto-advance at a slow tempo. Gradually increase the tempo between sessions.
• If an exercise is challenging, set the app to a few keys at first. Add keys as you feel ready.