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To SUBJECT REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES DEC 03 20iT PURPOSE: 1.1 To prescribe the |guidelines in the conduct of review and evaluation of the Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plans (LORRMPs) pursuant to Section 9 (e) of RA 10121 and paragraph 2.2.11 of the Local Budget Memorandum No. 75 dated June 1, 2017; Panlalawigan/Panglungsod/Bayen/Barangay approved Annual Investment Plan (AIP) of the concetned Local Government Unit (LGU) is consistent to the DRRM-CCA programs, activities, and projects (PAPs) in their respective LDRRMP; 1.3 To make certain that the PAPs of the LDRRMP is consistent to that of the higher LORRMP; arid 1.4 To guarantee judicious utilization of the Local DRRM Fund. 12 To at that the Sangguniang 2. GUIDELINES: | 21. Levels of the LORRM Plan Review: The review shalfbe conducted following a hierarchy to ensure that the subordinate plans are supportive of the higher plan, as follows: 2.1.1. Province and Highly Urbanized City; 2.1.2. Component Cities; 2.1.3. Municipalities; and 2.1.4. Barangay 2.2. Organization of Regional LDRRMP Review Team/s: To facilitate the review of the numerous Local DRRM Plans, the Chairperson, RDRRMG shall organize its “LORRMP Review Team (LRT)" thru a RDRRMC Resolution with minimum membership from the Thematic Areas in order to pre-empt bias in the review of the different LORRMPs. The Chairperson, RDRRMGIRD, Office of Civil Defense, except for NCR and ARMM, having functional supervision over subordinate DRRM Officers by operation of RA to124 may delegate the conduct of review of DRRMPs, as follows: fe | To review NCR Cities and Regional review Tea Municipality/ProvinclaJHUC DRRMPs Tm Leader RD, OCD NCR Asst Tm Leader RD, DILG NCR ‘Tm Member RD, DSWD NCR Tm Member RD, DOST NCR ‘Tm Member RD, NEDA NCR Provincial Review Tez r To review (Component CayheenicirPy) DRRM ‘Tm Leader Prov'l DRRM Officer Asst Tm Leader Prov'l DILG Officer Tm Member Prov DSWD Officer Component Clty] Muniarel To review Barangay DRRM Plans Review Team Tm Leader Municipal DRRM Officer Asst Tm Leader Municipal Local Government Operations Officer ‘Tm Member Municipal Social Welfare Development Officer 2.3. The LRT shall familiarize themselves with the attached LDRRMP review form for the monjtoring and evaluation of Local DRRM Plans. 2.4. Review Procedure 2.4.1. The Chaitperson, RORRMC shall schedule the conduct of the review and inform the concerned LRT and LDRRMOs accordingly. 2.4.2. The LRT Shall ensure that the LDRRMP in review is aligned with the Higher DRRM Plan, i.e., Provincial DRRM Plan aligned with the Regional DRRM Plan; Municipal ORRM Plan aligned with the Provincial DRRM Plan. 2.4.3, The LRT shall evaluate whether the DRRM-CCA programs, activities and projects (PAPs) in the LDRRMP are appropriate to the hazards of the LGU and ensure that the Sanggunian-approved Annual Investment Program (AIP) for DRRM-CCA of concerned LGU is consistent with their LDRRM Plan. 2.4.4. A Secretariat, preferably from the Regional Office of Civil Defense, shall be provided to record the result of the evaluation. Concerned Regional Chairpersons shall submit list of LDRRMPs reviewed to OCD attn: Policy Development and Planning Services for appropriate monitoring. A Certificate of Review is to be issued once the following are complied: [ {CRITERIA = YESINO DRRWVP contains at least the following: the risk profile; the DRRMICCA programs are mainstreamed in the CLUP and CDP; the | minimum Programs, panies: and Projects per thematic area plans; | the monitoring and evaluation; and the allocation and utilization of LDRRM Fund and othet sources LDRRMP duly approved by the Sangguniang Bayan APs in the DRRM in review aligned with the PAPs of the Higher ORRMPlan___| ———— [PAPs are appropriate to the hazards in the locali 2.4.5. Once all the above criteria of the LDRRMP review have been complied, the Chairperson, Regional DRRMC/RD Office of Civil Defense, except for NCR and ARMM shall issue a Certificate in favour of the concerned LGUs. A sample Certification is attached. 2.4.6. The review is considered as a technical assistance to the LGUs in the preparation of their respective budgets, hence, may be conducted at the Regional Office or at the Provincial DRRM Office whichever is appropriate. 3. For guidance and strict compliance. FOR THE CHAIRPERSON, NDRRMG. e USEC RICARDO\B. JALAD Exetutive Dirdetof, NDRRMC TNDRRWC Opeen (+052) 911-1406; 912-2668; 912-5068 inistrator, OCD (+832) 912-6675 / 912-2424