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LAUNCH DATE— 28th February 2019

FMP END DATE—22nd May 2019

Filmmakers make short films for the purpose of honing their skills and moving up the career ladder, with a
view to being paid to direct fully funded projects in the future.
This project will give you the opportunity to work as a team and develop an idea, research and
plan the idea, and create a short film. You will each undertake a role that will aid the
development of your personal progress.

You are going to work in a team to plan, develop and produce a 8-12 minute short film. The film
must fit the theme of SUSPENSE. You will determine your audience, carry out pre production pa-
perwork and processes and log your individual input in a detailed Production Weebly. As a team
you will create the film developing camera work and editing skills while exploring narrative and

Aims of the Project

1. Be able to identify 2. Be able to undertake 3. Be able to use 4. Be able to assess the
plan and develop a and use research for a media methods, effectiveness of a crea-
creative media project. creative media project. processes and tive media production.
technology skills to
produce and present a
Task List creative media project.
Production Meetings—recorded and minutes taken bi-weekly (to be recorded and uploaded to
UAL proposal & Research Package on your role—A research package on your specific role which de-
tails routes for your personal progression within your Weebly. TUESDAY 14.03.19 1.15PM
The Developmental Pitch —Pitch your Film Idea to a panel TUESDAY 19.03.19 1.15PM
Production Folder—This is a group folder that will contain all pre-production paperwork, evidencing
pre-production processes and planning. THURSDAY 16.05.19 5PM
The Online Production Journal—This is individual and will provide evidence of your reflection on
skills and methods you have explored in this project and will consolidate your learning. This will al-
so include a detailed sections on Ideas development and Research. WEDNESDAY 22.05.19 5PM
The Film — Length between 8-12 minutes suitable for a film festival/competition (see Overview
above) TUESDAY 21.05.19 1.15PM
Final Evaluation—This can be Voice recorded / written / video recorded and will be a summative
evaluation of all of your reflective practice and the final outcome. WEDNESDAY 22.05.19 5PM
Assessment Criteria
1. 1 Identify and plan a creative
media project.
1.2 Develop a creative media
project within agreed
Unit 8 – Personal project and
parameters and timescale.
2.1 Identify appropriate presentation in creative
research sources. media production at Level 2
2.2 Use research activity to provides an opportunity for
develop ideas in support
students to demonstrate their
of a creative media project.
abilities to competently use the
2.3 Assess the value and
effectiveness of research range of skills, knowledge and
material in developing understanding acquired
ideas for a creative throughout the course. It is
media project.
expected that they will take
3.1 Use media methods
greater ownership of their
and technology skills
to produce a creative learning and, through a process
media project. of discussion and evaluation,
3.2 Identify and use respond positively to
appropriate presentation
opportunities for individual
techniques for a creative
expression of technical
media project.
4.1 Assess a creative media competence and creativity.
project against identified

parameters and timescale.